Experts: Hillary is a Sociopath and Could Have Brain Damage

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Bizarre behavior and strange seizures indicate major health and personality disorders

Hillary’s bizarre behavior and strange seizures: Is she having a breakdown or does she actually have brain damage?

I asked mental health experts about her strange outbursts that have been caught on camera.

They told me that the odd manifestations and facial ticks are likely side-effects of her blood clot.

But Hillary’s conduct also strongly indicates she is a sociopath who has a total lack of empathy for other people.

Watch the video to find out more.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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22 Responses to Experts: Hillary is a Sociopath and Could Have Brain Damage

  1. Thomas Burgess says:

    She might have the stupid people fooled but anyone with half a brain would NEVER vote for this psycopathic, habitual liar who has used her office as her own personal piggy bank and has left a trail of bodies from Arkansas to Libya and back.

  2. She isn’t that different from Obama, only it looks like she been using drugs for a longer time….. both involved in the Drug Trafficking & Organized Government Crime & Corruption Syndicate.

  3. yennikcm says:

    She needs to be in a rubber room, getting meds from a dixie cup.

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    Reports coming in state that hundreds of Hillary Clinton’s missing E mails will be realized to the Government and the U. S. media in the next few days, It is stated that these E mail’s will provide proof that Hillary has sold weapons to Enemies of the U.S. and that this evidence will force Criminal charges be filed against Hillary Clinton. Other information contained in these E mail’s will have other far reaching effects on a number of other high ranking people in the U.S. Government.

    • Thomas Burgess says:

      From the top down, If anyone else is involved, everyone should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Including Obama, Lynch, Holder, Comey, Kerry and everyone else who had access to this classified information and outright lied to the public about it

    • Dennish Habern says:

      Hey Lloyd, the NRA claims that they already have Hillary’s missing e-mail, but
      they have exposed her, yet. The sooner the better. And Assang, claims that
      he has them too, so if he and the NRA maintain them, is there any doubt that
      Russia, China, Iran, and N. Korea, also have them?

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        Hi Dennis, I am sure you meant NSA, I believe you are correct, Everyone hacked her. Now if we can force the main stream news liars to report on this. Get some rest.

  5. Tuci78 says:

    Tertiary syphilis. Consider that the “hole” on Hitlery’s tongue might be a gummatous lesion. Any diagnostic results on treponemal pallidum particle agglutination (TPHA) or fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test (FTA-Abs)?

    A socialist with a social disease.

    • yennikcm says:

      whatever that means..sounds good though

      • Tuci78 says:

        Every young primary care M.D. gets stuck in the “let George do it” jobs. In my first decade after I got admission privileges, the hospital managers who ran the regional V.D. (sexual infection) clinic handed me the unpaid post of “director.” I was one the first guys in the country to diagnose cases of GRIDS (“Gay-related immune deficiency syndrome,” known now as “AIDS”). Scary!

        Hitlery fits all the diagnostic criteria. End-stage syphilis.

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      I Agree, I Think.

  6. donaldbreaux says:


  7. Joey888 says:

    She has no heart, no brain, but worst of all… NO SOUL. She is DEMONIC!

  8. James Kroeger says:

    You can’t damage a dead brain! I believe she’s demonically possessed.

  9. Augen says:

    Good Lord! The Globalists will put ANYTHING that’s breathing up for office so long as they retain power. The grungier the better, apparently.

  10. lloyd Lisco says:

    Her years of extreme cocaine use and other conditions have brain damaged this evil Bitch. Bill is also Brain damaged and dying, He may not live to see the election.

  11. VirgoVince says:

    Of course she HAS Brain Damage, she’s a lefturd regressive commie, they ALL suffer with ‘Demonic Possession’!

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