Hillary Clinton’s thugs threaten to shut down Breitbart and theaters showing ‘Hillary’s America’

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She hasn’t [yet] been elected President, but Hillary already is stomping down on our First Amendment right to free speech.

Blake Neff reports for The Daily Caller, Aug. 18, 2016, that in a fundraising email, Hillary’s deputy communications director Christina Reynolds said that the conservative, pro-Trump Breitbart.com has no “right to exist,” and that if Hillary is elected, the website will be shut down entirely.

A day before Reynold’s email, on Wednesday, August 17, Trump had recruited Breitbart News‘ executive chairman Stephen Bannon to be the CEO of the Trump campaign.

Christina ReynoldsChristina Reynolds is a Democratic Party apparatchik who had worked in the Obama White House (see her profile here).

Calling Breitbart News “a fringe website where there’s no opinion too ugly, too divisive, or too outright crazy to be worth breathless promotion,” Reynolds writes:

“We’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while. I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and their right to exist.

Breitbart is something different. They make Fox News look like a Democratic Party pamphlet. They’re a different breed altogether — not just conservative but radical, bigoted, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic conspiracy peddlers who never have been and never should be anywhere near the levers of power in this country.

It goes without saying that we have to beat these people. But I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again.”

Meanwhile, Hillary’s minions reportedly are threatening movie theaters to prevent them from screening Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, Hillary’s America.

A poster on Free Republic who calls himself Swordmaker claims that on the night of August 17, 2016, his friend was told by the manager of Regal El Dorado Hills Stadium 14 movie theater in El Dorado Hills, California that they’re pulling D’Souza’s Hillary’s America because they were threatened with a lawsuit. As recounted by Swordmaker:

“Last night (August 17, 2016) a friend of mine want to take some friend to see “Hillary’s America — The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” the newest documentary film by Dinesh D’Souza. It had been showing at quite a few theaters locally but he suddenly could not find any theaters showing it near Modesto, Stockton or Lodi. He asked me to see if I could find where it was showing.

I tried Sacramento. None. . . not a single theater in a city with a metropolitan population over over 1.5 million was showing that film, when just last week there were about a dozen screens with it. I expanded my search area.

The closest theater showing the movie was in El Dorado Hills, the Regal Eldorado Hills Stadium 16 [sic], almost 60 miles away from Lodi and 70 miles from Stockton. There was another in Roseville, which was 80 miles away from Lodi. The El Dorado Hills theater listed showings for the rest of the week.

When my friend and his group got there, my friend ran into the manager of the theater and thanked him for showing the film. The manager informed him that this showing was going to be the last showing because that afternoon a group of people had come in and told him that if showed it beyond today, they were going to see that the Projectionist’s Union was going to pull his projection staff and his theater was going to be sued for whatever they could think of to sue him for. He said, I just work for the chain and their policy is if we are threatened to pull the film and be done with it. I don’t have the resources to fight, much as I want to. He further said, the grapevine among theaters is they’ve been doing it where ever “Hillary’s America” is showing, starting in the big theaters in the cities and working outward to the outlying areas. That’s why none of the theaters have it anymore! None of the theaters are willing to stand up to them because they all have union projectionists and they do not want a lawsuit they’d have to defend!

Here’s a trailer of Hillary’s America:

And here’s a free documentary, Hillary Clinton Exposed:

H/t What Really Happened

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24 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s thugs threaten to shut down Breitbart and theaters showing ‘Hillary’s America’

  1. Really? Not more of this says:
  2. Mr Mackey says:

    Sorry Chrissy, you weren’t able to control the message from all media outlets.

    Now go crawl back under your rock and die.

  3. Butch says:

    The left loves their Freedom of Speech for themselves

  4. rdj120 says:

    If the avenues of profit removed, they may as well put it on the internet for free. Hillary can’t block it if it’s spread wide enough.

  5. CA Warrior says:

    just checked and for those near Sacramento the film is still showing at the UA Olympus Pointe in Roseville

  6. Sam S says:

    You will REGRET if she wins!!

  7. Paul in NH says:

    Not even coronated yet, hopefully NEVER will be, and already acting like a DICTATOR. GEE what could possibly go wrong there!?

  8. ConservativeSenior says:

    Ugly, divisive and crazy: describes hillary to a T.

  9. Steve Underwood says:

    I have always heard the expression ” The Truth Shall Set You Free ” . In Hillary’s case the truth would put her in prison for around 500 years .

    • Dennish Habern says:

      Good one!!! Now, the American people must enforce those words of wisdom,
      that a simple organized brutal march on the White House gates or a Military
      Coup would suffice, commencing with the worthless Black turd of a POS of a
      token Tar-Baby of a rotten Muslim POTUS, Hillary Rotten Clinton and George
      Soros, the NAZI collaborator during WW2 in his native Hungary. Is there anyone
      out there whom is privy how Soros managed to immigrate from England to the
      United States and whom was responsible in permitting him to do so. In other
      words, whom did this Devil in disguise, pay-off to look the other way? There
      must still be a record of what American governmental officials were responsible
      for signing off on this worthless, effn NAZI, similarly, it was Nancy Pelosi’s re-
      sponsibility for signing off on this Black turd from Kenya.

