VIDEO: Cops Threaten to Arrest Students if they Don’t Stop Handing Out Constitutions

Allendale, MI — Students at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan got a hefty dose of the police state this week as they were threatened with being kidnapped and caged for handing out copies of the US constitution.

The students were from the newly-formed Turning Point USA chapter at GVSU, a group whose stated mission is educating students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

When they were confronted by police, the group was not attempting to promote a political candidate, nor were they passing out anything controversial. They were merely handing out copies of the constitution.

Not one, but two campus cops approached the group and told them that they immediately needed to stop handing out the pocket constitutions because it violated the school’s policy.

“In order to do that, you gotta be approved by the office of student life,” one officer told them, asserting that the policy applies to any distribution of materials, even if one is not selling anything or asking for money, as reported by Campus Reform.

When the group inquired as to what would happen to them if they refused to stop handing out the document these officers swore an oath to uphold, the officers initially told them that they would be referred to the Office of Student Life while the non-students with the group would be asked to leave.

However, police quickly changed their tone and stated, “If you continue to stay here, then we’ll need to arrest you” for trespassing.

“It’s not a violation of one’s First Amendment rights,” the officer said, ensuring the students that violating their first amendment right was somehow not a violation of their first amendment rights.

“I’m a firm believer in the First Amendment,” the officer said in a blatant act of doublespeak.

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According to Campus Reform, Nathan Berning, a Michigan field representative from the Leadership Institute who was advising the students over the phone during the altercation, told Campus Reform that he finds it “unacceptable” that a person “can’t hand out Constitutions to college students” in a country that enshrines free speech in its founding document.

Instead of trying to combat the utter failure in logic by the campus cops, the students decided to concede under duress to avoid being kidnapped and caged for their free speech.

In a statement to campus reform, Mary Lyon, GVSU’s associate vice president for university communications, made sure to stay on the same doublespeak terms as the police when she implied that violating the students’ first amendment rights was not a violation of their first amendment rights:

“The university requires that groups wanting to organize, protest, or hand out materials register with the Office of Student Life and secure a room, or if a room is not available, a space set aside for such activities,” she explained. “This is not to regulate content, but rather time, manner, and place so that the educational mission is not disrupted. In this particular case, in addition to not registering with the Office of Student Life after being instructed of the procedure, the group also used a megaphone causing a disruption and a complaint to the university police department.”

Discouragingly enough, this incident is hardly an isolated one. Just last week, according to Campus Reform, an activist was forced to leave another campus, Middlesex County College, because he did not get prior approval to practice free speech.

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Also, the Free Thought Project reported on an eerily similar case last year out of Glen Ellyn, IL. In that infuriating video, two students at the College of DuPage, a public university, were on campus exercising their First Amendment rights by passing out pocket Constitutions and fliers that read “America is a free speech zone,” when approached by a police officer and threatened with arrest.

Filmed ironically only one day after “Constitution Day,” the footage showed the officer infringe on the students’ right to freely express their political opinions by threatening to kidnap and throw them in a cage, claiming they are “soliciting.”

The officer tells the students that they need to get a permit and that they can’t “just do it whenever you want.”

“You can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up,” the officer told the men.

Engaging the cop, one of the men asks, “What are the rules for doing this kind of stuff on campus?”

“You go to the Student Life office, and they give you a permit to do so,” the officer replied.

The obvious absurdity of having to get a permit to exercise your First Amendment rights speaks to the administrative decimation of liberty.

Creating administrative rules, which impede American’s free speech rights, by limiting a student’s ability to freely express their thoughts and ideas on campus, seems patently offensive to the idea of freedom.

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Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

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20 Responses to VIDEO: Cops Threaten to Arrest Students if they Don’t Stop Handing Out Constitutions

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  2. Terry says:

    So it’s fine with you folks if someone wants to hand out copies of the Communist Manifesto or an ISIS handbook on war on University campuses. Got it, thanks!

    • Richard Johnson says:

      if you continue to talk in here we are going to remove you from here

      • Terry says:

        Go ahead and try honey, you’ll just be told to use that little downward pointing ^ button on your left. I never, ever violate any TOS agreements and dcclothesline has so few followers they’re having trouble existing.

        • Richard Johnson says:

          look you lil nig fag, oh yeah you are most definitely a pecker player, here is a lil news for you, trump will be your new master Wed, and you will go back to the shit hole you came from

          • Terry says:

            You say those things like there is something wrong with being a small, black, homosexual! There’s only one group here that we shall see gone are old, useless, uneducated white men and fewer women, all with the emphasis being old. There’s shit stains on your white gowns and yellow in front because you can’t hold your water well. Your time is limited, just sit down and enjoy it. You can’t destroy this nation. Go away, just leave, we’ll pay your airfare, take your money with you, just go, take your families and everything you own, just go. Otherwise, sit down and shut up, there are grown ups here and we’re not going to take it any more. One nation, one rule of law!

            These words are owned by the author and dcclothesline with either having the right to publish. Fancy words take time.

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        The Exterminator has Terry’s address in Sandwich Illinois off Highway 34 west of Chicago and will be paying a visit soon.

        • Terry says:

          The “Exterminator” needs to stop using their hearing aid batteries to run their GPS, just a helpful hint.

          I have to say I admire of all here lloyd Disco for his whole hearted attempt to respond no matter how stupid his response. He still has the nerve to hit the send button.

  3. mortimer zilch says:

    it also shows the MENTAL ILLNESS of FASCISM. the administrators are clinically INSANE. They need medicine in the form of reading the Bible.

    • Terry says:

      Cool, you support passing out copies of the Koran on college campuses?

      • I will bet passing out copies of the Koran is not banned at this school,
        therefore, Terry, make it your job to enquire if passing out Korans, are
        also forbidden, and report back to us.

      • mortimer zilch says:

        how about Mao’s little red book? should we pull “Mein Kampf” from the library…in college anything goes intellectually…if they dig it they dig it, if they don’t they don’t. That’s why they call it a UNIVERSe-ity.

  4. donaldbreaux says:

    The ENTIRE Student body needs to walk out of the school and go to a real university. The Campus cop is working for a private firm which means is has as much power as a Walmart security officer.

    • DeMo'Ron Rodham says:

      Is there a real university left?

      The campus cops have as much authority as the university administration chooses to give them.

      • Terry says:

        Sure there is, Trump University, whoops, nevemind, they’re being sued for fraud and stealing middle class folks like yourself money.

  5. rf_in_va says:

    OK, this is where people sending money to these supposedly “learned institutions” need to stop doing so and place their children in universities that teach all aspects of the constitution. Alumni as well should stop sending these fools money and that will change their attitudes toward free speech.

    • DHConner says:

      IF it’s private property, they have greater latitude. If public, the “free speech zones” are anathema to the First Amendment. What you DON’T have is the right to physically accost or block others way, as so many of the leftist groups have done for the last 50 years and gotten away with. The State is enjoined to protect the rights of all, and if the police, sheriff, state police, National Guard, or 82nd and 101st Airborne are required to ensure ingress and egress safely, then bring them right in. These pansy-assed university executives don’t have the cajones of a piss-ant any more, are more likely that not to be in moral and ethical solidarity with the real troublemakers, and final, just don’t give a Good Goddamn about the rights of any others at all. Which is generally the case these days. That , and they are too busy abusing their own powers and possibilities themselves to be bothered about it.

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