The Viral Post That Got Dean Garrison and DC Clothesline “Temporarily Suspended” From Facebook

the facebook suspension

About an hour ago, I was suspended from Facebook for three days. This effectively suspends my website and Facebook page as well. My name is Dean Garrison and I am the Publisher of DC Clothesline. I am also, for all intents and purposes, a one man operation.

We have a lot of writers, but they are not paid and I simply have permission to republish their work, for which I am quite grateful. 

Republishing one such story landed me in “Facebook jail” today.

Do Muslim Men really rape goats?

The world may never know.

Below is the article that Facebook says is a violation of community standards, consequently finding it necessary to suspend me for 3 days (my personal profile and Facebook page are there but I can’t post to them):


No joke: Muslim men really do rape goats

by Dr. Eowyn

It turns out it’s not a joke.

The video below was uploaded to Daily Motion on Nov. 28, 2013, with a description in French — that a U.S. military surveillance helicopter surveying a village in Afghanistan captured infrared camera footage of Afghan men sodomizing a poor goat.

WARNING: Graphic!

Here’s a screenshot at the 2:41 mark in the video, of a man sodomizing a goat while two other men stand nearby:

Afghan men sodomize goat

See also:


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.



What do you think? Should I have been suspended? and…

Did that make you want to “throw up in your mouth a little”?

Sure it did, but that doesn’t mean that the truth does not need to come out. That is my opinion.

So much for free speech.

My belief is that businesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone. But that does not mean I won’t call them out if they attempt to censor the truth. Facebook does not have to honor my God-given right to free speech. No business should have to serve anyone that violates their standards, oh wait…I forgot we have been fundamentally transformed… well… except for those businesses who are unconstitutionally forced to advance the social-marxist agenda that has taken over America.

Dual standards anyone?

This is just another example of the war that the left is waging against the truth.

People need to wake up and see how the truth is being twisted, filtered and flat out censored in this country. I am just a guy with a blog who is trying to fight such tyranny as best I can. But its going to take a lot more little people to bring this monster down.

It starts with YOU.

Don’t let them rewrite history.

Don’t let them quash the truth.

I’ll be back… but if they succeed in silencing me will you be beside me shouting?

I surely hope so because that is what it will take. None of us can do this alone. But together we can, and knowing that is why I keep running head first into these brick walls set before me.

NEVER, ever quit. We are winning. The truth is slowly getting out.

Update: As a bizarre side note – the article that I was suspended for posting is still circulating on Facebook. They did not block that particular URL. It has been seen and shared thousands of times in the last few hours. So I was suspended and evidently they did not find it important to block others from sharing the same material. Very strange indeed. Why would they not block the content if it violates community standards?

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  • Lucky3511

    Heil Hitler! The Muslim Mullahs Gestapo strikes again. Freedom of Speech is gone just like Hitler did in Germany in the 1930s

  • Tom

    It’s easy. Don’t facebook.

  • T.F.Mills

    Why when you are telling the Truth are they suspending you. Saw this beastly disgusting act several times myself when living is muslim countries.

  • dissident woman

    Basically isis and al cia-da are losers in life who cannot get a date or hold a job. Proof positive of the culture they came from. Wait til they really meet an american woman–one defending her homeland.

  • Pascale PADLO

    Ce sont des monstres

  • Pascale PADLO

    Oui ainsi que les chiens au Danemark!

  • da_truth36

    FB tried that a while back with an Alex Jones article concerning the rape of a Swedish woman by a “refugee”. Apparently a lot of people, myself included, made such a big deal out of it that FB caved and allowed the article to be shared. That article now has 2,928 shares. If enough people speak up Zuckerberg pays attention. It’s our silence that’s self defeating.

  • Garry Nosworthy

    I believe the Koran dictates a ruling for this sodomy. ‘The goat must be slaughtered after the act……………no doubt to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I think the progeny would be an improvement though.

  • Xavier

    See what happens if you repost the article but claim it was a fundamentalist Christian sect in West Virginia.


  • David Owens

    Oh, I get it, a man having sex with a goat is not allowed…but the man I reported yesterday who has an erect penis for his cover page, and had posted his penis picture on facebook, is I was told, it is not against our community standard…great…

  • aliswell

    For the record, there is another one those surveillance videos floating around of a Muslim man raping a donkey. Their koran actually permits bestiality.

