Video: Hillary Clinton Has Another Bizarre Seizure-Like Moment

Head jerks back and forth while taking question from reporter

Hillary Clinton had another bizarre seizure-like moment while she was taking a question from a reporter, with video footage showing her head jerking back and forth in an unnatural motion.

While being asked about her running mate Tim Kaine’s debate preparation, Hillary’s head movements appear involuntary as she seems to have a slight spasm before recovering.

According to the American Mirror, the footage could be another indication that Hillary is suffering from early onset Parkinson’s, as many have speculated.

Symptoms of the disease include, “stiff muscles, difficulty with bodily movements, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, problems with coordination,” and “rhythmic muscle contractions”.

Questions over Hillary’s health exploded after our video posted on August went viral. The clip shows Hillary making odd head movements in response to a reporter asking her a question. Similar behavior was also observed at the DNC when Hillary reacted strangely to balloons being released.

The controversy picked up even more steam when Hillary felt ill during a 9/11 commemoration in New York and subsequently collapsed, prompting accusations that her campaign has been covering up the full extent of her illness.



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7 Responses to Video: Hillary Clinton Has Another Bizarre Seizure-Like Moment

  1. NBC Edited Video to Hide Hillary’s Health Issues after last Debate:

  2. Tuci78 says:

    While a late-stage symptom of longstanding chronic Parkinson’s disease (head-nodding tremor) is apparently manifested, she might also displaying petit mal seizure in this video. Such epilepsy is possible, given her severe head trauma in December 2012 and subsequent CNS developments.

  3. yennikcm says:

    tele-tubbies are like that.

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    This Sick woman is a fraud, Wake up Americans.

  5. Augen says:

    May she continue to disintegrate before our eyes. . . .but please, pick up the pace. . . .

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