Fed Up Germans Form Gangs To Hunt Down Muslim Migrants And Run Them Out Of Their City

The rebellion is growing across Germany as the German people are sick and tired of being mistreated by Muslims and are rising up against them, such as in one story where a mob of German people got together and hunted them down, throwing rocks at them and driving them out of town:

Dozens of suspected far-right extremists have rampaged through the eastern German town of Bautzen, “hunting” refugees, according to local media. Police denied the incident, but have been accused of a cover-up and inaction.

A mob of up to 50 stone-throwing locals reportedly chased migrants from Bautzen town center on Tuesday night, the second such incident in two weeks, according to Die Zeit.

The far-right activists took to cars and bikes to ‘hunt’ migrants down. Most of them were wearing dark clothing with German Imperial flags and right-wing-badges, while some of their cars had slogans such as “White Power” written on them, according to a Sueddeutsche Zeitung report.

A small police team was present at the time of the incident but apparently did not interfere until the refugees began to run from the mob, who had gathered at the town’s market square, the newspaper reported.

One migrant was subsequently hit by a bicycle ridden by one of the suspected far-right group, and later suffered a cut from a stone which hit him. Officers also rescued a second migrant and escorted him away in their vehicle.

A police spokesperson, however, told Die Zeit that “nothing special” had happened in Bautzen on that day, later saying in a statement that no “hunt” for refugees had taken place. (source)

It is great to see the German people finally rising up and fighting against Islam and the Muslims against the cultural marxists that have taken over Europe.

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And on a final point…did you catch the little details?:

The far-right activists took to cars and bikes to ‘hunt’ migrants down. Most of them were wearing dark clothing with German Imperial flags and right-wing-badges, while some of their cars had slogans such as “White Power” written on them, according to a Sueddeutsche Zeitung report.

…and then I said:

It is great to see the German people finally rising up and fighting against Islam and the Muslims against the cultural marxists that have taken over Europe.

It is good to see people standing up against the Muslim invasion of Europe. But as we were the first website online to point out, the popular movement against Islam is being influenced by people at its highest levels who want to introduce National Socialism as an answer to the Muslim issues.

As we have been saying, the Muslims were allowed to invade and be given license in order that the same people who allowed the invasion would be replaced by a different group but of the same mindset who would introduce National Socialism in its place. National Socialism, as we have pointed out, is the political application of what are varying forms of anti-Christian neo-paganism that manifests itself in the form of a lust for power and control that always result in a massacre. It is why Germany attempted to destroy the slavic people during the Second World War- because as a part of their revived pagan beliefs under Himmler, which he called “Wotanism,” the slavs were an inferior race and needed to be destroyed.

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Notice how I also used the phrase “cultural marxism“. This is a phrase used by National Socialists to promote themselves as opposed to the “left”. This is all a word game, for Marxism is Communism is Socialism in their fundamental teachings. All of them hate God and Christianity. The only difference is that one group says his version is better. It is like arguing over if Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite is healthier- they all have the same ratio of water and fake sweeteners, just with a little different flavor to distinguish them.


Yes, this is a real meme and one of many like it. It has been tried. Just ask the Slavic people.

The “devil is always in the details,” appearing as an angel of light bringing a majority of truth with just a little bit of lies intermixed, and yet it is these lies which poison the entire work. You only need a few drops of poison to ruin the whole pitcher of Kool-Aid.

That is why I put this story up and wrote it the way I did (notice too the picture of the German Kaiser flags and how I started the article too), because with the current cultural climate, it is too easy to inadvertently support one evil in place of another, and the end result is still evil promoting evil. Jesus said that devils cannot cast out devils, so how is there any difference in supporting one evil (the Muslim evil) over another (the National Socialist evil)? There is none.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid when reading about articles that praise National Socialism, for all that would be is to replace one barbarian with another, when in the they end both the Muslim and the National Socialist are all on the same team just like the political, financial, and business people who created the Muslim crisis.

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Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Article posted with permission from Shoebat. Article by Andrew Bieszad.

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10 Responses to Fed Up Germans Form Gangs To Hunt Down Muslim Migrants And Run Them Out Of Their City

