Were Huma and Hillary Getting Their Freak On and Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovic?

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Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton had an email exchange about a mutual acquaintance named “Marina” back in 2010.


We might not ever know, or at least know before the election, if this is the now infamous Marina Abramovic who was entertaining the Podesta brothers with her bizarre satanic sex rituals.

But how common is the name “Marina” anyway?

According to nameberry.com it peaked out at number 219 in 1994.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm….

h/t FOTM

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Just a couple of hours after I wrote this a bombshell broke courtesy of the New York Post. It might be more likely that the “Marina” in question is her personal maid who was unbelievably tasked with printing classified materials. But if you don’t think that Hillary and Huma would love to “spirit cook” with Marina, then maybe you should look into Clinton’s satanic ties. Stay tuned. I have a feeling that things will get even more bizarre by Tuesday. Stay vigilant. -Dean

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4 Responses to Were Huma and Hillary Getting Their Freak On and Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovic?

  1. rueangel says:

    Well,..of coarse it is crazy, that a major political party would, even, consider nominating the likes of Hillary Clinton for the office of President of the United States,.

    .But of coarse, this is, only,what we can expect when we allow Zionist Jews, with their, historic, nation destroying, agenda to monopolize the news & entertainment media.

    So,.. may G-D have mercy on America, in, this, our hour of greatest need,..

  2. lloyd Lisco says:


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