Starbucks calls cops on man for asking ‘Trump’ be written on his cup

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To increase sales by “personalizing” an order, Starbucks has a policy of the barista handwriting the customer’s name on the paper coffee cup.

But this Starbucks employee “Ryan” (see below) and his shift manager are so irate at Donald Trump that he called the cops on a customer who asked that the name “Trump” be written on his coffee cup.


The customer’s fiancée, (@lollicakesFL), tweeted a video of the Starbucks employee on November 7, a day before the election, with this message:

Here’s the video:

The Starbucks store is in Delray Beach, Florida.

Here’s the customer’s receipt as proof:


In a later tweet on Nov. 17, FLPrincessSJK wrote that the Starbucks’ “shift manager told my fiancé he couldn’t care less about his ‘minimum wage’ job and we could work it.”

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Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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  • lloyd Lisco

    Liberals in this country are so misinformed and so brainwashed that they have no idea the service that has been performed for them by the American people. Preventing another Communist taking over the Presidency again has saved the lives of Millions of the dumb Liberals that inhabit this Country. These ignoramuses are so Misinformed that it will take a long time and continuous improvement in their living conditions for these ignorant Liberals to see that we saved them from Hell on Earth.

  • Boriqua ConHambrre

    So like they have coffee servers called Baristas and then make a career out of it. What else needs to be said?

  • RockyMtn1776

    One look at the employee explains everything. Was only in a Starbucks one time. THAT was enough !

  • Dennis Habern

    Talk about dumping anything, it is time to dump the Democratic Party, until they learn
    how to think positive, in accordancing with the American Constitution. Therefore, a
    study should commence to learn where both parties, have deviated from the morals of
    our culture, into a culture that resembles the Wild-Wild-West, where law and order
    did not favor the average citizen, but catered to the criminal element, using the Black and Muslim communities as perfect examples, globally. Just think how peaceful planet
    would be, if the Blacks and Muslims were no longer a conundrum? It is something to
    think about. Perhaps George Soros and company, will commence with these 2 ethnic
    groups, in their plans to rid the Mother Earth, of an over-populace planet.

  • Cliffystones

    IMHO, any person who pays $4.72 for a cup of Starbuck’s dishwater should have the name “stupid” written on their cup!

  • James Kroeger

    A whole crew of boneheaded left-wing liberals…probably all suffering from manure for brains! LOL 🙂

  • Steve Underwood

    The Nzis called them Brownshirts . There to terrorize the citizens and spread propaganda .

  • Kim Chul Soo

    For crying out loud, by this time everyone should know that Starbuck’s is a liberal cesspool. I would never set foot in one.

    • graceguthrie

      1 yr have passed since I finally quit my old job and I am so happy now… I started doing a job at home, over a site I discovered over internet, for a few hrs daily, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my previous work… Last paycheck i got was for 9 thousand bucks… Amazing thing about this work is that i have more time for my kids…

  • Truth

    Starbucks is and has been on my Boycott list…………………