Florida public school teacher installs ‘In Satan We Trust’ pentagram in public square

I’ve said it before: I firmly believe that when Obama was elected in 2008 to the White House, a portal to Hell was opened.

Certainly, in the 8 years of the Obama presidency, evil no longer hides in the shadows but has become public and in-your-face. See:

Already, with the election of Donald Trump and even before he’s inaugurated, evil has begun to recede back to the shadows where it belongs. See “MAGA: Beastialists in retreat after Trump win”.

But not all.

A case in point: A middle school teacher in Boca Raton named Preston Smith has installed a large red satanic pentagram in a “free-expression zone” in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square park, in the name of freedom of religion.

At the top of pentagram are the words:

In Satan we Trust
One Nation under Antichrist
May the children hail Satan

The “T” of the word “Satan” is formed by an upside-down crucifix.

In the middle of the pentagram is a drawing of the Baphomet, a figure representative of the Devil.


WPTV reports that Preston Smith teaches language arts at Boca Raton Community Middle School.

In early December, the city of Boca Raton gave Smith permission to install a Satanic display at Sanborn Square downtown– the same park where other religious organizations install a nativity scene and menorah during the holiday season. Smith, a known activist for separating religion from government, argued that if the city allows one religious display on public property, it has to allow them all, even if they are offensive.

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Kim Bremer, the president of Boca Raton Community Middle School’s parent teacher association, said she doesn’t want Smith to continue teaching at the school because “A teacher we entrust our children with should not be putting a sign like this anywhere,” but added she can’t speak on behalf of all parents.

Christians have peacefully protested against the pentagram.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa refuses to fire Smith on the grounds that the first amendment protects Smith’s freedom of expression to express what he believes outside of the classroom, and there is no indication Smith has expressed his views while acting as a teacher. While Avossa understands parents’ concerns, “We certainly can’t micro-manage what an individual does outside of the schoolhouse. I am aware of the situation. This isn’t the first time this individual has participated in an activity like that.”

Smith said he does not “proselytize my own viewpoints in the classroom or disparage any child’s personal faith” and that he has no plans to step down as a Language Arts teacher at Boca Raton Community Middle School. He said that the words “May the Children Hail Satan” is “an artistic expression of defiance toward the Sanborn Square nativity scene, which performs an annual reenactment of predatory indoctrination in a public park targeting young children before they have critical thinking skills. Satan and God are clearly both fictional characters devoid of any verifiable peer-reviewed scientific evidence.” Blah, blah, blah.

The mayor of Boca Raton and the Interfaith Clergy Association have publicly denounced the pentagram.

The pentagram repeatedly is defaced — the words and the drawing covered with spray paint — which Smith calls a hate crime. In the latest incident, the pentagram was knocked down apparently by “vandals” in a truck, judging by tire tracks leading to and from the toppled display.

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Preston Smith calls himself an “anti-theist” but gave an invocation to Satan at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting on December 2, 2014, hailing “the all-knowing wisdom of Satan”. (See “Florida city council summons Satan“)


Here’s contact info for Boca Raton Community Middle School:

  • Address: 1251 NW 8th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33486
  • Phone (561) 416-8700
  • Fax (561) 416-8777
  • Preston Smith’s email address: [email protected]
  • School principal Peter Stack’s email address: [email protected]


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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13 Responses to Florida public school teacher installs ‘In Satan We Trust’ pentagram in public square

  1. SojournerLee says:

    Our country/society is going to hell and people wonder why, you reap what you sow. Chose this day whom you will serve, and spend eternity with.

  2. peachnectar says:

    When I worked for a school district, there was and still is a policy that states employees always represent the district and must never publically demean the district in any way. Pretty broad policy.

    • Millie Karnop says:

      Well, he demeans not only the district but those with anti-Satan beliefs…and he disrespects others..he is not that special that he should be able to thwart respectability of others and their beliefs and how this country was made great.

  3. Kim Chul Soo says:

    This is just peachy. Nothing about God allowed but this bald headed jackoff can promote Satan?

    • Millie Karnop says:

      We need to hope he is queer; that way HIS own children will not be put upon by this monster…he needs to be fired! I would encourage each of you here to write, call, email, whatever and demand he be removed…

  4. BTampa says:

    This isn’t hard to fix. It just takes a bit of political backbone.

    1) Take these people at their word – that they truly are Satanists and they truly believe the doctrines of their religion/belief system.

    2) Examine the writings and find that the things they advocate are in many cases criminal behavior.

    3) Ban the whole “religion” and assure companies and other entities that want to fire them that they have no legal recourse.


  5. Paulus says:

    This is sheer nonsense. Nothing needs to be done about this except to ignore it completely and just like the Obama ‘dynasty’ it will disappear into the wilderness. It is simply an aberration which, if ignored will soon be forgotten.

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      Kinda like prostate cancer Hugh.

    • Millie Karnop says:

      This may well work with the mentally ill transgenders…the administration had Joan Rivers killed for what she knew and exposed. Ignore them, pretend they do not exist…

      • Paulus says:

        Millie – all I can say is that I am perfectly normal,(no, not perfect, but normal!) and can only pity those peculiar, odd, misplaced ‘persons’ who get so much publicity these days. However, all I do is ignore them and move on, happy to know that there are still an awful lot of Millies in the world – as for Joan Rivers – what a loss she is to all of us who simply loved her ‘outrageous’ humour – I always ‘split my sides’ when she performed! And YES, she sounded SO genuine and matter-of-fact hen she told us the truth. Bless her!

  6. The first amendment protects this wacko from prosecution, but when his views influence
    others, then his first amendments should not be protected and therefore, he should be
    fired. It is almost like a worthless turd, yelling fire in a packed theater, when there is no
    fire. He can yell fire to his hearts content when he is by himself, but in a crowed theater,
    it could be a deadly offense to everyone in the theater. Remember, America, it’s every-
    thing for the children. Ha!!! Our form of democracy is too loosely intrepreted, therefore,
    I would rather belong to a society that holds a military jurisdiction over the entire country,
    primarily because our military maintains the view, “EITHER SHIT OR GET OFF OF THE
    POT.” When viewed in reality, the current worthless Democrat administration, the
    coundrums that his worthless Black POTUS and his power of his pen and telephone,
    has beed defestating for the past 8 years. Under a military administration, with the
    return of the DRAFT, Americans would soon view the change in our politicians and our
    total population at large, because our military views, would enforce the consequences
    of the laws that make our country great again (MAGA).

    • Millie Karnop says:

      Wonder if Trump would entertain moving towards this…we have to do more than just clean the sewer, we have to insure that once it is clean that we have all else in place and that means law enforcement and judicial decency.

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