This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

On a scale of importance from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important, this breaking development is a 500.

On Friday, the traditional day of the week for quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be ignored by the public—and also obscured by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting—the chief of Homeland Security announced that his office will be taking over US elections.

If you can’t see the coup in progress, you need to keep looking until the message comes through.

Read carefully—ABC News reports. My comments are in brackets:

“Citing increasingly sophisticated cyber bad actors and an election infrastructure that’s ‘vital to our national interests’, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Friday that he’s designating U.S. election systems critical infrastructure…”

[Also known as: “we’re taking over.”]

“’Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law’,” Johnson said in a statement. He added: ‘Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do’.”

[Also known as: “we’re taking over.”]

“The determination came after months of review and despite opposition from many states worried that the designation would lead to increased federal regulation or oversight on the many decentralized and locally run voting systems across the country. It was announced on the same day a declassified U.S. intelligence report said Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘ordered’ an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election.”

[Also known as: “we needed an excuse, a fake cover story for our takeover, and Russia is it.”]

[Also known as: “this is a coup by the White House.”]“Such a change [in who controls the US election process] does not require presidential action [or Congressional approval], and only requires the secretary [of DHS] to first consult with the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism.”

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“Johnson said election infrastructure included storage facilities, polling places and vote tabulation locations, plus technology involved in the process, including voter registration databases, voting machines and other systems used to manage the election process and report and display results.”

[Also known as: “We’re taking over every significant aspect of the national election process.”]

“The designation [of US elections as critical infrastructure] allows for information to be withheld from the public when state, local and private partners meet to discuss election infrastructure security — potentially injecting secrecy into an election process that’s traditionally and expressly a transparent process. U.S. officials say such closed door conversations allow for frank discussion that would prevent bad actors from learning about vulnerabilities. DHS would also be able to grant security clearances when appropriate and provide more detailed threat information to states.”

[Also known as: “we can intercede in the election process and determine its outcome without any need to pretend we’re being transparent; only people we approve will know the details of how we run elections; secrecy works.”]

“The Obama administration has proposed international cyber rules for peacetime that would expressly note that countries shouldn’t conduct online activity targeting critical [US] infrastructure, which will now also include election systems.”

[Also known as: “in case there is any doubt, elections systems in America will be property of the federal Executive Branch.”]

This is a coup.

This is equivalent to declaring a national state of emergency, including martial law: the DHS, if it deemed it necessary, could utilize armed agents to enforce the new directive and take over states’ offices that resist.

Election-processes belong to the states. But not anymore.

And of course, with this awesome new power, the DHS could intercede, behind the scenes, in the voting process and rig elections.

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There is an additional aligned factor at work in this op: the proposed elimination of the Electoral College—yet another measure designed to “federalize” the election process.

Most people are entirely ignorant of the fact that the Constitution was a pact among states. With reluctance, the independent states agreed to relinquish certain specified powers to the newly created central government, while retaining all other powers.

The Electoral College was, therefore, a natural invention, because the states would maintain crucial influence in determining the outcome of presidential elections. State Electors would cast their presidential votes based on which candidate won in their state.

Eliminating the Electoral College now would add one more layer of federal control over the whole country, and take control from the states. More centralization.

Imagine it. Only the popular vote counts. The states are dumped. And on top of it all, the Dept. of Homeland Security has the power to run the election process as a piece of “critical infrastructure.”

Rigging the vote in New York and California, plus a few other populous states, would decide the election. And in time, no one would think about “New York” or “California” as separate entities—because they wouldn’t be. They would just be “more land and people” that are part of “wholly unified” America.

This is perfect for the “unity politicians” who spout empty rhetoric every chance they get—“we’re all in this together.” As I tirelessly point out, such slogans are nothing less than covert ops, and their goal is roping in as many dullards as possible under a messianic banner of A Better Life for All under a Beneficent Government.

Also known as: we the rulers decree, you the people submit; your survival depends on us; we give and take as we will, and that shall be the whole of the law.

Eventually, why have presidential elections at all? Just allow the DHS to determine which candidate will best serve the needs and desires of the controllers.

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It’s cleaner, simpler, and more direct.

It’s a coup.

Will Trump cancel it?

Obama is basically challenging him to do it—which would create one more firestorm in the press directed at Trump.

“See, the new president just stopped the DHS from protecting our sacred free elections. Trump is exhibiting more treasonous cooperation with his Russian masters…he’s leaving the door wide open for their secret invasion against our liberties…”

The timeline is clear. One: Hillary will surely win the election. Two: Trump won the election. Three: Trump won because Russia “hacked the election” in his favor. Four: We must protect our national election process from foreign hacking. Five: Homeland Security must put itself in charge of national elections.

Stay tuned.

A coup just occurred.

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The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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13 Responses to This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

  1. Paul N Ransom says:

    I have no doubt that this muslim DHS leader won’t be around to do anything in just a few days and I’m equally sure that Gen Kelly will stop this BS along with a lot of other BS put forth by this muslim admin!!!!!!!!

