The Real Reason Putin Hates Obama and Clinton, and Wants Trump To Win

In the following video, Putin reveals exactly why he cannot stand Barack Obama, and why it is clearly not in Russia’s best interests (or anyone else on the planet’s for that matter), for Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. When referring to specific Obama/Clinton policy decisions that led directly to large boost in recruitment for ISIS (no, it wasn’t a Donald Trump video as Hillary likes to say), Putin says:

“I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics… [their acts] are not grounded in facts in the real world.”

For the most part, the sum total of what the majority of Americans know about Putin, we get largely from whatever our dishonest and corrupt mainstream media tells us. We also know the mainstream media is owned and controlled primarily by globalists (who hate Putin), and that they function as more of a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, than they do as actual credible news sources.

With that said, putting aside any preconceived narratives you’ve been fed by the mainstream media about Putin, does it sound like he’s lying, or does it sound like he’s talking about the EXACT same Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton we all know? Typical liberals… off in fantasy land instead of reality.

Referring to U.S. foreign policy, our economic policies, and our military activity, Putin says the U.S. leaders have GOT to stop ‘squeezing’ other nations for America’s own benefit, and have some respect for people around the world other than just Americans. Citing specific Obama/Clinton failures, Putin says:

“Look at Iraq. The situation is TERRIBLE!

Look at Libya and what you did there… that got your Ambassador murdered.

Was it us that did this?

This wasn’t the the smartest decision, but ok…”

This is just the beginning… Putin is just getting warmed up…

Before getting to the next video, consider what you know about Vladimir Putin, or rather what you “think” you know about Vladimir Putin. Where did you get the information? Have you read any books about Putin… the kind with footnotes that can be verified? If not, then whatever you “think” you know about Vladimir Putin has come from the same corrupt media that doesn’t tell the truth about ANYTHING… so what makes you think they started with Putin?

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If our mainstream media is so honest, why isn’t anyone talking about the 67 former Clinton associates turned adversaries who are now DEAD, five of whom died under very mysterious circumstances in the last six weeks alone? Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about the NSA whistleblower who said the NSA has every single one of the 30,000 deleted Hillary Clinton emails, and no one from the FBI or Department of Injustice has ever asked for them? Why does the media keep going along with the nonsense about an economic recovery when every economist worth their salt is saying we’re on the doorstep of financial Armageddon?

In the video below, Putin tells a very different story than the one Western media has reported about what happened in Crimea. In fact, he becomes quite angry when asked about it by German reporters. Putin says that contrary to western media reports, there was no “invasion” of Crimea, there were no gunshots ever fired, and not one person died during events in Crimea… not one. He says the people of Crimea held their own referendum, and they chose to leave Ukraine, and become part of the Russian Federation.

Like before, Putin says the leaders of the United States need to learn to respect the interests of others, and not go changing the rules whenever it suits them. Diplomacy is the art of being able to reconcile your national interests, alongside those of other States, compromising on certain aspects along the way. However, Putin points out that the Atlanticist world view (EU/US/NATO) has shown that it does not allow for mutual respect, nor for cooperation. Through a number of covert means, the west asks for nothing less than for Russia to no longer ascertain its national interests, which makes President Putin #1 Boogeyman in the western media today. When asked if he is a friend to the West, Putin says:

“I am not your friend, I am not your bride, or your groom… I am the President of Russia…”

No matter what nonsense our media chooses to cover, or to just make up as they go, in the next video from June 17th, you can see Vladimir Putin’s frustration as he tries to warn western reporters that the world is being pulled toward war… and it’s Western leaders that are doing it, not him. He literally makes fun of the press to their faces for reporting the fictional narratives they are told to report, rather than reality (there’s that word again). Putin says:

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“We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’sonly you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. Your people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?”

Finally, out of complete frustration Putin says:

“I don’t know how to get through to you anymore…”

After hearing what Putin told the media about how the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction,” listen to how Obama responded without anyone in the media questioning the insanity of his lies. Two weeks ago, Obama spoke at the White House Summit on Global Development, and he said it’s important to remind “ourselves of how lucky we are to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history.” He said:

“Because the world has never been less violent, healthier, better educated, more tolerant, with more opportunity for more people, and more connected than it is today…”

What? Now, go back to what Putin said in the first video above where he BLASTED the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. He said:

“I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics… [their acts] are not grounded in facts in the real world.”

It’s time for the American people to WAKE UP! Obama and Hillary are both puppets of their globalist masters like the Rothschild’s and George Soros, both of whom hate Putin, and whom Putin equally despises. Our own CIA has said George Soros is the largest donor to the Hillary campaign, and Hillary’s email investigation revealed that she has close personal ties to various members of the Rothschild family, the same Rothschild family that happens to be the wealthiest family on earth, and the same Rothschild family that has funded both sides of every war since before the American Revolution.

