CNN’s Don Lemon on Blacks Who Kidnapped and Tortured White Mentally Challenged Man Live on Facebook: “I Don’t Think It’s Evil”


CNN Anchor Don Lemon (Pic: Athena LeTrelle/Flickr)

The liberal mainstream media talking heads propagating the “racism only happens against black people and minorities” narrative are having a really hard time spinning what is blatantly, obviously, in your face, couldn’t be more obvious if the perpetrators were all wearing shirts at the time that said “We’re committing a hate crime right now!” black hate crime against white a white person.

As previously reported, a group of four black young adults kidnapped a white, mentally challenged man in Chicago and tortured him live on Facebook. They said things like, “F*ck white people!” while doing it, making it pretty apparent to most adults with eyeballs who know what words mean that this is a hate crime.

The system, however, which has spent the majority of Obama’s second term whipping America into a race war is desperately trying to spin it that maybe four black people were just attacking a white guy and saying “F*ck white people” only because he was mentally handicapped, and they were just expressing hate toward mentally handicapped people… The White House official statement? It is “too early to tell” if this is hate crime or not.

No, his mental handicap is probably the reason why they were so easily able to kidnap the man in the first place. These demonic subhumans weren’t saying, “F*ck mentally handicapped people!” in the video, now were they?

Well, now chief CNN puppet Don Lemon (of drunken 2016 New Year’s Eve tirade fame) actually sat up there on television and argued with a guest who referred to these people’s actions as “evil”.

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Daily Caller columnist Matt Lewis referred to the disturbing event as “sickening” and said, “At the end of the day, you just try to wrap your head around evil. That’s what this is: it’s evil, it’s brutality, it’s man’s inhumanity to man.”

Don Lemon, however, managed to disagree, saying, “I don’t think it’s evil. (Stammer stammer.) I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”


“Bad home training”?


I’m thinking… I’m thinking… hm… nope, my parents never specifically told me “kidnapping and torturing people is bad”. They didn’t have to because that’s just something the majority of everyone inherently knows is bad.

So, let’s try to get this straight.

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Kidnapping someone based on not just their vulnerability but more specifically their race and then torturing them live on Facebook by cutting them and forcing them to drink toilet water isn’t “evil” Don Lemon says.


Can you just imagine Lemon’s dramatic outrage if this had been a mentally challenged black kid yanked off the street by a group of giggling white people filming themselves torturing him and saying, “F*ck Obama! F*ck black people!”

He probably would have cried and held a candlelight vigil on air.

Some might wonder how an agenda-driven, propagandist race baiter like Don Lemon sleeps at night or is able to look himself in the mirror every day. Considering his net worth is $3 million, he probably sleeps very well on high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Keep in mind CNN is the same “news” outlet that painstakingly listed out every instance of supposed hate crimes against minorities after Trump was elected (most of which were comprised of graffiti without witnesses, in other words, easily hoaxable), but when it came to a black mob yelling “You voted Trump!” while beating a white guy — and calling him “white boy” — all caught on tape (and in Chicago again no less)…


Well, then the outlet refers to it with lines like, “And it’s not just incidents of hate crimes that have happened since the election. There have been reports of other attacks, too…”

See how they did that? Apparently this is an “other attack” according to CNN, not a hate crime:

Because, in the Orwellian world of liberal mainstream media race baiting, hate crimes simply can’t happen to white people ever… even when hate crimes are clearly happening to white people.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

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16 Responses to CNN’s Don Lemon on Blacks Who Kidnapped and Tortured White Mentally Challenged Man Live on Facebook: “I Don’t Think It’s Evil”

  1. rueangel says:

    Lots of discussion as to whether or not this was a hate crime, Some point out that, had the races been reversed, then it most certainly would be treated as a hate crime.

    But then to take this matter on step further,

    What if this was a case of the victim being ,.JEWISH,..?

    If that were the case, then Don Lemon would, most certainly have no trouble coming up with something,..stronger,..than,..”bad home training’,.. in trying to explain away this incident.

    This whole matter just goes to show what can happen when the likes of Hillary Clinton, & the Jewish media, as whole, deliberately whip up this level of agitation, among the, already, crime prone, mentally & emotionally challenged, Black population

  2. Ann Tenna says:

    another nigger queer.. fucking nigger

  3. Truth says:

    Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mass Shooting At A Gun Show…..It Always Happens In “Gun Free Zones”……”GUN FREE ZONES”.

    • Apolloone says:

      That makes sense, because the murdering Vermin feel safe in a “Gun Free Zone” There should be special provisions enacted into law that when these Demons are caught red handed alive there should be a speedy trial, and put to death immediately. Look at that murderer, Major Nidal Hussein who murdered all his fellow soldiers, the last I heard he’s in prison making demands and getting them because he’s a Muslim, he’s the type I’m referring to, it took a female police officer to bring him down because we’re now so politically correct no one else was armed but the murderer, who the puppet media still calls a Shooter. a term used to try and blame the gun.

