Busted: John McCain Talks Sanctions, Foreign Policy With Russian Pranksters Posing As Ukrainian PM

A shocking audio tape released by two Russian pranksters posing as the Prime Minister of Ukraine caught John McCain talking about Russian sanctions, foreign policy and criticizing Trump behind closed doors.

In the tapes, McCain is also heard telling the “Prime Minister” that he’s sending Trump a letter urging him to send “lethal” weapons to Ukraine.

These same pranksters successfully tricked Maxine Waters in a tape released earlier this week and say they also have tapes of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

From Sputnik News:

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The news comes as the pranksters called US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the one who earlier claimed that “Putin is continuing to advance into Korea,” to say that Russia has invaded Limpopo, an African river that the politician believed to be a country in Africa.

Having introduced themselves as Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, Kuznetsov and Stolyarov also discussed the sanctions against Russia with Waters.

Following the incident, Peskov said Kremlin was not linked to the prank phone calls and appreciated the fact that nobody had the idea to accuse Moscow of the tricks.

The sanctions issue was also discussed with US republicans, according to the hoaxers.

“We have pranked McCain, Lindsey Graham and the Republican Majority leader in Congress McConnell in the Congress Mitch McConnell on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions, however, we can not tell the details yet,” Kuznetsov said.

Why is John McCain undermining our President and talking sanctions and foreign policy with Russian pranksters posing as the Prime Minister of Ukraine?

This is completely insane.

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Seems awfully hypocritical considering what just happened with Michael Flynn. It’ll be interesting to hear the calls with Graham and McConnell.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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24 Responses to Busted: John McCain Talks Sanctions, Foreign Policy With Russian Pranksters Posing As Ukrainian PM

  1. GabbyinFlorida says:

    THIS IS THE SAME idiot that ran for President and told a town hall not to talk bad about BARRACK OBAMA?? Remember that. HE needs to be taken of the Foreign Affairs committee. So sad to think Arizona could have put a really good female conservative in the Senate instead of this senile old fool.

  2. ogreim says:

    McCain is such an embarrassment to this country. People need to know when it is time to retire.

  3. yennikcm says:

    Dementia, is strong in this one

  4. Rob says:

    They were talking US policy with a voice on the telephone. This is Treason! Get these old dinosaurs out of congress. THIS is why our country is a mess, people in congress who have been bought and paid for by the military, industrial complex. To sell arms, you need an enemy…..and because Russia doesn’t follow America and does it’s own thing, the traitors in congress pick them. The IMF loans to Russia were paid off so now the REAL gangsters have no control of Russia. Saudi Arabia, our oil masters, want Russia out of the picture since they have the largest reservesleft on the planet. Thanks why they started a war in Syria, Assad refused to allow Saudi to build a pipeline through Syria into Turkey from Qatar. It is time to drain the swamp!

    • Dennis Habern says:

      And that incluldes Cummings, Lewis and Waters and all of the worthless
      Democrat traitors. Not only is it time to drain the swamp, but it is also time to
      warn the turds in the Middle East, that if they continue to interfere in the interests
      of the West, the Allies will commence to bomb Mecca and Medina and turn it into a sea of glass to resemble Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      • Millie Karnop says:

        How can we get all of this to Mattis..just in case?

        • Dennis Habern says:

          As a former member of the USMC, and myself included, he is
          well aware of how he should react. I am disappointed in Mattis’s
          current reaction in favoring the 17 intelligence committees BS
          that the Russians hacked our past Federal Election in which
          our 45th POTUS, won favorably over the worthless candidate,
          Hillary Rotten Clinton. To Mattis, and the rest of the doubters,
          I say, prove that the Russians hacked the election? In addition,
          why does the United States require 17 distinct intelligence
          agencies? I am certain, as has been proven in the past, the
          expansion of government agencies have led to the downfall of
          our government, primarily because the left-hand is not aware
          of what the right-hand has conspired, if you follow.

  5. JonathanBurke says:

    “Busted: John McCain Talks Sanctions, Foreign Policy With Russian Pranksters Posing As Ukrainian PM”
    –now just imagine what he shares with his real BOSS !!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6759fc0aa511b2f9a6e1b0d117a43317dab2a23033e264dcae3e46e5a7fa821a.jpg

  6. yennikcm says:

    John, be a good soldier for a change…just fade away..

