“We Need To Start Killing People… We Need To Start Killing The White House” – Seattle Social Justice Warrior Caught On Tape Threatening Violence and Demanding Reparations

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We recently warned that America is about to see unprecedented protests and rioting from coast to coast.

But don’t take our word for it.

A social justice warrior involved in the Seattle street protests tells you everything you need to know about what the future holds and lends further evidence to the notion that America sits on the precipice of widespread civil unrest.

The woman, who also claims to be a pre-school teacher, implies that it’s time for extreme measures, including but not limited to killing people, starting at the White House.

Just so you know… we need to start killing people… first off we need to start killing the White House… the White House might die… your fucking White House… your fucking White House must go…

As you’ll see below, when she claims it’s time to start killing people she is most likely referring to white people exclusively. But killing isn’t enough.

If you’re white, it’s time you started kicking some of your hard-earned wealth her way, including your cash and your house:

White people… give your fucking money… give your fucking house… your fucking property… we need it fucking all… you need to reparate black and indigenous people right now…. Pay the fuck off… it ain’t just your fucking time.. it’s your fucking money…

Watch the her full speech (and then be sure to register your kids with her pre-school):

Courtesy of SHTFplan.com

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10 Responses to “We Need To Start Killing People… We Need To Start Killing The White House” – Seattle Social Justice Warrior Caught On Tape Threatening Violence and Demanding Reparations

  1. VirgoVince says:

    Go FUCK yourself AND KILL yourself and your ilk, FIRST, you ugly fuckin’ piles of lefturd liberal idiotic shit!!

  2. GabbyinFlorida says:

    SHE teaches PRESCHOOLERS she is dangerous this is a hate speech she needs to be charged with inciting and threatening hate and murder. Sad to see this kind of crap. Its time to start locking these crazies up.

  3. karolh says:

    I owe no one anything, I worked 60 hours a week to raise my children and put a roof over their heads. No one owes me anything, I worked for what little I have and owe it to no one. Such language tells me she needs to take a course on how to speak to people. I am surprised she could find work for 40 hours in a week, no one would put up with that talk. Our White House is a wonderful symbol of pride in our country, fit for our President and his family to live in and we American’s are very proud of it. Anyone not satisfied with this great country should find another country to live in they might be happier with, but leave our country alone. God bless this great nation!!!

    • lloyd Lisco says:

      According to the Federal Reserve System Bankers, You owe them $250,000.00 Dollars Payable in Gold or Silver, They do not accept the Phony Currency they Produce as Payment of this Debt. This applies to every Man Woman and Child in the Country, If there are Four in your Family your Family Owe’s One Million in Gold or Silver. This Criminal Jew Run Ponzi Scheme must be Eliminated and the U.S. must return to Honest Gold Backed Currency.

      • The Ghost says:

        lloyd, Your comment is spot on. The criminal and fraudulent Federal Reserve is a gigantic, massive and total scam, causing huge harmful economic costs to our standard of living and non elected political power to these parasites and much more pain and problems for the People since 1913. Who gets the massive payout from the principal and compound interest paid out by the government??? It has made a few Zionists wealthy (and powerful) beyond our comprehension. These professional confidence tricksters create money out of thin air, then demand we pay them back plus compound interest, not simple interest, a right given to this small group by a corrupt government. Shut down the Federal reserve and jail them all for fraud and all the terrible side effects they have caused our Nation since the Fed was enacted !!

        • lloyd Lisco says:

          Thanks for your interest and Your reply, Hopefully Trump will Destroy this den of Thieves and Nullify this unplayable Debt, No way the average Family could satisfy this outlandish Debt. America’s people have been robbed by these Zionists for more than 100 years. Every Dollar collected as income Tax by the IRS goes to the Bankers as interest on the National Debt, We are Robbed every Day by these Criminals.

  4. Shirley says:

    They better think twice. Whom do they think the military and police will support. Do they think we will just sit back and take their sh**. Get your a$$ of the street and get a job. We owe you nothing.

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