  2. This would be impossible under the Bible’s election system of civil leaders. This is, instead, but one of many inherent problems with the Constitutional Republic’s unbiblical election system that was created when the constitutional framers rejected Yahweh’s exclusive election authority (per Deuteronomy 17:15) for their humanistic approach to elections.

    For more, see blog article “Salvation by Election,” which contrasts these two systems and elaborated upon the Bible’s election system by which we end up with the best of the best of two or more biblically qualified candidates every single time, at

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey at and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

  3. lloyd Lisco says:

    Trump orders removal of all Islamic material from the White House, Trumps advance team putting the White House in order for The Trump Administrations moving into the White House has removed all Prayer Rugs, Crescent Moons and other Islamic paraphernalia from the Building. Reports are that former President O-Homo is very upset with these renovations. The Christian Cross in the White House Chapel will remain in place.

    • Ron Jackson says:

      I agree anything can happen between now and the 20th. Realistically, it would take an assassination or military junta to keep Trump from the Presidency. Chance of military junta is about zero.

      • Gerard Black says:

        I have been very surprised there has not been an assassination attempt by now.

        • dmacid says:

          I’ve said that for yrs. Bet you & I are s drop in the bucket of people wondering the same. Would be a bad move since he is black skinned. IMO for yrs he is not a qualified or legal Prez. No real B C.

          • Ron Jackson says:

            Probably the only reason for no assassination attempt is the psychological view that many more people would turn on Hillary; people who have been neutral up to now.

  4. truthteller13 says:

    I disagree with this analysis. Trump isn’t going to be dispatched by trying to return things back to how they were – not after what he has survived. Nor do I think a ‘death of 1,000 cuts’ strategy will work, or that Democrats think it will work. At this point, they cannot kill Trump, without activating patriots in military and intelligence (see latest report from infowars and Robert David Steel, the former CIA analyst). Nobody believed the Russia story, following as it did recounts, riots, pressuring electors, and the fake news narratives, inter alia.

    Russia is too smart to surrender the high ground and give us a conflict Obama is spoiling for.

    No, at this point it is sheer panic and sleepless nights, especially since it appears NYPD copied the Abedin laptop before turning it over to the FBI (who also likely have copies), which includes Clinton Foundation being a CIA blackmail trove of pedophelia for pretty much the governing elite.

    Again, MP’s will arrest Obama; shots will be fired at the Pentagon, as you see cubicle-to-cubicle defections, leaks, and resistance – should anything happen to Trump. Even if they succeeded at killing him, they’d then have Pence, Mattis, Flynn. Military people who command hearts and minds and who know the terrain.

    CIA will be gutted and overhauled. FBI likely as well. DHS may be dissolved.

    No, patriots won this one. And these aberrant behaviors from the Establishment are last-gasp exercises of power. Jeh Johnson will be tried for directing the voting machine hacks. You will see trials for YEARS beginning at the end of this month.

    • Ron Jackson says:

      Slowly, dcclothesline is becoming a fake news source, though it still continues to publish ‘real news’ also. Anyone with half a brain knows a new DHS Director will be coming in to replace Jeb Johnson. Even more important, anyone with half a brain KNOWS that no federal agency could possibly ‘take over’ any aspect of the election process without that change being passed into law by the Congress and signed by the President. It is sad, indeed, to see dcclothesline not thinking out an article before publishing it.

      • truthteller13 says:

        In their defense, if they don’t know the impact of ‘soft power’, the Pieczenik-led intelligence counter-coup, or the problem of 100 million armed family people in non-urban areas, they could be forgiven for thinking this was a coup. I DO think when the idea was floated 6 months ago, it was to steer the election to Hillary, but alternative news made too much noise following the announcement.

        I actually DO think regulatory or administrative bodies can be co-opted and politicized. Whether this is ‘taking over’ or not. I mean, look at Obama using Parks and Recreation to seize land in the West, or IRS to go after Tea Party. These were never mandated by Congress, but in practice, they served his administration and the Establishment.

        Just having the power to fire and appoint people means your control them, to some extent. And Obama has that power over DHS.

        With so much of this, the devil is in the details. What I gather from this is that the Federal Government is extending its ‘nerve endings’ into voting structures, so that if they’re compromised it can say it was attacked, directly. They don’t have the budget or legal right or personnel or organization or permission from *states* to step in and actually RUN voting in these regions.

        It’s just an excuse to have a conflict in the future, and face-saving at this point. Obama must have forgotten he famously mocked someone asking about ‘rigged elections’ in September “What does that *mean*”. He’s done a full reversal on that and revealed he’s somewhere between corrupt and stupid. Or both.

      • lloyd Lisco says:

        See Alex Jones Article, Homeland security take over of the election process and declare election results invalid.

      • CA Warrior says:

        Remember that there are still 11 days until Trump takes over. ANYTHING can happen in this time frame.
        barry and co did this for a reason. If for any reason barry can prevent Jan 20 from happening, he will. To quote a famous Trump question: “What does he have to lose?”

  5. Shirley says:

    Do not think Trump will care what the scum media says. We of course need to let him know that those of us who voted for him want it stopped.

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