    • badbruce

      The Koran not only permits beastility but has a set of instructions on how to do properly.

  • NYDogWhisperer
    • Lucky3511

      Want to find out how

  • Garry Nosworthy

    Dean, I think you got that story about the Muslim men sodomising the goat all wrong. Surely they were just pumping up it’s tyres.

    • badbruce

      Post of the day, you win the internet.

  • Richard Gearon

    I’ve been suspended from fb twice; both times for bogus reasons, meaning the muzzies in the fb police, didn’t understand common English. The first time, I referred to a CIA troll as a “spook,” not knowing the goon was black. I think that trolls get bonuses if they cause someone to be suspended, then they kick back some money to the muzzie fb police person.

  • carpkiller

    Do they do it,of course. Ask our vets. Get them out of America. 3 year olds are not out of bounds to them either.

  • JoAnn Barrick

    I reposted the one where the freak was making out with the mannequin, so I’ve probably been banned as well ha ! I haven’t been on there for a couple of days. I’ll go check.

  • Mike McCrindle

    Facebook is run by leftist assholes who would only allow liberal views if they could get away with it.
    You must always remember that liberals are totally intollerent to views that are against their Marxist crapola.

  • Pray tell us, at least, that it was a female goat (a nanny) that these sons of the Prophet were pollinating.

    If only as practice for hejra to some domain of “Liberals,” where they can find and futter figurative nanny-state types.

  • You are not alone Dean, I and plenty of others I know personally have been suspended by FB and in most cases do not know why. Seems they do not like success unless you pay them money in some way.

    • lloyd Lisco

      These liberal leftist cannot stand truth and freedom, They prefer lies and control. Well I have a comment for them, Stop F Goats and kissing ass.

  • An

    Steve Quayle actually thinks it’s Enoch and Elijah.
    I think it’s Moses and Elijah.
    In any case, these are the end times and i think one of us i gonna be right this year. So, expect more oppression of truth. Our enemy is 5 minutes from revealing himself, i think

  • Sargon

    Facebook……..that’s so 2015.
    it’s the model T of social media.
    Flintstonesbook would be a better name.

  • Xavier

    You got merkeled!

  • The US government legalized sodomy and bestiality for members of the US Military — it is being accepted behavior by the US Government to rape animals now:

    • badbruce

      Changing military code of conduct so muslims will feel at home in military.

  • Pam Dworshak

    Whats their problem, they can’t handle the truth? If muslims are doing that we need to know, obama is bringing them in to our country and we need to protect our animals

    • LicketySplit

      What the muzzies going to do when we decide to deport them..and if they dont go..guess what? Stupid chit happens everyday…u aint missin nuthin on FB 😉

      • badbruce

        They will never deport them. We will have to do what the Buddhists in Northern Myanmar are doing with their islam ptoblem. Burning down their neighborhoods/mosques and driving them out, killing any who resist. You can Google it and it isn’t genocide as the media claims, it’s self defense from islamic attacks. The Buddhists got tired of muslims gang raping their women and setting fire to their monks.

        • LicketySplit

          Yeah…i realize that..but didnt want to suggest it …but you have nailed it..thats the ONLY way to rid them from here..they are like LOCUSTS..they multiply like crazy and we better get a handle on it and quickly..look to sweden and the troubles they are having..same with sucks …run em out!

    • bee O bee

      Fifty bucks sez Obama screwed goats AND pigs when he was a crackhead in Hawaii. Check out “miapopeinterview” on google and over 1,400,000 sites pop up about what one of his high school class mates named Mia Marie Pope had to say about him a few years ago being a chronic money moocher who paid for his crack habit by being a male prostitute for the local crowd of queers.

      • Joey888

        Well, if O-Liar has a choice between a goat or moochele, I think he’ go with the goat.

      • NYDogWhisperer

        This is such a lie.

      • badbruce

        Sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong, osama obama never, ever screwed a goat and/or pig. They took turns gangbanging him, talk about the little train that could.

  • marlene

    Suspend facebook – permanently. They got a motley crew of leftards sitting on glass thrones too big for them.