Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer


No matter how much doctors push the treatment, chemotherapy might not be the best option in the fight against cancer, as a new study shows up to 50 percent of patients are killed by the drugs — not the disease, itself.

Researchers from Public Health England and Cancer Research UK performed a groundbreaking study examining for the first time the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of beginning chemotherapy — indicating the treatment, not the cancer, was the cause of death.

Looking at those death rates in hospitals across the U.K., researchers found an alarming mortality rate associated with chemotherapy.

Across “England around 8.4 per cent of patients with lung cancer, and 2.4 per cent of breast cancer patients died within a month,” the Telegraph reported.

“But in some hospitals the figure was far higher. In Milton Keynes the death rate for lung cancer treatment was 50.9 per cent, although it was based on a very small number of patients.”

Alarmingly, the one-month mortality rate at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals for those undergoing palliative, rather than curative, chemotherapy for lung cancer was a full 28 percent. One in five breast cancer patients receiving palliative care at Cambridge University Hospitals died from treatment.

In certain areas — Blackpool, Coventry, Derby, South Tyneside, and Surrey and Sussex — deaths of lung cancer patients by chemotherapy were ‘far higher’ than the national average.

Dr. Jem Rashbass, Cancer Lead for Public Health England — the national health care service, which requested the study — said, as quoted by the Telegraph:

“Chemotherapy is a vital part of cancer treatment and is a large reason behind the improved survival rates over the last four decades.

“However, it is powerful medication with significant side effects and often getting the balance right on which patients to treat aggressively can be hard.

“Those hospitals whose death rates are outside the expected range have had the findings shared with them and we have asked them to review their practice and data.”

For the analysis, researchers “included all women with breast cancer and all men and women with lung cancer residing in England, who were 24 years or older and who started a cycle” of chemotherapy in 2014.

Long the mainstay for treating various cancers, chemotherapy has finally drawn criticism in recent years, as the medicine does not differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells. Now, this study — published in the Lancet — shows how that powerful cell-destroying property can mean the demise for patients as well.

Researchers have advised physicians to exercise more caution in vetting which patients should ideally receive chemotherapy. Older and more infirm patients, in particular, might be better off without receiving palliative care, which is designed to offer relief instead of curing the disease.

“The statistics don’t suggest bad practice overall but there are some outliers,” noted Professor David Dodwell of the Institute of Oncology at St. James Hospital in Leeds.

“It could be data problems, and figures skewed because of just a few deaths, but nevertheless it could also be down to problems with clinical practice,” he continued.

“I think it’s important to make patients aware that there are potentially life threatening downsides to chemotherapy. And doctors should be more careful about who they treat with chemotherapy.”

All hospitals involved said they reviewed the information and remain certain chemotherapy is safe — with the caveat patient selection for the treatment may need to be more discretionary.

Professor David Cameron of the Edinburgh Cancer Centre at West General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, noted, “The concern is that with some of the patients dying within 30 days of being given chemo probably shouldn’t have been given the chemo. But how many? There is no easy way to answer that, but perhaps looking at those places/hospitals where the death rate was higher might help.

“Furthermore, if we give less chemo then some patients will die because they didn’t get chemo. It’s a fine balance and the more data we have the better we can be at making sure we get the balance right.”

Meanwhile, doctors in the United States should probably take note, considering the sheer number of patients forced to undergo chemotherapy at the State’s behest despite objections from those patients and their families.

In one example, a 17-year-old diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma decided to seek alternatives to chemotherapy, but her doctors — so inculcated in state and Big Pharma propaganda — contacted family services, who then kidnapped the young adult and placed her in foster care.

She was finally allowed to return home once she agreed to undergo the often debilitating treatment — but ran away once doctors informed her she’d have to endure surgery for the implantation of a chemo port. In an incredible act of Orwellian Big Government, the Supreme Court ruled the State was in the right in this case — and after being kidnapped and forced into treatment against her will, was denied contact with her own family.