  10. RockyMtn1776 says:

    Keep this in mind. Killary’s thugs and Obama’s thugs are one in the same. Both have exactly the same agenda. They are in the process of pulling out ALL the stops as we get closer to the election. In the last few weeks before the election if it appears Trumps is going to win, expect ANYTHING and I do mean anything ! Our nation has not seen a disaster in the making since shortly before WW 2. That is how serious this election really is. No matter who wins this election we can expect trouble, the left has waited, schemed and planned for about 60 years for what is happening now and they are not going to give it up without a fight. If Killary wins what the spineless Republicans will do is anyone’s guess.

    • ConservativeSenior says:

      It is unbelievable how many people are in a coma and don’t see this.

    • Paul in NH says:

      “… what the spineless Republicans will do is anyone’s guess.”

      No guess, they’ll do what they’ve always done … NOTHING and give the skinny, big eared, black turd and the witch every destructive thing that want!

    • Marlow Mosier says:

      There was a saying within the Liberty movement not too long ago, “It’s too late to change the system but too early to shoot the bastards”. While the former remains true I think the latter will be reality soon. It is now pretty much all out war – conducted surreptitiously – by the elite and their hapless pawns against the people’s freedom and property rights. It will soon be large scale blatant violence by the government and their leftist thugs on behalf of the establishment elite. Better keep your powder dry.

  11. Dennish Habern says:

    I am an American citizen, currently residing in Germany, and when I attempted to
    view the portion of “HILLARY’S AMERICA,” on my computer, I immediately became
    aware after reading the white message on a black-ground, that this film could not be
    shown in Germany. Therefore, it seems to me that this worthless White turd of a
    Democratic nominee for POTUS, Hillary Rotten Clinton, is in cahoots with Angela Merkel and the worthless Black turd of a current POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, whom desires to inundate the United States and Germany, with an over abundance of worthless Muslims whom have been groomed from birth, to hate the West, and for all intents and purposes, these Muslim turds are currently wreaking havoc on the West and in any location where Islam reigns. Islam is Islam. Therefore, there are no moderate Muslims. The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim. These Muslim turds cannot be taught new tricks, using the negative relationship between Israel and Palestine as an example. If the West is to survive, it is either them or us. At the behest of this worthless current Black POS of a Muslim POTUS, Hillary Rotten Clinton is reaching out to the Muslim Community, similar to how this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, traveled to Cairo, Egypt, and imparted to the Egyptains, that: “WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN, HE WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS.”


  12. Meg says:

    Put it out on video and it will sell. I don’t need to see a movie to know how evil she is and I am surprised that other people don’t know it. She will continue what O has started but will be much worse. A vote for H is a vote for the end of America as we know it.

  13. jsew says:

    When Hillary’s America was playing at the theaters, I saw a report that if you asked Siri on your Apple iPhone where the closest theatre showing Hillary’s America was, it would show a theatre 50 miles away. I decided to try it and see if that happened. Sure enough, although I was 5 miles away from the theatre showing Hillary’s America, my iPhone showed theaters 50 miles away. Shame on you Apple for violating freedom of speech. This is so sad because I have hundreds of shares of Apple stock and two Apple computers, iPhones, iPad and iPod.

  14. MaybeYes says:

    We tried to go see it and it was removed from the theater the day before. Here in Orange County, CA there are only a few places it is showing now.

    • Dennis Habern says:

      If Hillary Rotten Clinton has nothing to hide, then what is she afraid of?
      If this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS
      had nothing to hide, almost 8 years ago, then why did he secure his paper-
      trail from the public within his first term? I believe that ever patriotic American
      whom has been following this Black turd’s ill perceived negative career, under-
      stands that this Black turd from Hades, came to the United States as a foreign
      student under the Fulbright Program, which was eligible for American students.
      Therefore, lies the smoking gun that he is not an American citizen, and that
      Loretta Lynch should be required to investigate his former background, to
      ascertain whom this worthless turd is, because for the past 8 years, the Ameri-
      can people, are currently unaware of his truthful origin. Donald Trump needs
      to call this worthless White trailer trash, out, as to the truthful contents of this
      movie. It is evident that there is enough truth in its contents to perhaps sway
      the Blacks, the Hispanics, Women and other minorities to view this Black turd
      for what he is, and then in November 2016, vote for Donald Trump. As a Uni-
      versity trained individual, I have yet to comprehend why any sane American
      would consider voting for this effn Communist, as she will only be this current
      Black turd of a Muslim POTUS’s, protege.


      • Dennish Habern says:

        A correction to my words of wisdom above: 7th line:



    • lloyd Lisco says:

      See ARKANCIDE on your computer.

  15. Cathleen C C Forche says:

    Thank you for this work! It is huge! It is huge in dedication , meaning and a giant contribution to freedom. This is C.C.Forche author of the Christian book of ultimate arguments w/ 666 decoded in 9 languages and 5 alphabets. See just one of the bold arguments supporting your work and supported by Scripture. God Bless christiantheoriesandconcepts.com/poly-tics/ “POLY-TICS”

    • SeniorlovingChrist says:

      Thank you for the link. I tweeted that extremly well-informed information for Christians. God Bless you.

  16. Poptoy1949 says:

    She might want it that way but she can’t stop that at all. It is free speech. To Hell with what she wants…….The Truth Hurts.

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