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    Never leave home without your gun, Be sure to get all of the attackers.

  5. The only reason why these Black turds have made their war against Whites, is because they believe that their effn Black hero, the worthless Black turd of a half-baked Mulatto of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, will side with them, similar to how BLM (only if Black turds adhere to the Mores of the White Civilizaton), otherwise, they suffer the same negative consequences as the Whites and other ethnic groups. This worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS and his girlfriend, George “NAZI” Soros, are responsible for ALL of planet Earth’s current political conundrums. That is a fact which cannot be denied. This Black turd of a a worthless POTUS was selected to create more racial prejudice in the United States that had been already established. This this Black turd of a Muslim POTUS was hired so that 99% of Americans would not confront him directly, for fear of being labelled, Racial Prejudice. Therefore, in my humble opinion, President Trump and the leaders of the Black Communities, but not Al, Jesse and Louis, need to seriously communicate why the Black communities are always ready to attack the Whites or any other ethnic group, to include the Black Communities. Once again, in my humble opinion, Trump and the leaders of the Black Communities, need to discuss why the Blacks and Muslims remain consistently on the warpath against countries that they have invaded. As I have often implied, I believe that Blacks and Muslims are cut from the same cloth, because they are the only two ethnic groups on this planet that do not accept the Mores of the 21st century, therefore, I must submit that the Blacks and Muslims are born, one taco short of a full-platter. In otherwords, 99% of Blacks and Muslims are born, inferior. In the late 19th century, our American Indians learned their lesson, the hard way. Either accept the changing tides or resort to total destruction. The Indians chose wisely to cease their machinations during their days on the warpath. Therefore, the Blacks and the Muslims should be offered the same choice or suffer the consequences. It is as simple as that. The words “RACIAL PREJUDICE,” should be stricken from our dictionaries so that the Blacks, Muslims or any other ethnic group, cannot hide behind these two words in order to play the victim. Pesonally, I am sick and tired of walking around on eggshells, having to read articles of how a few false words, will incite, especially Blacks, to torch their cities, which then enforces my words of wisdom that these Black turds are nothing more than tribal participants, attempting to draw negative attention to themselves as the victim. Bullshit!! It is time for the Blacks and Muslim to join the 21st Century, or be left behind as their current history has depicted. Similar to all wars, they eventually cease, but the aftermath and the cleanup, mainttains too many scars unless the issues that caused the war between the ethnic goups can be discussed. But, there are factions, especially in the United States, whom do not desire for peace to be retaine on planet Earth. Therefore, I hope that our 45th POTUS commences to maintain his title of “THE GREAT NEGOTIATOR,” and as leader of planet Earth, is able to convince our enemies that it is more advantageous to dwell in peace than spending their resources on war instead of spending their resources to maintain a war that will never exist, namely, North Korea and Iran. North Korea and Iran do not desire a death wish, otherwise, they would have long ago attacked the West. Therefore, these two turds instigate, rather than be blamed for the current status of planet Earth. In my opinion, POTUS Trump should warn the Middle East to cease their machinations against the West, or otherwise, the West will continue to bomb Mecca and Media, the Muslims two holiest cities. POTUS Reagan warned the Ayatollah, shortly before his inauguration in 1980, to free the Embassy employees whom have been held in incarceration for 444 days. Shortly before Reagan was inaugurated, the Embassy employees were freed. Trump must indicate to the Blacks and the Muslims that either join the 21st century, or suffer the consequences and join our over-crowded prisons.

  6. Lester Smith says:

    Don Lemon is MORE mentally challenged that the kidnapping victim here was. Put those people behind bars for LIFE…even better give the human scum the death penalty.

    • Paulus says:

      Look, be REASONABLE, Dad was a drug addict, Mum was a drug addict, Grandma and Grandad were drug addicts – they never had jobs (because they were drug addicts) the only money they ever got was Welfare, which hardly paid for their addictions – can’t you SEE? They were just not getting enough Welfare. Who,is to blame? Well, it’s obvious – they need more welfare. Now who pays INTO welfare? Why, those whites – don’t you see? It’s all the fault of those whites. Are you dumb or something? Increase the taxes so Welfare can be increased – problem solved. Do I get to feed the rabbits George?

      • Apolloone says:

        Yep we just need to give them more money, problem solved, that’s how someone with a “Mental Disorder” would deal with these Vermin, personally I think there is an increase in demon possession.

        • Paulus says:

          Ah! NOW we are talking! That is the element even I forgot – Social Services will now have another reason to increase welfare – you said it! Demon Possession! Boy, that must open up Pandora’s Box. There is the fact that our politicians seem to already be ‘possessed’ – so, you don’t seem to be the first to have dreamed up this one – but, perhaps you ought to patent that ‘substance’ – Get your Demon Possession Here! Get your Demon Possession Here’…………(Don’t forget my 5%!)

      • Lester Smith says:

        Yeah…the “not my fault” culture and mindset. Obama suffered from it…everything was always Bushes fault.

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