As unfathomably invasive as that was, it isn’t isolated.

Alternative treatments do, in fact, exist — the most promising among them for many cancers are various formulations of CBD oil, a cannabis derivative. But, thanks to the phenomenally failed war on drugs, cancer patients in most areas of the U.S. are unable to procure much needed medicine or are forced to receive treatment on the sly — risking time behind bars simply for wanting to cure themselves.

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

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25 Responses to Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer

  1. drdebdrdeb says:

    My 54 year old husband-healthy his entire life-suddenly became ill. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Mantle Cell Leukemia. He entered Piedmont Hospital (supposed to be the best one in Atlanta). While in the hospital, they administered something called R-chop-chemo with a bang. He died 3 weeks later.
    Big Pharma is killing USA citizens.

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      MY condolences.

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      Chemo therapy, Is treatment with poison, A combination of poison that takes the victim to death’s door, If the dose is too strong the victim dies. It has been described to me as living death. Why do this when so many safe treatments are available?

  2. New Yorker says:

    I agree there are many cures for medical problems, but when I had a kidney infection I tried for days to juice greens,garlic,wheat grass. I got no relief, I went to the hospital after 3 hours of IV antibiotic I was feeling so much better. Rested the rest of the week 6 more days of anti and pro biotics and never again. So some medicine is needed.

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      Kidney stones, Relief is in the produce department at the grocery store, Two dozen lemons making a gallon of Strong Lemonade will dissolve those stones in short order, Never mind the brown urine or the sand, It’s just those stones going down the drain.

  3. lloyd Lisco says:

    There is a story about a retired Miner Smoker suffering with lung disease who went to his doctor for his semi annual check up, The doctor informed the man that he had terminal lung Cancer and should put his affairs in order. The miner had an old Dry suit from his skin diving days and decided to hook his Oxygen tank up to his dry suit, That winter on rising each morning the Old miner would put his dry suit on and watch TV until dinner each evening. The following spring when the miner returned to his Doctor, He was told that the Doctor couldn’t find the Cancer and for the miner to come in again in six months. At the miner’s funeral seventeen years later, His family insisted that old dry suit be placed in the Old Miner’s coffin.

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    Who is behind the Medical racketeers? The Rockafellow family once sold elixirs to the public, Largely alcohol. They discovered that the public would pay for drugs if it temporarily made them feel better, Thus Allopathic medicine was formed. Using Standard oil profits the Rockafellow’s bought up the medical teaching universities and began brainwashing doctors to the benefits of allopathic medicine’s, Then the seven sisters pharmaceutical industry was born, Soon the ownership of hospitals was realized, Then to offset the high cost of treatment the Medical Insurance Rackets were brought on line. Before long the Rockafellow Medical monopoly was realized and the billions began rolling in. Today here in America, We have the $1,000.00 pill that cost $.01 cent to manufacture and is dispersed by the Monopoly on the trusting public.

  5. Debra Bryant says:

    They need to give medication to kill parasites instead of toxic and lethal chemical concoctions and they would see a dramatic rise in not only improvement but an actual irradication of the cancers that are killing people and making them deathly sick. Cancer is simply a growth, a mass of unknown origin that they are trying to irradicate with explosives and torpedoes, instead of reliable proven treatments that actually work.
    There are many many ways to become infected with parasites, like swimming, drinking water, consuming meat, walking barefoot, having contact with foreigners who are infected when they arrive to this country, so it no longer requires traveling outside the country, we are forced to live with illegals who have not been screened before entry in our towns and communities.
    Once upon a time that was a requirement they no longer enforce.

    Consider the fact that many people live with their pets or are in contact with animals sometime in their lives that quite assuredly; those pets or animals can pass on parasites to humans, that they harbor. They worm animals on a routine basis and proclaim it is essential to their long life and health; and we know this is true and has been proven to be factual. Yet, they refuse to treat humans with parasitie infections. How insane is that?
    Most doctors will not even consider it possible or plausible before they run up a medical tab into the thousands of dollars, with a multitude of tests that are costly and unwarranted.
    Cancer is not some mystical ailment they havent a clue how to treat. Cancer treated with chemo and radiation is a multi trillion dollar a year return on their use. That is why they are using it.

