Another Democrat FAIL: 71% of Americans don’t believe Russia hacked election

The “Russia intervened in 2016 election to favor Trump” conspiracy theory was the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to subvert the election by convincing the Electoral College to vote Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

Thankfully, instead of GOP electors going rogue by voting for Hillary, the faithless electors turned out to be Democrats who ditched Hillary. See “Trump officially voted President!”.

Now, a new Morning Consult/Politico poll finds that the American people don’t buy the “Russia as bogeyman” lie either, which is yet another indicator of the failure of the mainstream media’s propaganda.

According to the poll:

  • 46% of respondents said the U.S. can’t be sure who is primarily responsible for the hacking because tracing cyberattacks is complicated and because the CIA had been wrong about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • 25% of respondents said they didn’t know or had no opinion.
  • That means a whopping 71% of respondents (46% + 25%) do not believe the accusation of Obama administration and the MSM (led by “fake news” Washington Post) that Russia had intervened in the 2016 presidential election by hacking and providing Democrat emails to WikiLeaks.
  • Only 29% of respondents in the poll said there was “near certainty” that Russia is responsible for hacking and that intelligence agencies had used advanced techniques to determine that the former Cold War adversary is responsible.

As usual, Democrats — being less informed and less intelligent — are more likely to believe in the “Russian hack” lie. (See “Republicans are better informed, more open-minded and tolerant than Democrats“)

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As many as 50% of Democrats believe in the lie; in contrast, only 14% of Republicans are that stupid.

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H/t FOTM’s Longknife 21 for the “Russians pooped in the hallway” pic!


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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5 Responses to Another Democrat FAIL: 71% of Americans don’t believe Russia hacked election

  1. lloyd Lisco says:

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    • VirgoVince says:

      The nigger can continue to cause trouble as long as he lives, he NEEDS to be ARRESTED and EXECUTED for crimes against the state!!

  2. The hacking came from inside the Democratic Party. First, Hillary Rotten Clinton failed to become POTUS, thank God, secondly, this worthless POS Jill Stein attempted her recount, to no avail, and last but not least, the Democrats claim that the Russians interferred with our election, and as PUTIN has indicated, “PROVE IT.” Now, Donald Trump is our official POTUS, and when he is inaugurated, hopefully, he will assign his Attorney General, Carte-Blaunche in determining whom the criminals are, especially in the Benghazi Fiasco. As far as I and 99% of Americans are concerned, the jury is still out, after at least 9 investigations. With Trump at the helm, only one more investigation is required to arrive at the truth, and not to forget “FAST & FURIOUS,” the eff-up of the Black turds, Holder and the current Black Muslim POTUS. Now that another Black; Loretta Lynch, will soon be out of a job, hopefully, Trump will include her as a target for justice, in the manner in which she conducted herself, similar to Holder, for after all, she is a Black and what can the American people expect from the Black Community? What did we expect from this Black turd of a worthless peasant of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, and what did we receive. As I have imparted in the past, 99% of Blacks and Muslims are not to be trusted, as neither ethnic group are educated to make a sound decision. The Blacks currently believe that Whitey is the reason for all of their woes, but realitically, if the slave traders had not been successful in their endeavors, there would not be any Blacks in the U.S. to create the conundrums that they currently create, and, banning Muslims from entering our country forever, should be the name of the game, until Islam has been exterminated. Give these Muslim turds the same priorities that Islam gives we non-believers, and if they cannot comply, they suffer the consequences.
    What is good for the goose, is good for the gander, but on the other hand, to really be fair, the Muslims are whom they are, and any sense of fairness, is viewed as a weakness, therefore, I impart that Muslims should be banned from the United States, “FOREVER.” Their hate for our Western Civilization, is inherrent, me thinks, therefore, hopefully Trump will give the Ayatollah of Iran and the rest of the worthless Muslimi Mullahs, an ultimatum: “CEASE THEIR JIHADIST MOVEMENTS, OR THE UNITED STATES AND HER ALLIES WILL COMMENCE AERIAL BOMBING OF THEIR TWO MOST HOLIEST CITIES, MECCA AND MEDINA; WHERE THEIR WORTHLESS, PRECIOUS, SELF-ANNOITED PROPHET, MUHAMMED, RESIDED. AND, THEIR PRECIOUS BLACK ROCK FROM OUTTER SPACE, WILL ALSO RESULT IN BECOMING DUST: IF THE MUSLIMS DESIRE FOR TOTAL WAR, THEY HAD BETTER THINK AGAIN WHAT EVENTUALLY AWAITS THEM IN THE AFTERLIFE; AND IT WILL NOT BE 72 VIRGINS; BUT A DATE WITH THE DEVIL:

  3. Lester Smith says:

    The old Soviet era PRAVDA would be embarrassed publishing the volume of pure propaganda the Left wing media does every day inteh USA.

  4. VirgoVince says:

    It was FAKE NEWS to begin with, started by those sore loser ugly lefturd liberal idiots and blown out of proportion
    by the fake news media!! They believed it!!

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