Former FBI Official: Clintons are a “Crime Family” & “Something Big is about to Happen”

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The FBI is not happy with either Director James Comey or the Clinton family, and now former officials are starting to speak out about the issue.

Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom told Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro that he is fairly certain “something big is going to happen,” in the Clinton email investigation. He also believes that internal strife at the FBI and the agencies upset with Comey’s decision not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton also played a role in Comey’s decision to act now.

“I think there’s something happening. People are asking me what is this about. I think something big is going to happen. I don’t know what it is. It’s just my gut feeling… I think he couldn’t hold onto it any longer. OK. Because who knows? Maybe the locals would have stepped in on this.

On Sunday Kallstrom was a guest on a radio show where he called the Clintons a “crime family.”

“The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically,” Kallstrom said. “It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool.”

He also blasted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, claiming that she impeded the investigation into Clinton’s private server.

“The problem here is this investigation was never a real investigation,” he said. “That’s the problem. They never had a grand jury empanelled, and the reason they never had a grand jury empanelled, I’m sure, is Loretta Lynch would not go along with that.”

Kallstrom also gave some insight to what is happening inside the agency right now,“The agents are furious with what’s going on, I know that for a fact.”

Interestingly, over at NBC, Larry Kudlow confirmed much of what Kallstrom said over the weekend when he told Chuck Todd that the FBI was in “full revolt.”

“What I’m hearing from everybody, I mean, I have some sources in the F.B.I. and the former district attorney’s. The F.B.I. is in full revolt right now. The F.B.I. has been in full revolt since the decisions made last summer… what I’m getting at is if Comey hadn’t said what he said to Congress and the rest of the world, it would have leaked. It would have leaked. That whole building was ready to leak that they had discovered this new source with Weiner and Abedin. So, I don’t think Comey had much chance here. And I think the F.B.I. is badly divided.”

Should we dare to hope? Could we really see justice meted out on the Clinton Crime Family? I’m not ready to throw a “Hillary to Jail” party yet, but I’ll be watching what happens over the next few weeks with high hopes for justice.

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By the way, Kallstrom wasn’t the only former Assistant Director of the FBI speaking out about the Clinton Family’s corruption recently.

Onan Coca is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Leah. They have three children and enjoy the hectic pace of life in a young family. Onan and Leah are members of the Journey Church in Hiram, GA. He is also the chief editor at EagleRising.

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41 Responses to Former FBI Official: Clintons are a “Crime Family” & “Something Big is about to Happen”

  1. UnderTheBedMonster says:

    They need to be literally broke and not just pretend broke….like they were when they left the WH “broke”. They need to lose their homes, vacation homes, secret bank accounts, pretend foundation monies, and literally everything else. Let his presidential pension be yanked permanently….you know the govt will not pay anyone Social Security if they are in jail….so his pension should be yanked as well. Let them literally be homeless like millions of Americans are now homeless living off Food Stamps and sleeping in their 20 year old car…..They deserve NOTHING and should only get NOTHING. Take it ALL AWAY….

  2. Terry says:

    His gut feeling is probably diarrhea caused by Trump brand alcohol! Another BS piece by the Prince of BS.

  3. Mark O'Blazney says:

    Ummmmm………. am I sensing some hostility to the Clintonths here ? (raise voice at end of sentence)

  4. Steve Underwood says:

    My one question concerning Hillary will always be this . Why would anyone vote for someone involved in so many scandals ? Even is 3/4 of them are untrue that’s still a lot of scandal connected to someone running for president . It tells me the people voting for Hillary are as corrupt and criminal as she is and want to continue the corruption for their own criminal activities .That alone is proof that the corruption within our government is out of control .

  5. Steve Underwood says:

    My one question concerning Hillary will always be this . Why would anyone vote for someone involved in so many scandals ? Even is 3/4 of them are untrue that’s still a lot of scandal connected to someone running for president . It tells me the people voting for Hillary are as corrupt and criminal as she is and want to continue the corruption for their own criminal activities .

    • Terry says:

      Repeat, wash,rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse till it becomes someone’s version of truth. It’s still not true, even 25% true.

      Your pound of butter has turned to margerine fella!

  6. zonsb says:

    “What’s the difference between the government and the mafia? The mafia doesn’t have a twelve year indoctrination system to convince you it’s not organized crime.” ~ Brett Veinotte

    Hillary is not the primary problem. The problem is people believing because certain people call themselves government it actually means they’re government. When in fact, there is no government. Just a gang of killers, thieves and liars forcing people to pay them: pay the “tax” or go to jail is compulsory. It’s theft. It’s not consent.

    Mr./Mrs. Politician/Bureaucrat, If I did as government types do and forced perfect strangers to pay me, would you concider me a criminal?

    Via Hillary there’s a mountain of information/evidence exposing “government” for the criminal organization it is.

  7. stevor says:

    if o’bama hates shillary as is rumored, he’ll happily use them to cause national trouble (BLM says they’ll riot, etc.) so he can “need” to declare Martial Law and bring in UN “troops” to save us (with US sovereignty given to the UN)

  8. lloyd Lisco says:

    Vince Foster was making European weekly deposits before the Clintons murdered him in the White House.

    • stevor says:

      I’d love to see a source for that since I haven’t seen it anywhere (yes, I believe it but like to save articles for historical purposes)

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        Type into your search engine, Vince Foster Begin here and follow thru with all the other sources listed, Very informative.

