Michelle Obama Bails on Barry & the Girls – Off to Billionaire’s Island Alone (Video)

Is anyone else interested in getting a pool started for how long it takes the Obama’s to file for divorce now that their time in the White House has come to an end? That’s a joke of course… somewhat. Recall the following from January 1st, 2014:

“I’d bet my bottom dollar Michelle and Barack move to different locations the day his Presidency ends. Their marriage, like all the rest of Obama’s life, is a total lie. A sham. Mark this day on your calendar that I said this. He needed a wife for his Presidential run, and I guess Michelle thought she could tolerate him in exchange for the White House.”

Was I off by only 5 days? Perhaps! Imagine how nice it would be if instead of the mainstream media continuing to endlessly report on the crowd size at President Trump’s inauguration (which they’ve been lying about all along anyway, as evidenced by CNN’s very quiet walking back of their “fake news”), they actually diverted some of those resources to cover what looks like it could be trouble in paradise for the former first family.

Whether Michelle Obama’s recent temper tantrum, and her departure for Richard Branson’s “Necker Island” alone signifies the beginning of the end for Michelle and Barry remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if the two are living on opposite ends of the country before long. Why? Because absolutely everything the mainstream media has reported about Barack Obama since the day he announced he was running for president, has been an enormous lie, starting with their marriage.

The following video reviews many of the stories about Barack Obama that the mainstream media has refused to cover, not because they lack merit, but because they have merit! Some of what the video below covers includes:

  • Michelle and Barack living separately for years prior to Barack running for the U.S. Senate
  • Michelle’s comments about being a “single mother” back when Barack was a Senator
  • Member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ claims Barack and her son were “involved”
  • Obama’s use of three separate Social Security Numbers throughout his life
  • Obama’s campaign turning in 3 different birth certificates in Alabama during his 2012 campaign (a very real lawsuit that rose to the level of the Alabama Supreme Court before it was ultimately punted by the Court, so as to avoid a national crisis)
  • Sheriff Arpaio’s team recently revealing that the birth certificate Obama released on the White House website has been confirmed as a fake by experts on multiple continents!

The article below certainly seems to suggest that what I first wrote about as far back as three years ago may in fact be the case. So, did Michelle really only agree to resume living under the same roof as Barack because of the lifestyle being First Lady afforded her? Time will tell, and I don’t suspect we’ll have to wait too long to find out…

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MadWorldNews.com Reports:

The Obama’s were scheduled to spend a few weeks in Palm Springs, California, but that all abruptly changed when Michelle was caught boarding a private jet alone. Barack was photographed visibly upset, leaving an exclusive Rancho Mirage golf course, and daughters Sasha and Malia were nowhere to be found. Now, we know why Michelle had a tantrum, demanding to leave, and you’ll be pissed off as she screws taxpayers again.

Reports from Palm Springs say that the Obama’s were upset over all the rain they had to endure. They envisioned a sun-soaked time after leaving the White House, but instead, Mother Nature brought thunderstorms almost non-stop and that really put Michelle in a foul mood.

Daily Mail reports, “On Friday low clouds covered the valley, temperatures dropped to a chilly 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rain flooded the streets of the city – not an ideal start to their vacation.The weather was so bad the government plane carrying the family was diverted to March Air Force Base, some 44 miles away.”

Michelle never did leave the home of Spanish Ambassador James Costos and his partner Michael Smith, the gay couple the Obama’s are friendly with especially since they live on an exclusive golf course. Since leaving the White House, the Obama’s seem to be reduced to the charity of friends, and Michelle decided to leave after becoming tired of the Palm Springs rain for the previous two days.

Michelle called on another one of their liberal billionaire friends, Richard Branson, who owns an island in the Caribbean, asking if she could come stay with him right away. She was caught boarding his private jet without Barack or her daughters.

A change of plans like this cost taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars, with Secret Service having to be scheduled without warning and other accommodations needing to be made, but anything for spoiled Michelle who looked pissed off at the airport.

Barack Obama, pictured leaving golf course, appears visibly upset after Michelle has a tantrum and leaves on Richard Branson’s private jet.

Barack was then seen looking like someone took his golf clubs away after Michelle delivered the bad news that she was leaving immediately. Whatever the case, Michelle is a spoiled brat who is having a hard time realizing that she is not the queen bee anymore.

