Obama, in a fake black accent, talked about ‘eating p*ssy’; Hillary spews obscenities at Secret Service agents

As the MSM and RINOs froth at their hypocritical mouths over the lewd “guy-talk” remarks Donald Trump made about a married woman in a supposedly private conversation with a reporter 11 years ago, why are they ignoring a talk by Obama in 1995 in which he alluded to “eating pussy”?

In 1995 at the Cambridge Public Library in Massachusetts, Obama promoted his newly-released memoir, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance — which likely was ghostwritten by unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers — to a small, half-black audience.

In that hour-long presentation, using a fake black accent, Obama read a dramatic passage from his book for a full 15 minutes, including an account of a conversation he had with his friends, one of whom said that he won’t go back to Africa because he “has to eat dem ribs, and pussy too”.

Obama thought nothing about the sexist, objectifying “eat pussy”comment either at the time or when he read that passage to the Cambridge audience, but in his book, he was mad at another friend for talking against the black Muslim revolutionary Malcolm X, who had called for violence against white people.

Jack Cashill, writing for American Thinker, says that much of what Obama wrote about his brooding black friend “Ray” is entirely “fabricated”. Obama-friendly biographer David Maraniss had tracked the real “Ray” down. His name is Keith Kakaguwa — a one-fourth black student who was two years ahead of Obama at Punahou, the private elite Honolulu school. Maraniss describes Ray as the “first of several distorted or composite characters” in Dreams. According to Kakaguwa, he and Obama lived close to a carefree Hawaiian existence, not at all the tortured, race-scarred one that Obama depicted in his memoir.

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But you don’t and won’t hear about Obama’s lewd “eat pussy” remark from the MSM.

Nor will you hear about the foul language spewed by Hillary Clinton, not in any private conversation, but to the Secret Service agents who protect her with their lives (see “The filthy mouth of Hillary Clinton“):

Gdamn fucking flag”


“fucking ass”

“miserable cocksucker”

“fucking idiot”

And to Bill Clinton: “Put your dick up!”

Hillary foul-mouth

See also “Why Trump supporters don’t care that he made a lewd remark about a married woman 11 years ago“.



Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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  • lloyd Lisco

    The real Hillary, Not the smooth lier you see on TV., This woman has a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush and she uses it frequently.

  • Left_is_not_right

    My…How the high-and-mighty have fallen!

  • VarAway

    Amen, to those words!

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