      • Terry says:

        Of course you believe it, someone said it on the internet!

        • stevor says:

          Terry is a troll!

          Hey, I just read on the Internet (above) that you’re a troll!

          • Terry says:

            It’s not the real worlds fault you conspiracy theorists don’t get the common sense internet. You wouldn’t understand it in any event.

          • stevor says:

            before I just suspected that you were a troll (a good sign is that trolls always hide their previous posts as you do) but now you prove it, TROLL!

          • Terry says:

            I never hide my previous posts, I have no need to hide my posts.

          • stevor says:

            typical LYING troll.
            If your name is clicked on it says “This user’s activity is private” and “deal with it”

          • Terry says:

            That’s right, only a fool allows eveyone to Willy Nilly read everything they write. My posts remain on the threads where they were originally published. They have not been removed.

            You might want to do the same unless you have great pride in being an ignorant homophobe and a conspiracy theory addict.

      • UnderTheBedMonster says:

        Look in the 3rd book by Victor Thorn for this blow by blow account of who did in Vince Foster. It’s called Hilliary and Bill MURDER. Good read by the way. You would enjoy it.

    • UnderTheBedMonster says:

      Clintoons did not murder Vince…..he was done in by the Mossad when he double crossed him. Vince was planning on quitting and living abroad and then the Mossad found out about it and did him in….. Odd, but he was probably the only person the Clintoons actually trusted as he held ALL their dirty secrets in his file cabinet. And he did not fly back and forth weekly….he only did 3 trips to Switzerland…..and right before he died his accounts were drained dry.

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        Foster was murdered in the White House then the phony suicide scenes (2) at Fort Marcy park were arranged. The three trips to Switzerland were for foster to deposit into his personal accounts. I referred to the weekly trips to London to deposit into the Clintons secret European accounts. Thanks for contributing something to the site.

  9. lloyd Lisco says:

    The Clintons have always been Criminals, It has been reported that they have foreign bank deposits of about 1.8 Billion dollars stashed in European banks, You hackers should think about locating this stolen money, Then deciding what should be done with it!

    • Terry says:

      No proof, no pudding! No surprises from lloyd disco.

      Where’s Trumps tax records Howdy Doodie?

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        Terry Motley is in Sandwich Illinois, West of Chicago on Highway 34, I know there are many internet friends who would like to visit and pet his Dog.

      • UnderTheBedMonster says:

        Trump’s tax records are just a diversion of the DNC so they can say the Clintoons revealed their tax returns… Donald must be hiding something… are more of a moron than I first thought you were. Now go and collect your TROLL CHECK FROM SOROS.

        • Terry says:

          The Guilty hide their foul deeds in the most obvious of places while the fools who follow them goose step on the evidence.

    • UnderTheBedMonster says:

      She transferred $1.8 Billion to Qatar recently…..

  10. rayser711 says:

    We keep waiting for this…….I swear….If it does, America should rejoice.

  11. kozanne says:

    Jail is not enough for her and her husband. I want to see them broken, in particular financially. They can go to jail for however long, but what I want is for them to have nothing to come ‘home’ to.

    Punishment means nothing to them. They have to be ‘destroyed’ in the way that matters to them the most….their money first and then their influence.

    Nothing, and I say NOTHING, can be enough punishment for the lives lost as a result of this Foundation’s doings, and I’m thinking in particular of the poor bastages that died in Benghazi.

    • Victor says:

      I completely Agree. The lives they ruined beginning with Travelgate must come back to haunt them. I want every dime they’ve stolen to be given to charities. Now how could they complain about that? Every dime to cancer research!!!!

      • Terry says:

        Travelgate? Seriously?


        • UnderTheBedMonster says:

          You are an idiot. You know nothing about Travelgate. One victim of Travelgate was so trashed it took him 2 1/2 years to clear his name from his alleged wrong doings that the Clintons accused him of.

      • UnderTheBedMonster says:

        Travelgate was LONG after the MENA, Arkansas stuff where a LOT of innocent people were killed….did you forget the two teens who were murdered and then draped over the railroad tracks? Did you forget BCCI (the money laundering bank of all money laundering banks the Clintoons had a lot to do with)? They made a full time career of ruining other people’s lives both literally and financially. They think nothing of having their “enemies” murdered…..

    • John Yossarian says:

      I think they should be raped, tortured, cattle-prodded and burned to death for seven hours like the Clinton/Obama Regime did to Ambassador Stevens, or crushed to death in an industrial bread kneading machine or roasted alive like the Regime did to the 250 Christian children and 6 adults in Syria. Saudi Arabia paid the Clintons handsomely for their cooperation and support in these Satanic ritual murders.

      • angelamastrangelo says:

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      • UnderTheBedMonster says:

        You forgot the folks they MURDERED in Waco….4 days of listening to horrible sounds at ear blasting levels and deadly gas being continually pumped into their compound and then the SWAT teams picking them off when they were fleeing the burning building that was set on fire….. Or how about the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing they engineered to erase sensitive information held there? Or how about the BILLIONS of dollars laundered thru their pretend foundation and NOT given to the people of Haiti?

  12. Ann Tenna says:

    Da bitch needs to be in orange..only not like the tv show.. the real thing

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