Rachel Dolezal Kicked Off Police Commission for False Police Reports and Harassment


Rachel Dolezal the white black person has been kicked off the Police Commission in Spokane for repeatedly falsifying hate crimes committed against her, harassing city and police employees and conflict of interest by leading protests against police in this ultra liberal city.  Two of the other five commission members are also under investigation.  One of the two has resigned and the second was given extra time to prepare a defense against the allegations.  The evidence against Dolezal was overwhelming and she was summarily booted.

Dolezal had reported multiple threatening items coming to her through the US mail.  After investigating, the police found that none of the mail had been franked.  Franking is the process that stamps the date and post office location on mail.  Since her mailbox is locked, only someone with a key could have placed it in there.  Her son got into the act when he broke several bottles of wine in a grocery store and claimed that he and a friend were running from white guys out to hurt them and they hid behind the wine display, knocking over some of the bottles in their hurry to get out.  Surveillance cameras showed that the two boys leisurely walked into the store and knocked the wine bottles over while engaging in horseplay with a basketball.

Dolezal was also accused of abusing employees and even tried supervise city employees. After an investigation, which included interviews with city employees, they concluded that she had indeed harassed employees and had openly trashed the police, disregarding the rule requiring members to be impartial.  She also participated in and led marches against the police.

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Dolezal released a statement that neither she nor the other two commissioners had done anything wrong despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that she had.  Now, several stations are discussing giving her a reality show.  What about this bitch is real for chrissakes?

Courtesy of Red Statements.

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