Did Hillary have a brain seizure on camera?

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Voters have the right to know about a presidential candidate’s health. In Hillary Clinton’s case, reports and rumors of her ill health have dogged her campaign. See:

The latest disturbing signs took place on June 17, 2016, when Hillary was asked by NBC News’ Monica Alba if she had discussed a possible V.P. role with Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.

Below are two videos taken from different angles, showing Hillary acting bizarrely, suggestive of a brain or epileptic seizure. She quickly recovered and “blamed” the seizure on the cold drink she’d just sipped.

You be the judge!

See also:

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Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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9 Responses to Did Hillary have a brain seizure on camera?

  1. Lakshmima says:

    (3) DNC approved of fake CraigsList ad to smear Trump as a sexist pig

    In an email to Paustenbach and Miranda on May 18, 2016, DNC deputy communications director Christina Freundlich sought their approval for placing a fictitious ad on CraigsList, soliciting “hot women” to work for Donald Trump, who are prepared to endure public humiliation if they gain weight, and to be greeted by Trump “with a kiss on the lips” or a grope “under the meeting table”. The fake ad was approved by DNC communications director Luis Miranda.

  2. lloyd Lisco says:

    Hillary is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and accompanying eye sight problems, Hence the thick lens glasses. She also has heart problems causing an over production of fluid which is deposited into her lungs, This brings on Spazimatic Coughing fits. This woman is sick Physically as well as Mentally. She is on huge amounts of prescription drugs which will eventually result in a disabling stroke. These disability’s along with her Cocaine usage disqualify her to be President.

    • Jonathan Brooks says:

      I suspect that this episode might have been a petite mal seizure, but it also may have been a sign of tourettes, which can display involuntary facial tics, and explosions of cursing, and barking like a dog, which she has done all three at various times. This compulsive behavior is almost impossible to suppress for any time. I think she came up with the cold drink excuse because she has these events regularly, as well as the coughing spells. It might even have been a mini stroke, since she was jerking around vigerously.

  3. my preciousss!! says:

    bill has aids, and now this. the LORD is JUST indeed.

  4. Richard Gearon says:

    She cackles at the most inappropriate things. As she wasn’t fazed by her apparent seizure, she probably has them frequently.

    • VirgoVince says:

      Doesn’t she have a ‘seizure’ every time she opens her mouth, like ovomit?
      Every time either of them speaks, it’s ALL LIES!!
      ‘Demonic Possession’ is behind it!!

  5. donaldbreaux says:

    Hmmm maybe controllers zapped her

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