IRS is Giving Tax Refunds to Illegals Who Have Never Paid Taxes

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Yup, you read the title correctly. The IRS has decided that if you have a social security number you can ask for, and get, a tax refund in the form of a tax credit nicknamed the ‘Amnesty Bonus’.

Illegal immigrants that have already broken the laws of this country get enough rewards without giving them a cut of the tax dollars that United States citizens have scrimped and gone without to pay. We really do live in the land of the free. Providing you weren’t born here, providing you are not a hard working American that lives by the laws of the land, you can get almost anything free. Maybe we should hide our kids’ paperwork, rename them Juanita or Jose and wait for all the freebies to start rolling in.

This idiocy has gone on long enough.

I am all for welcoming those foreigners that have a skill that will enhance the productivity or benefit the United States in some way. I am all for assisting those that face genuine and proven persecution in the land of their birth. What I am not in favor of is five million illegals that contribute nothing to our country getting a get out of jail free card in the form of an executive action. I am not in favor of the strain these people are putting on the amenities and infrastructure in the areas that they decide to settle in. I am not in favor of the amount of freebies they get, paid for by the American taxpayers who in many cases are struggling to put food on the table for their own families.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

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