Man Mysteriously Dies While In Prison For Putting Bacon On Mosque

Kevin Crehan received a year in jail for putting bacon on the door handles to a mosque. Halfway through his sentence, he was mysteriously “found dead” in his jail cell and the British Police are not releasing any more details why:

A man jailed after leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque has been found dead in his cell.

Kevin Crehan, 35, was halfway through a one-year prison sentence he received in July after admitting the racially-motivated attack on the Jamia Mosque in Bristol earlier this year. He was accompanied by Alison Bennett, 46, and Mark Bennett, 48, and Angelina Swales, 31, who also pleaded guilty over the incident.

A St George flag with the words ‘no mosques’ was also tied to the fence outside the building in Totterdown, Bristol, and shouted racial abuse at a worshipper.

Bacon was tied to the door handles and sandwiches made of raw meat and sliced white bread were left at the entrance, in what was described in court by the judge as an ‘an attack on England’.

‘As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate.’

Crehan was jailed for a year while Bennett was given a nine-month sentence. Bennett was given a six-month sentence and Swales was given a four-month sentence – both suspended for two years. They were all banned from going within 330ft of a mosque anywhere in England or Wales for the next 10 years.

The prison service confirmed Crehan was found dead in his cell at HMP Bristol on Tuesday, December 27.

A spokesman told the Sun: ‘HMP Bristol prisoner Kevin Crehan died in custody on Tuesday 27 December. (source)

This should disturb anybody because while the exact details are not disclosed, one can figure out why.

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Consider that in the UK, a minimum of 20% up to 44% of all inmates in maximum security prisons are Muslims. As of 2015, Muslims account for almost 15% of the total prison population. This is knowing that the UK Muslim population is approximately 5% of the total population.

This leads one to wonder- who murdered him? What were the circumstances of his murder? Who were his cell mates?

Violence in prison is always a problem. However, the fact that Muslims make up a disproportionate percentage of the UK prison population, that he was in for a “crime” involving criticism of Islam, and that the circumstances of his death are being hidden, something is very, very wrong here.

It should also be a warning to you, because this is the way that critics of Islam might be “disposed” of in the future. Basically, they dump you in front of a bunch of wolves and turn the other direction, only to see after that he just “died,” and they clean up the mess and move on.

Watch for these types of cases, because they might become a lot more common in the future.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.

Article by Andrew Bieszad.

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6 Responses to Man Mysteriously Dies While In Prison For Putting Bacon On Mosque

  1. Swath - PROUD DEPLORABLE says:

    Can you you say reeducation GULAG! Aren’t Marxist sweet people?

  2. The Ghost says:

    The police and the judge that caused this man to be charged, convicted and murdered in jail need to be sent to ISIS for a good beheading party. They are traitors to the native populations of Great Britain and Ireland.
    Surely the judge must have known the danger he put this poor man in when he sentenced him to prison where many muslims are being kept.
    It is strange how the English Government won’t prosecute any of the Muslims where all the rapes of girls occurred over many years. A Muslim can get away with anything and when they commit blasphemous acts and use bodily harm against Christians. The Police are too terrified of being branded Politically Incorrect and don’t react at all to religious violence by Muslims on Christians and their churches, bibles, pamphlets etc… etc…
    This poor man should never have been imprisoned for what he did. It is a sad day when your own Government takes sides against its own people and ignores far more serious crimes against the native populations of (Once) Great Britain !!!

  3. Ann Tenna says:

    if the fucking musloids are a race… they are an Inferior race..

    racially-motivated attack, my ass!

  4. carpkiller says:

    Deport them out starting 1/20/17 and if the revolt back,shoot them all. Can not let them into this country.

  5. VirgoVince says:

    ERASE islime FROM OUR PLANET, NOW!!!! GFYs, muslimes!! NO muslimes, nor ‘mosks’ OUTSIDE muslime countries!!
    That man SHOULD NOT have been arrested, he SHOULD HAVE been given a medal and ALL muslimes in that country SHOULD be sent home in garbage bags!!

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