Assange: Obama Administration literally destroying public records right now

Wikileaks founder warns of possible mass destruction of key public records

(INTELLIHUB) — Just days after offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of an Obama Administration agent for deleting significant public records, the Wikileaks founder has warned that the Obama White House is doing just that.

Speaking on a Periscope conference call with reporters, Assange noted that past administrations, both Republican and Democratic, have engaged in “mass destruction of records” as they left office.

“We are told that destruction of records is occurring now in different parts of the Obama administration in different departments or agencies,” Assange claimed. “That’s what happens when an administration leaves office.”


Assange continued, “Our philosophy is that such information is a part of history. It belongs, legally and philosophically, to the American people and more broadly, insofar as the United States interacts with the world, it belongs to the people of the world.”

“It is part of human history and the destruction of major archives of human history, frankly, should be formally listed as a crime against humanity because those archives belong to humanity.”

Early last week the mysterious Wikileaks founder tweeted the offer of a reward for any information leading to the arrest of someone within the White House caught deleting records.

On the conference call Assange reminded listeners about the reward and said, “Our request to system administrators in the Obama administration goes for other administrations around the world as well, is take the data now.”

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“Just take it now. Keep it under your bed, or with your mother and then you can give that to Wikileaks or other journalists at your leisure.”

One can only imagine what types of records could be being deleted at this very moment, especially when you consider the plethora of already known scandals surrounding the Obama White House. Any information or records on the takeover of land in Nevada in the same area as the Bundy Ranch would sure be nice to see.

Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.

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17 Responses to Assange: Obama Administration literally destroying public records right now

  1. LuJohnson says:

    Criminals make mistakes. LOTS of mistakes. (LOL HILLARY!) I’m praying for their continuing stupidity in this, such that there is a plethora of evidence to prove multiple felonies.

  2. Johnnie Dunkle says:

    It should be a law anything done in our Government should be on file for all to see because we are the one’s paying for everything. And it is time we make some new rule’s for them to follow and if they cant then boot their ass’s out

  3. AnnaGraceS says:

    Just who would be the one to arrest anyone destroying any records in the White House… I do not see that ever happening. There are so many criminals working in the WH that it would be impossible to arrest them period. The depth of corruption is beyond anything ever witnessed before! There is nothing but immature Frat boys, homosexuals, muslims, career criminals and liars operating in that environ for the next six days. My God it boggles the mind to try to grasp the crimes that came out of there the last eight years. Most every dang one of them belong in prison! barry soetoro aka barack hussein obama’s legacy is one of corruption and weakness not to mention an illegal fraud HOAX!!

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    The abuses done to the Ignorant American people by this O_homo Administration is Staggering.

  5. lloyd Lisco says:

    The investigation of O-Homos involvement in the Pedophile ring Known as Pizza Gate is moving along, You can expect charges for dozens of the Perverts ruining our country in the near future.

  6. brightconcerns says:

    congratulations dcclothesline again you are forefront of news ! cannot find anyone anywhere publishing this very noteworthy story! so sad the suppression on news! keep it up guys so proud of your resistance

  7. lloyd Lisco says:

    Since becoming the Presidential impersonator O-Homo has flown 2,799 hours aboard Air Force One, At an operating cost of $250,000.00 an hour, O-Homo has spent about six hundred Ninety Nine Million Dollars Flying from golf corse to golf corse, Roughly Three Quarters of a Billion Dollars. The MSM has done everything possible to hide these facts from the American people.

  8. Mr. Earl says:

    Obama has power usually reserved to third world dictators. A whole lot us have seen this for eight years. He is evil beyond measure.

  9. RockyMtn1776 says:

    The sad part of it is, Obama is going to get away with it.

  10. If it is stored on US Government servers it will be automatically archived to the US Archive System. Clinton’s information was not archived since it was on PRIVATE SERVERS.
    They may be able to shred paper documents, only the workers will be able to counter those actions if possible.

  11. Shirley says:

    We have heard the shredders going since Trump won.

  12. wsurfs . says:

    It will be recorded in American History that Obama and his administration was not only the WORST but, by far, the most sinister in United States History….!!!

  13. lloyd Lisco says:

    Of course the O-Homo administration is destroying evidence in the cover up of many of their Crimes.

    • cathi_w says:

      A few things here: 1. This appears to be standard procedure in terms of the deceit of our government and a major reason we need to realize a government by and for the people.
      2. If you had called him Obomber, plenty of real evidence to support that. 3. O-Homo? You have already been divided and conquered, you poor thing, since we are all one human family.

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