Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Study of Corruption and Deceit

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Many people don’t seem to care that they are supporting the Party of Slavery, that being the Democratic Party.

Here is a story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, much like the Democratic Party, has a lot to hide so the low information people vote for her and her Socialist/Communist ideologies.

Hillary Clinton continues to state that she supports women, but that does not include women Bill Clinton attacked, nor does it include 12-year-old girls. This can be seen in the case of State of Arkansas V. Thomas Alfred Taylor, in which Hillary Clinton laughed at getting her client off, even though she knew he did it. You will never hear that from any allegedly real news source. Recordings from an interview show Clinton knew Taylor was guilty. But that did not stop her from laughing about using a technicality to get Taylor’s sentence reduced. An Arkansas reporter named Roy Reed spent more than five hours with the interview of both Hillary and Bill Clinton that was archived in the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

We found verification of this through Free Becon and the article and video can be seen here.

Hillary Clinton that does not care about a 12-year-old girl, but this should not surprise anyone, as she has laughed about many things. From that story and web site, here is part of what Hillary said:

“Twenty-seven-year-old Hillary Rodham had just moved to Fayetteville, and was running the University of Arkansas’ newly-formed legal aid clinic, when she received a call from prosecutor Mahlon Gibson.

“The prosecutor called me a few years ago, he said he had a guy who had been accused of rape, and the guy wanted a woman lawyer,” said Clinton in the interview. “Would I do it as a favor for him?”

The case was not easy. In the early hours of May 10, 1975, the Springdale, Arkansas police department received a call from a nearby hospital. It was treating a 12-year-old girl who said she had been raped.

The suspect was identified as Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old factory worker and friend of the girl’s family.

And though the former first lady mentioned the ethical difficulties of the case in Living History, her written account some three decades later is short on details and has a far different tone than the tapes.

“It was a fascinating case, it was a very interesting case,” Clinton says in the recording. “This guy was accused of raping a 12-year-old. Course he claimed that he didn’t, and all this stuff” (LISTEN HERE).”

Hillary always seems to laugh when she does something wrong or is about to be shown for what she really is. In one of her most famous scandals, people died and objects went missing. Hillary Clinton is not just a pure liar, she is also something of a thief, as shown by her removal of items she liked from the White House, valued at around $200,000, to be moved into her New York $1.7 million dollar home.

“When the Clintons left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2001, they reportedly vandalized and looted the White House. Hillary tried to ship furniture to the Clintons’ personal home in Chappaqua, New York. The Clintons came under fire when they reportedly tried to take $190,000 in gifts and furnishings from the presidential mansion. Additionally, the General Accounting Office, an investigative arm of Congress, reported that ”damage, theft, vandalism and pranks did occur in the White House complex” during the presidential transition from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush – including the theft of a presidential seal. According to the General Accounting Office, the cost of the White House vandalism reached about $14,000 and included $4,850 to replace computer keyboards with damaged or missing “W” keys. The agency said some of the destruction was intentional, including glue smeared on desks, broken furniture, offices full of trash and graffiti in a men’s restroom stall that disparaged Bush. There were also missing doorknobs, medallions and office signs.

During their time in the White House, the Clintons also reportedly auctioned off and sold taxpayer-financed government goods and services in exchange for political campaign contributions and personal profit. Among the items sold by the Clintons, which Judicial Watch uncovered in various lawsuits, and the media and Congress in their investigations, were: 1) seats on overseas trade missions; 2) export licenses for high technology sales to communist China and elsewhere; 3) commissionerships and judgeships; 4) rides on Air Force One; 5) overnight stays in the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom; 6) graves at Arlington Cemetery; 7) meetings with key Clinton-Gore administration leaders; and other favors.”

Why did they not get some sort of fine or even jail time for these direct offenses against the people of the United States? It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton would make statements about Trump asking Russia to show the 33,000 emails she claims to have scrubbed, but it should not be important if they were just about her private items.

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There is a more recent trouble that was proven to be punishable, but because of the “Corruption on the Tarmac,” no one was charged or even got a slap on the wrist, which is typical for the Clintons, as they learned well from Hillary’s dear friend, Saul Alinsky, just who to use their power to corrupt to gain their way.

Does anyone remember the “File Gate” where the Clintons obtained, illegally, files on adversaries – something it seems that Clinton did recently with Bernie Sanders? It is normal play with the Clintons to dig into people who oppose them and find something to nail them with, all the while hiding all the scandals they have gone through. Could the Clintons be the new heads of the Mafia? Let us see what is stated about their file gate.

“In an effort to discredit the women who charged President Clinton with sexual misconduct, personal files and papers were illegally obtained and released. The courts found, under the Privacy Act, that the privacy of Linda Tripp and Kathleen Willey had been violated,” a Judicial Watch report said, citing just a few of more than 900 relevant files. Judicial Watch said Hillary had been linked “directly to the center” of the controversy.

The scandal was first detected by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which investigated the Clintons’ Travelgate caper. The committee found that the FBI files had been improperly accessed by Craig Livingstone, a former bar bouncer Hillary had hired to work in the White House Counsel’s Office. However, Hillary called the whole affair a “completely honest bureaucratic snafu.”

It seems that the government keeps finding all these scandals about Hillary and Bill Clinton, but for some unforeseen reason, nothing ever happens to either one of them. Could they both have that much dirt on people, or is it that they don’t care and know the right people? They are friends with George Soros, the Nazi sympathizer, and proof of that is the $25 million dollars Soros gave to the Democrats and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Hungarian-born billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has been virtually absent in politics since he spent an unprecedented $27 million in an attempt to defeat George W. Bush in 2004. Soros is a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter, and it seems that her run for president has lured Soros back into the political realm. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, Soros has committed over $25 million to the Clinton campaign and other Democratic causes.”