    Doctors are preventing access to the real cure while they PRACTICE MEDICINE.
    Why do you think many physicians call their business: Medical Practice or any other combination of the words MEDICINE, PRACTICE, MEDICAL, PRACTICING,

    They have forgotten their hypocratic oath: First do no harm! Why do you suppose that oath is taken?

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      The information I have read over the years explains that Cancer is a virus, The Virus is able to enter a cell and cause that cell to mutate, Our immune system fights this mutated cell as time goes by. If our immune system is damaged by Chemo, Or other factors. Then these mutated cells can run wild and we have cancer. Virus cannot survive in an Oxygenated or Alkaline environment, Therefore the Cancer cells will begin Dying and the body will dispose of them. Do not support the Cancer industry, Research how to survive Cancer with simple inexpensive home treatment with no side effects, Then enjoy the rest of your life undamaged.

  6. lloyd Lisco says:

    Estimates are that in America about 200,000 people die each year at the hands off medical professionals, Many are poisoned by Chemo, Mistakes, Infections, Complications, Botched surgery, Wrong drugs, Overdose, Staff infection and numerous other problems. Estimates are that 50,000 more die each year because they cannot afford the astronomical cost of medical treatment, Constantly going up year after year. These numbers are staggering, Considering the fallacy of the American medical industry and it’s overblown accomplishments. The Cancer industry leads all these statistics with it’s astounding cost and it’s huge mortality rate. Research alternative Cancer treatment on the web, Cancer is often cured by the simplest methods at almost no expense with the highest cure rates without side effects.

  7. roxtoto says:

    Lies, lies, damned lies and statistics.
    The absence of shootings or bombings of hospitals proves terrorism is always State-backed.

  8. lloyd Lisco says:

    Murder by Injection, Eustace Mullins. Book or short Video

  9. lloyd Lisco says:

    Cancer cannot live in an Alkaline environment, To make your body Alkaline rather than Acidic, Stir a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water twice daily. In one week you will be Alkaline and your Cancer anywhere in your body will be Dying. Acidity or Alkalinity can be verified with a swimming pool Litmus paper test kit, About 10 dollars at the pool store, Place a strip on your tongue for a few seconds, Compare the strip to the chart on the package. If you are Acidic, Get out the soda, Then re test. Good Luck God Bless.

    • Cliffystones says:

      If only it were that easy. Do you have examples of people cured by this method?

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        Yes, Many.

        • lloyd Lisco says:

          See Murder by Injection, Eustace Mullins, Video.

        • Cliffystones says:

          I only ask because over 25 years ago I had an enormous tumor growing in my belly. And no amount of baking soda was going to get rid of that puppy. Now other types of cancer, possibly, or what I had diagnosed at a much earlier stage. Sodium bicarbonate is actually a buffer, and it’s PH is slightly acidic (though not as acidic as vinegar). But if it helps at all, I’m all for it. But even a casual search on the web reveals as many detractors ans supporters. I am well aware however, that the chemo docs sell directly, and profit from their treatments. So I’m sure there are some of them who will administer extra doses for unethical reasons.

          • lloyd Lisco says:

            I hope you recovered from that most unpleasant surgery. To maintain your system in a non Acidic condition use common baking soda if needed, Do not drink Carbonated beverages, No alcohol, no fried foods, Broccoli and Asparagus are cancer killers, Vegetables and fruit, Avoid processed foods. A source of pure water, No fluoride or Chlorine, Use it for all coffee and Tea and Ice. Thank you Good luck.

  10. lloyd Lisco says:

    Doctors are deadly, Avoid them and their poison’s.

  11. Jason Brown says:

    Eugenics much?

  12. VirgoVince says:

    OR, by doctors that don’t know HOW to FIX their mistakes!!

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