  1. There is only one way to view this conundrum, and it appears that the Germans located
    in the Eastern part of Germany, maintain the correct idea, which is currently lacking in
    the United States and globally. During WW2, the West got rid of Hitler and the Japs,
    but it took a combined effort. In order to get rid of Islam, is to commence bombing their most holy cities of Mecca and Medina. It is a pity that the Medieval Crusaders did not
    finish their mission, otherwise, it is safe to impart that similar to the global Blacks,
    Muslims, wherever they congregate, problems will surely follow. Their is no exception.
    Most Blacks and Muslims are uneducated and still maintain their tribal mentality. They
    inter-marry within their families and therefore, their offspring are normally impeded.
    Islam does not provide for a normal sense of courtship as observed in the West,
    therefore, the rate of Homosexuality runs rampant, although Homosexuality is a death
    sentence in the Middle East. When Muslim refugees invade other countries, they feel
    that they are free to continue with their own Islamic rules which has been proven that
    the West and Islam, can never be viewed as one. The Islamic Koran imparts that
    Muslims are better than the inhabitants of the countries that they invade, therefore,
    because there is no normal sense of courtship in the Middle East, these male turds
    act out their fantasies by raping and molesting females of these native countries.
    What finally needs to be imparted, is a true statement regarding the background of
    the Muslim mutt and Prophet, Muhammed. Muhammed was vagabond in Mecca,
    and upon the threat of his life, he had to depart that city and reside in Medina,
    where this mutt recruited a band of cutthroat thieves to prey on the caravans whom
    transited their area, killing the males and selling the women and children into slavery.
    Supposedly, according to this worthless, self-anoited Prophet, Muhammed, an Angel,
    Gabriel sought him out in a bat cave, to relate the gospels of the Koran. Common
    sense indicates that no self-respecting Angel, would have sought Muhammed to
    even give him the time of day, let alone, to even talk to him. In reality, in Muhammed’s
    twisted, drunk and drugged mind, he dreamed-up this notorious storey and spread
    its poinson to his associates and the townes people, similar to how the fable, “HENNEY PENNY AND THE SKY IS FALLING.” What is really fascinating, is the fact
    that the word “ALLAH,” which the Arabs revere, was the name of a favorite idol before
    the invention of Islam. In other words, the deity, ALLAH, is nothing more than a
    figuration of Muhammed’s worthless imagination which currently maintains a following
    of 1.6 billion members. What has Islam accomplsihed for the Arab people? Absolutely
    nothing, similar to the worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim
    POTUS. This turd is Black and he is a worthless Muslim. One would think that be-
    cause he is Black, he would have accomplished in his 8 years of his dictatorship,
    policies to make the Blacks competitive in the global market. He himself, is a product
    of “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION,” an institution created to assist minorities because as I
    have imparted in the past, I believe that Blacks and Muslims are born, one taco short
    of a full platter, but the medical profession is not willing to mount a study to determine
    why Blacks and Muslims are so aggressive and fail to maintain a worthwhile educa-
    tion. As a former teacher, my Black students were my worst, both academically and
    behaviorially. In addition, the current worthless Black Muslim turd of a POTUS and
    his girlfriend, George Soros, are responsible for the entire global upheaveal, com-
    mencing with Hillary Clinton’s war on Libya and Egypt, getting rid of our friendly
    dictators whom in those countries, were quite aware how to handle their rabble
    citizens, but Hillary and this Black mutt decided to turn the Middle East, into a firery
    inferno, to perpetuate the policies of “THE NEW WORLD ORDER,” and “THE MUSLIM
    BROTHERHOOD.” This worthless Black mutt of a POTUS, along with the Muslim
    Brotherhood, are seeking together to establish a global Caliphate with himself as its
    first Caliph. When Trump is elected POTUS, hopefully, he will take his revenge and
    appoint a prosecutor that will indict, charge and send to prison, Hillary Rotten Clinton,
    the current POTUS, George Soros and Valerie Jarrett. If they desired to run with the
    big dogs, then they should be held accountable for their treasonous actions. Hope-
    fully, the election of POTUS Trump will put an end of the Black and Muslim conun-
    drums on this planet. I have often imparted, and rightfully so, I feel, that how peace-
    full planet Earth would be, without the presence of Blacks and Muslims. The only
    good Muslim, is a dead Muslim, and that is pushing the envelope.


  2. VirgoVince says:

    TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, the turd world garbage NEVER should have been allowed to enter your country, or ANY other country that is NOT muslime!!

    • The President of Hungary maintained the correct idea: “NO MUSLIMS
      PERMITTED IN HIS COUNTRY,” because wherever Muslims and Blacks
      congregate, trouble is certain to follow. 99% of Blacks and Muslims, are
      animals, primarily, because they are uneducated and are unwilling to
      enter the 21st century and remain aggresive as their ancestors.

    • L. A. McDonough says:

      Muslims may soon be ordered to launch an all out jihad and the killing and destruction will start if they feel threatened by the Euro’s. Muslims will pour in from other countries and join the battle and Europe will fall into a caliphate and those that don’t convert will be killed and women and girls taken into slavery and concubines. That’s the way it always works every time Muslims conquer a city or country since their beginning. Eu folks are so stupid, lazy and apathetic that only few are awake now.

      • courtney.hearn says:

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        • L. A. McDonough says:

          You stupid whore dog, get a job, get out of the streets you loser. You are a scammer and I quit any site that allows scammers like you bitch, like this site DCclothesline allows troll scammers.

    • Jimbeau says:

      Don’t be too hard on the Europeans. We have mooselimbs pouring into the States too; our press just doesn’t tell us… and they haven’t infiltrated YOUR locality yet. What have WE done to stop the influx? If we try, we are shoved in jail or worse. The Europeans are in the same fix, with few options for any safety… obama still has over two months to keep them storming in here. I fully anticipate some kind of “D-Day” act from these secret cells, at some point.

  3. brightconcerns says:

    in austraiia here an old saying ‘fair dinkum’ which means fair days pay for a fair days work

  4. brightconcerns says:

    is this germany time ! i totally respect hitler he was amazing man one of the greatest leaders in history up against napoleon whoever gave him the idea about slaughtering jews that was wrong totally wrong! reading mein kempf the anger is there ! the susceptabilitiy was within ! its history we cant change it ! simple reality germany can rule the world and the world would be better place ! so the struggle goes on

  5. brightconcerns says:

    yay germany
    the greatest country on earth so intelligent so productive a work ethic to be proud of ! love sex and beer and beautiful people male and female and the classics mozart rossini damn when i get one of those dna tests i hope there is some in me

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