George Soros is a character of his own, as we have shown with his dealings with the Nazis and death camps.

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What else do Hillary Clinton and the Democrats support now? One only has to look at their pasts to see that they side most with Socialism and Communism, not much different from promoting and supporting the KKK and Slavery.

Vince Foster is one of the 47 people who have died mysteriously because they may have known too much about the Clintons.

Hillary and Vince Foster

“Vince Foster was deputy White House counsel and Hillary’s friend and law partner who had connections to the Travelgate and Whitewater scandals. In 1993, Foster was found dead in a park with a fatal gunshot wound to his mouth. As WND reported, his suicide was the subject of much speculation and three official investigations.

Investigations by the U.S. Park Police, the Department of Justice, the FBI, Congress, Independent Counsel Robert B. Fiske and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr concluded Foster’s death was a suicide. However, as WND reported in 2003, one of Starr’s key investigators challenged the official line, insisting the probe’s result was predetermined, only a few plotters were required to engineer the result, the crime scene was altered and that major newspaper editors killed stories by reporters pursuing the truth. The Washington Post reported that federal investigators were not allowed to enter Foster’s office after his death, but “White House aides enter[ed] Foster’s office shortly after his death, giving rise to speculation that files were removed from his office.”

In his 2005 book “The Truth about Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, And How Far She’ll Go to Become President,” Edward Klein wrote of Hillary’s involvement in the effort to remove Foster’s files:

The night of [Foster’s] death, Hillary launched one of the most shameful – and illegal – cover-ups of her entire career.

She sent two of her most trusted White House loyalists – Maggie Williams, the First Lady’s chief of staff, and Patsy Thomasson, who was in charge of White House administration – into Foster’s office to retrieve embarrassing and incriminating documents related to Whitewater and Hillary’s other personal affairs. While White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum barred investigators from entering Foster’s office, Maggie Williams, Patsy Thomasson, and Craig Livingston, Hillary’s director of White House security, removed armloads of files and loose-leaf binders.

“In addition, a White House staffer allegedly tampered with the titles of several memos and removed the First Lady’s initials in an effort to erase her role in improper behavior.”

Does this sound slightly like what just happened to Hillary Rodham Clinton with the FBI?

Investigations by the U.S. Park Police, the Department of Justice, the FBI, Congress, Independent Counsel Robert B. Fiske, and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr concluded Foster’s death was a suicide. However, as WND reported in 2003, one of Starr’s key investigators challenged the official line, insisting that the probe’s result was predetermined, only a few plotters were required to engineer the result, the crime scene was altered, and major newspaper editors killed stories by reporters pursuing the truth. The Washington Post reported that federal investigators were not allowed to enter Foster’s office after his death, but “White House aides enter[ed] Foster’s office shortly after his death, giving rise to speculation that files were removed from his office.”

Strange deaths come and go with the Clinton’s – if one person gets too close to the truth, he or she either dies or becomes part of the group, swept up in the corruption that is widely known to follow the Clintons.

Clinton body count: ‘You find dead people’

“The Clinton body count,” first published in WND and later circulated by Linda Tripp to Monica Lewinsky, is a collection of names of people associated with Clinton administration scandals who have died mysterious and often violent deaths. Reporter David Bresnahan broke the story of the list during the summer of 1997 while researching his book, “Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception.”

“I started looking into all the various deaths of people that were involved in various Clinton scandals,” Bresnahan said. “I started to investigate the entire picture instead of just one focused event.

“Nobody out there was putting it all together,” he said. “If you look at one scandal, you’ll find one dead guy. When you investigate all Clinton scandals, you find similarities, you find common tactics, you find common actions and you find dead people.”

The list was not just a source of terror among sworn enemies of the administration. It was an even greater terror for those close to Clinton – for those closest, it appeared, died younger and more inexplicably than those on the outside looking in.

In his research, Bresnahan came up with more than one list.

“Not only did I find a list of dead people, but I also found that there are over 100 people who have refused to testify,” he said at the time.

“There is also a list of people who have gone to jail. There are 45 people who have gone to jail, some of them White House staff, Cabinet members as well as people from the Justice Department. So many of those (lists) developed when I started to pursue the big picture.”

And this all from a woman who seeks the seat of President? Had this happened to a Republican, he or she would have been impeached and thrown into jail. Even Richard Nixon faced impeachment for far less than what the Clintons have done – and to think this is but a small part of their scandals. Why is it that Hillary Clinton, along with her husband, face no charges, much less jail, against them? Bill Clinton did face impeachment for lying, and he missed that by the skin of his teeth; but Hillary can and does get away with a lot more than any of her servants could ever think about. It is very sad that we as a nation have to stand by and watch this fiasco going on in our nation. It is no wonder that other nations now consider the United States to be weak and spineless; hell, we cannot even indict criminals, with facts drawn out, just because their names are Clinton. “WE THE PEOPLE” had better wake up this year and make sure Hillary Rodham Clinton does not get elected, or this nation will be no more. Hillary has already said she wants to take all the guns, and with that will come her dictatorship of a nation that will be nothing more than a third world nation, failing each day she is in office.

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Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Leon Puissegur is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for 43 years. He is an award winning author and has been writing opinion pieces over the years and in just the last few years has written 4 books and a large amount of articles on many sites. You can purchase his books at Amazon. Pick up his latest The Oil Man.

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