  7. lloyd Lisco says:

    Soros has Bribed McCain for about 15 Years, This Traitorous Turd should be in a Penetentury, Not on TV.

    • Dennis Habern says:

      Thank you for mirroring my favorite word in the English dictionary: TURD, which accomodates McCain, the singing canary of Vietnam. Our current 45th POTUS imparted that he did not believe that McCain was a hero, but he did not say why. We all know why. Both he and Soros, are effn traitors, along with the effn Black, former 44th turd of a token Tar-Baby of an ex-POTUS. Soros, as a youngster, in his native Hungary, joined a group of NAZI thugs whose mission was to evict JEWS from their homes and to confiscate their property for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Therefore, with Soros’s NAZI reputation, how in the “F” was he permitted to emigrate from England to the United States? Someone was payed off, similar to how this worthless Black turd of an ex-Muslim POTUS was never vetted before 2008, nor before 2012. Why not? I am certain that Soros and Nancy Pelosi maintain the answer. I recall a few years ago, this worthless singing turd from Vietnam, addressed a letter to this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, to increase retirees annual Medicare payments, by $200.00. He is also a military, but he does not have to make any medical payments because government employees as his level are exempt, and therefore, he maintains the use of all military medical facilities, in which I believe that our 45th POTUS is attempting to cancel, and it is about time. Only military retirees should be exempt from matriculating into Obamacare. What is it with American Muslims, are they also exempted, as they do not pay Federal taxes, as I have read. Why should these filthy
      Muslims be exempt from paying paying anything? Whom was responsible
      for passing such an idiotic law? It had to be a worhtless Democrat.

      • Millie Karnop says:

        I believe that Soros is paying off people to allow him to re-enter this country..Trump, I read, d not for sure if true, has declared him a terrorist and a danger to society.

    • Tuci78 says:

      Which “Traitorous Turd”? Soros or McCain?

      Or both?

  8. Shirley says:

    Is this not Treason? How about Sedition? Is Flynn not out because he supposedly mentioned sanctions with Putin. I do not give a damn that he is a supposed war hero. When are his constituents going to get rid of him. He has lied to them so many times.

    • Millie Karnop says:

      Indeed it is and what Obama is doing is SEDITION…yet, Mattis nor Trump doing a thing; daily it seems to be getting worse and more dangerous for this country..Graham and McCain do not surprise me..it does not really with McConnell and his wife hold a secretary position within the cabinet..Trump needs to get her out and Haley…they are not trustworthy…not at all.

    • Samianne says:

      If you can believe it, Arizona just re-elected McCain for another 6 years. We are stuck unless they recall.

  9. RockyMtn1776 says:

    McAmnesty strikes again !

  10. Joseph Le Bard says:

    These back stabber’s of the American people need to be held accountable under the full weight of the law for treason the people are getting pissed over the dispicable way they use there position in congress to under mind prodgress hang them high .

  11. lloyd Lisco says:

    Charge and Try him before Jail.

  12. Justin Time says:

    Put him back in his CANARY CAGE, where he belongs He is a TRAITOR of the worst kind

    • perdue1111 says:

      They nicknamed him “Birdsong” because he sang like a bird!

      • Dennis Habern says:

        If you recall, our 45th POTUS knew exactly that McCain sang like a
        canary during his incarceration as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, in
        referring to McCain, not as a hero, without accusing McCain as a traitor. Therefore, as a former member of our glorious military, I am waiting patiently for our 45th POTUS, to order his Attorney General to conduct investigations into the conduct of George “NAZI” Soros, Hillary Rotten Clinton, the worthless Black, ex-turd of a 44th POTUS, song-bird McCain, and Valerie Jarrett, and others, to finally wipe the slate clean. McCain believes that his “TIME IN GRADE” and his time spent in incarceration in Vietnam, warrants him special attention, to indicate that shit does not stink. In other words, McCain is in cahoots with the other political side, similar to how he was in cahoots with the other side in Vietnam. He is such a turd to his comrads in arms. A few years ago, this worthless mutt sent a letter to the 44th Black POTUS, asking that he should increase retirees annual Medicare fee, $200.00, and he himself is a retiree, but because at his level, he does not paying anything for his own medical coverage, as a government employee. What a turd. It is apparent that McCain was thoroughly brainwashed, during his time in Vietnam.

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