After Michelle arrived on Branson’s “Necker Island,” the Obama’s public relations hacks scrambled to say that Barack was on the plane too, but no one saw him, not even one of the many reporters following them around.

“Michelle Obama was earlier seen boarding Branson’s Falcon 900EX at Palm Springs International Airport. Her husband also boarded, but was not seen doing so,” reports Daily Mail. It’s crazy to think Michelle is seen as she gets on the plane, but Barack is able to hide, getting on the plane without being spotted by anyone — that makes no sense.

Necker Island (left), Richard Branson’s private island Michelle escaped to after enduring a rain-soaked Palm Springs. Branson’s private plane landed with Michelle aboard (right), pictured with another aircraft, possibly the one Barack Obama ended up taking to exclusive Necker Island.

One thing is clear, the Obama’s, like the Clinton’s before them, did not leave the White House billionaires. “Poor” Barack’s yearly pension is a measly $200,000 a year, not anywhere near the type of income they need to live in the style they became accustomed to in the White House.

They are taking advantage of staying with billionaire donor friends for now, and Michelle’s unscheduled abrupt trip signals just how upset she is with having to scale down her style of living. We couldn’t be happier that reality is setting in for the Obama’s. Now that most of the perks are gone, Michelle better get used to not having Air Force One or millions of taxpayer dollars to spend on lavish vacations.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand. Article by Michael DePinto.

Michael is a member of the fast growing un-silent American majority that is sick of the insanity going on in this country right now. He has been accused of being vitriolic, bombastic, sarcastic to the extreme, and probably worse behind his back. Michael is sick of being branded a right wing-extremist, racist, homophobe, warmonger, or whatever other asinine adjectives Liberal Progressives have for the words COMMON SENSE these days. Michael is also a blogger at The Last Great Stand and an Attorney.

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    My working theory. The couple who were regularly with the Obama family, which was the so called birth nurse and her husband, were the actual parents, and somewhere the kids were sent home, on the flight out to Palm Springs. Michelle planned to leave Barrack, but was forced to stay a few days, due to the terrible weather. Barrack wanted to maintain the fascade until the vacation was over, but her early departure was noted by the media. The story of Barrack staying in DC to pester Trump was a hoax, and Barrack always planned to leave, since the second his records got unsealed, he faced jail time for fraud and identity theft.

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    I couldn’t care less where that RACIST BATTLESHIP sails off to…..GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE to ALL of the Obamas….!!!! STAY GONE, PLEASE….!!

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    Obama wants a real vagina, not a surgically constructed one.

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    Don’t care .

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    Reports from two weeks ago were that Michael had filed for Divorce.

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    As I have waged my war against this worthless Black mutt of a half-baked Mulatto of a
    POS of a token Tar-Baby of an ex-Muslim POTUS, slowly but surely, this Black turd
    and his so-called wife’s character is becoming exposed, as there is no one in D.C.
    whom will risk their necks to champion these two Black turds, especially, when our
    American citizens have viewed how well our 45th POTUS has maintained what he
    promised. If George W. Bush thought that his war of “SHOCK AND AWE,” against Saddam Hussein in Iraq was a Hollywood production, the American people have not seen nothng yet, but this time it is not a Hollywood production, as POTUS Trump is waging his own private war, both domestically and internationally, against Communists, Anarchists, Marxists,Socialists, Criminals and Muslims, in eventually wiping the slate
    clean of would-be political turds such as the former worthless Black POS. In his 8
    years of his dictatorial reign, what did he and his worthless administation accomplish,
    with the exception of supporting his Iranian brethren, to the tune of 150 billion dollars.
    Does anyone believe that our current 45th POTUS, would have given the house
    away, similar to this worthless turd, and his non-support of Israel, our ownly eyes and
    ears in the Middle East.

  • Dennis Habern

    Why are these two turds, still news-worthy? Both he and she have written their worth-
    less negative legacy, as the worst two mutts whom have ever haunted the White House.
    Now, no longer affording the protection of the White House, these two Black turds will
    fade into the ashes of history. It has already commenced. I look forward to George
    “NAZI” Soros, getting rid of this useless fake turd of a worthless mutt of a half-baked
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    LOSE”? A positive attribution that this worthless Black turd could never make for him-
    self, because everything that he and she touched, turned to French parfume, “SHIT.”

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    The muslims whole life is a fracking lie. . Now moochel can expose its dick to the world while odumbo spends the rest of his life in Gitmo

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