‘God Hates Us’: Libs Cry Over Patriots’ Epic Victory

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Butthurt liberals who viewed the Super Bowl as a battle over Trump’s “white supremacy” cried all over twitter Sunday night due to the Patriots’ epic comeback victory.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were both supporters of candidate Donald Trump.

Leftists like Bill Maher were cheering for the Patriots to lose before the game.

“The Falcons are playing a team where the owner, the coach, and the star quarterback all love and support Donald Trump,” Maher said, “so I’d really like for them to lose by a score of a million fucking thousand to none.”

President Trump predicted his friends in the Patriots would win the Super Bowl by eight points in an interview with Bill O’Reilly aired right before the game.

Even though they were losing 3 to 28 at one point, they managed to pull off “the comeback of the century” and win by six.

Don Jr. compared the victory to his father’s win:

The salt immediately started pouring in at levels only matched by Trump’s victory in the general election.

Enjoy this delicious choice sampling:

This is divine intervention, folks.

God is on our side.

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10 Responses to ‘God Hates Us’: Libs Cry Over Patriots’ Epic Victory

  1. grumpyhillbilly says:

    I wasn’t aware that the left believed in God. Thought their spiritual master was Karl Marx.

  2. The Ghost says:

    Bill Maher and his ilk are so petty, so full of hate, bitterness and spite that they now vilify a football team because of their insane hatred of President Trump. That was a disgusting vindictive video. Why do these people resort to profanity and character assassination because they lost an election. It just shows their total lack of character, their complete loss of good sportsmanship, their unbelievable lack of charity, tolerance and good manners.
    Bill Maher loves to put ordinary people down. He is a complete snob and elitist. His lack of decency, his ignorance, his weak intellect, his weak character, his foul mouth, his huge ego and his complete lack of compassion and his ridiculing of people that he considers beneath him (anyone that is a worker and a patriot) is despicable.
    You don’t see conservatives being a public figure and treating the Liberal LibTards so badly. I’d like to see him sacked, lose his money and be long time unemployed, unable to find work and see if that would humble him at all.
    I am disgusted with this Liberalism that works so hard to disparage anyone who doesn’t agree with their foul, bigoted and intolerant views of plain decent people.

  3. Well, let’s look at the obverse: The Atlanta Falcons, just like Shrillary Clinton did last fall, felt that their win in Super Bowl LI was a ‘gimmee’, leading by 19 at the beginning of the 4th quarter.
    Yet just like Hillary, they decided to coast to their inauguration, applying a strategy of “playing safe”, instead of recognizing that the opponent is out there to WIN.

    Classic game; it will go down as the best SB thus far~!
    Again, just like the 2016 Presidential election will.

  4. jocasseejo says:

    White European Americans invented the dag-gum game of football~of course they should be the ones to win the game~what jew owners have done to football and white players is a national disgrace…

  5. HarpDiem says:

    Black players in each team.

  6. Dennis Habern says:

    What these liberal turds fail to realize, is the fact that God watches over only the
    faithful, (Israel), and in His eyes, the Falcons were not faithful.

  7. Kim Chul Soo says:

    These are truly sick f**ks.

  8. Tuci78 says:

    Praise Kek!

    Eat shit and die, progtards.

  9. eastern shsore says:

    what can you expect when you abandon GOD and his commandments. mary

  10. Shirley says:

    God only deserts you when you desert him and act like the thugs most Liberal commies do. Let’s all of us deplorables continue to pray.

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