Pneumonia? Hillary Received Neurological Test Before She Collapsed

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Image shows Clinton grasping fingers of nurse


Despite her campaign claiming it was pneumonia that led to her ill health in New York on Sunday, Hillary Clinton was caught on camera receiving a neurological test from someone who appeared to be a nurse.

The image shows Hillary grasping the woman’s fingers with her fist, which is a classic motor neuron test to determine abnormalities in the nervous system.

The NYU School of Medicine details how the test is conducted;

“Test the patient’s grip by having the patient hold the examiner’s fingers in their fist tightly and instructing them not to let go while the examiner attempts to remove them. Normally the examiner cannot remove their fingers. This tests the forearm flexors and the intrinsic hand muscles. Compare the hands for strength asymmetry.”

This is precisely what appears to be taking place in the image above. So why would Hillary be receiving a motor neuron test if she was only suffering from pneumonia, as her campaign claimed?

The explanation that Clinton’s swaying and stumbling in the now infamous video represented a neurological problem rather than her being dehydrated is also a view shared by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser M.D.

“What she had was a syncopal episode. She passed out. That’s either cardiovascular or neurologic. Now, her team wants us to believe it is dehydration. She didn’t appear to be dehydrated and that doesn’t get fixed in 90 minutes,” Jasser told NewsMax TV.

“So I can tell you that it really appears and if I let a patient with the condition of syncope leave my office, and not get admitted, and get evaluated immediately, that would be malpractice. So there’s something going on.”

With her campaign now on the ropes after hiding information about Hillary’s health, Clinton will continue to be peppered with allegations that there is far more wrong with her than a bout of pneumonia.



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19 Responses to Pneumonia? Hillary Received Neurological Test Before She Collapsed

  1. Tonya Parnell says:


  2. Johnny T says:

    Just more deceit from the lying Democraps!

  3. David Turco says:

    Something is wrong with Hillary, bigtime, but this neurological test of the fingers would be an indirect measure of the innervation from Nerve root C7-T1 which is in her upper back, not her brain so I don’t see how this fits. All Hillary does is lie so it’s hard to tell. On the other hand pneumonia does fit because it is a common side effect of Parkinson’s or a related neurological disease which causes swallowing issues. Saliva gets in the lungs and eventually causes pneumonia not to mention her endless coughing fits. Now they say it’s viral pneumonia but is on antibiotics and therefore not contagious. Hmmm antibiotics don’t kill viruses so why is she allowed to be in public with and infectious disease let alone having a photo op with an innocent kid or Chelsea’s 2 kids if they were there. How come we have the photo op of her dancing out of Chelsea’s place but not her going in? No one in the media questions her detail’s actions of not taking her to a hospital but to a private residence????

  4. musimann says:

    Hillary is like Lady Macbeth. There is a lot more than a spot of blood on her hands. It is ironic that her lies about her health will be her undoing. She has one foot in the grave and the other in hell. Liberals are freaking out at the thought of Trump winning as the wheels come off Hillary’s campaign of lies.

  5. Ivan Kos says:

    Obama harshly criticized Trump today…..Unprecedented “accomplishment ” of creep Obama; 14 million more unemployed, 7 million more in the poor house, 47 million on food stamps, 94 million out of labour force, 20 trillion in debt, horrifying poverty and violence in all Inner Cities after DemoNcRATS have been running them for 30-40-50- even 100 years. It is time to end this horror show!!!

  6. Ivan Kos says:

    DemoNcRATS say Killary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. O really! When? What time exactly did she see a doctor. And why did they hide it? She had a full day with four meetings going into evening. All this with pneumonia! Give me a break. And today they stated she was dehydrated and overheated on a perfectly normal Fall day. She is the only one out of thousands that had a problem with temperature. Only hours after the fainting did her spin-doctors come up with pneumonia story. I would say she is finally paying for her disgusting life-style. Karma is a bitch…

  7. Tuci78 says:

    Nah. What we saw – on two cameras and before God and man – was Hitlery suffering a classic late-stage Parkinson’s disease “freeze” phenomenon. Her recovery after about 90 minutes demonstrated her response to one or two injections of Apokyn (apomorphine) as short-acting “rescue” pharmacotherapy.

    She’s dying. Speed the plow.

  8. mike says:

    selfish DNC , get Mickey Mouse as a leader and they will win the election

  9. Daniel says:

    Too bad that Secret Service agent who tried (unsuccessfully) to block the view of her collapse didn’t jump in between to block the view of the “squeeze my fingers” test.
    Yeah, too bad….NOT.

  10. rueangel says:

    Pneumonia is just a cover story, Hillary’s ,..problems,.. are in her brain,..This woman should never be allowed ,..anywhere near,..the nuclear button,,..

  11. Paula says:

    It’s so sad to see her suffering just because the DNC needs her to keep working for them. They have no human concern for Hillary and never will. They will work her until she dies or becomes a vegetable. She won’t survive the campaign stresses until election day.

    • Bruce Welty says:

      Hillary has no human concern for anyone outside her and Chels.

    • AnotherLover says:

      Well said!! I wouldn’t say it’s the DNC pulling the puppet strings, but someone’s driving this old grey mare straight into the cold hard ground! Too bad she has such rotten karmic debt that only the saints will shed a tear for her. The rest of us munchkins will be too busy ringing the bell. Ding-dong!!

  12. comeLordJesus says:

    90 minutes later we have a body double. That is not Hillary. This woman is 30 – 40 pounds lighter and there is no security around her because there is no concern about her stability.

    Check out the before and after:

  13. Eric Bornman says:

    Me thinks it is a lack of grey matter in the skull and a lack of visiting the little house on a frequent basis. Hopefully we see a state funeral, with the old bag in the box, soon….

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