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The writing is on the wall, and unlike the American people, Putin actually sees it. If Hillary Clinton gets elected President there is going to be a war, and it’s a war Putin wants no part of.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Michael DePinto is a member of the fast growing un-silent majority that is sick of the insanity going on in this country right now. He has been accused of being vitriolic, bombastic, sarcastic to the extreme, and probably worse behind his back. He is sick of being branded a right wing extremist, racist, homophobe, warmonger, or whatever asinine adjectives Liberal Progressives have for the words COMMON SENSE these days. Michael is also a blogger at The Last Great Stand and and an Attorney.

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

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  • sermon

    Cliffystones, it is more than one family. It is the Rothchild’s, Bilderberg’s, Rockfellow’s, Soros, and others.

    SFWhite, I agree with you. I do not think Putin is lying. He is much more aware of global issues than, in my opinion, any one in a leadership role in America. Remember America quit teaching history in school many years ago and started teaching an agenda. Cruz is not the outsider he claims to be. Remember his wife is a CFR member. Being a member of CFR is like being a member of the mafia – until death do us part. Also Heidi is still on the payroll of one of the big banks. She only took a leave of absence, she did not quit. I can only urge you to look up the ‘Seven Mountains.’ I had never heard of this either until I started researching Cruz after he announced his run for the presidency. Honestly, I liked Cruz and I was all prepared to get on the Cruz wagon and willing to forget the wife’s big bank, CFR discretions and her part in writing the TPP. I have a personal rating system that I have used for years to rate candidates and their theology is very important to me. May the Lord have mercy on us.

    • As for Heidi, I’m sure she informs him and influences him, but that doesn’t mean they’re in lockstep politically. Could find no verifiable link to Heidi and TPP. She is for global trade, but then so am I, as long as it’s fair. I did get the impression she’s not the strong nationalist Ted is, but she’s certainly not anti-American by any means (according to excerpts of her writings I found in one article written with the goal of denigrating her).

      Ted brings his own beliefs to the marriage partnership, and they are deeply rooted in a life filled with a fierce love of God, The United States, traditional American values and our Constitution (which he memorized when he was just a kid). His actions and accomplishments speak louder than words as to where his loyalties lie, and they reflect a life of standing, even against great odds, in defense of God and country.

      Read this re that Ted Cruz “Seven Mountains” thing, it’s from Christianity Today (4/6/2016):

      Stop Calling Ted Cruz a Dominionist

  • Lakshmima

    Hilliary wants war with Russia and China. But she’s too sick to be POTUS so what now?
    Trump 2016

  • newsbrowser

    You realize that Putin is lying, don’t you?

    • Peter Osborne

      Maybe not, he has no fear of Obama or Clinton so he may just being blunt and sees what he is saying as perfect truth.

    • Thing is, if Putin is lying, he’s consistent with it; he says the same things everytime he speaks publically, even when it’s to his own people and not an international audience. (From knowledge gathered from YouTube videos of his speeches/etc., so take it for what it’s worth.)

      Personally, I’m sick of international “conflicts” and “helping” other countries who don’t want our help and hate us for interfering. The USA is falling apart, don’t we have enough trouble to clean up here at home? If another country forces a war on us or our allies, we make a real declaration of war and we fight, otherwise let’s take a hint from our Founders and avoid foreign entanglements.

  • magic1114

    I just knew that the little voice in my head telling me to move to the desert was correct. It doesn’t take an Einstein to see the writing on the wall…

  • Cliffystones

    How hard can it be to take out one family? (Rothchild)

    • LOL Fort Knox would be a lot easier.

  • sermon

    Dear Mr. Putin, there are some of us that get it I, for one, totally agree with you. The West is pushing war because there is no where else for our Dear Leaders to go in order to solve the looming economic collaspe. Also, the NWO crowd is, in their minds, helping God Almighty to bring forth the end times as outlined in the Book of Revelations. This is the theory of the Seven Mountains as espoused by Cruz. May the Lord have mercy.

    • As far as your Putin remark, okay, reasonable, actually agree, with reservations… but the last part re Cruz…?! What?! “Seven Mountains”?! What are you talking about?

      1st, Eisenhower told us what to watch out for in his Farewell Address: The Military Industrial Complex. JFK warned us, too. War is Big Business. Further, many believe that the only thing that brought us out of the Great Depression was WWII. Extremely debatable, but a popular belief.

      If the NWO crowd has a god, it’s Lucifer, but their god is probably themselves. Cruz wanted to reinstate the Constitution, give power back to the states and the people and downsize the Federal Government, that’s the opposite of NWO. Why do you think the Establishment (on BOTH sides) hates Cruz so much? He won’t compromise his principles and play ball with them.

      I know, you don’t care what I think/ think I’m lying or stupid and lying and maybe (fill-in-the-blank)/ hate Cruz. Though you think only you know the really real truth, if you look around you’ll find a world of people who think differently from you except that they also think they know the really real truth, me included. Welcome to reality.