Bringing Chaos to America: Obama “Running A Shadow Government” From Washington DC


There is a great deal of concern in some circles about the stealth maneuvers of state that may be in the works.

Unlike other former presidents, who’ve sailed into the sunset, become mostly a fixture for autographs and nostalgia, and who’ve by and large stayed out of politics, former President Obama has set up shop in Washington, D.C. and he plans to stay in the game.

He is not only inside the beltway, but just a few blocks from the White House. His top advisor and perhaps his closest confidante, Valeria Jarrett, has moved in with him.

At this time, it’s not exactly clear what they have in store for America, but Obama 2.0 is taking shape, and many are already calling it a “shadow government.”

According to the Associated Press:

A Pennsylvania congressman has accused former President Barack Obama of staying in Washington solely to run a “shadow government” to undermine the GOP agenda.

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly made the claim to fellow Republicans at an event Saturday north of Pittsburgh.

A video clip posted to YouTube shows Kelly saying that Obama remained in Washington for “one purpose only … to run the shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda.”

Many figures on the right have been discussing their fears about an Obama-led shadow government.

If they are right, this is most certainly not politics as usual, and it is not necessarily an empty threat.

Already, there have been sustained protests against President Trump, and anyone associated with him. During the campaign, there were violent clashes in both political camps, and there has been the underlying sense that things are reaching some sort of maximum…

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Is there subterfuge of our elected government? And who is really running things?

In the giving and taking of marching orders, former President Obama is a taker. He and his staff might be capable of advanced fundraising and organizing activities, but the agenda itself trickles down from bigger pockets.

If there is a shadow government in the works, and there are apparently several competing shadow networks, then Obama’s is certainly tied to the purse strings and upstart flavor of George Soros, surely the foremost patron of instigation during the Obama Administration.

After all, who got an unknown state senator the keynote speaking slot for the 2004 DNC convention? Who got this self-described ‘son of a goat herder from Kenya with a funny name’ into the White House only four years later? And who stirred the pot on gun control, with sensational hysteria over mass shootings, with Occupy Wall Street, with Black Lives Matter, with the Day Without a Woman marches and dozens of other astroturf “movements” that are designed to drive a wedge through society?

The danger of a Shadow Government is not one that will rule, but one that will sponsor an “American Spring” – a controlled opposition uprising that can be used to delegitimize the government and foster chaos.

Who knows?

If riots pop up in dozens of cities, and real violence spreads, the country itself could descend into madness. Similar efforts by George Soros – and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, another Obama shadow advisor – to create the Arab Spring, and before that, the color revolutions that unglued the Soviet Union by fostering opposition throughout Eastern Europe.

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We’re entering into a phase where a cold civil war could spring up in this country, met with pockets of violence, plausible installation of martial law, and hare-triggered ideologues may clash in the streets.

As this coincides with dramatic pitfalls in the long-term economic collapse which is still ongoing, this stealthy action could undermine the larger fabric of the country – very Cloward-Piven Strategy. The left-right divide has never been more deeply felt, and ex-pres Obama is in the perfect position to give Soros & co. an assist in toppling things over.

So goes the nation?

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5 Responses to Bringing Chaos to America: Obama “Running A Shadow Government” From Washington DC

  1. James Kroeger says:

    When will open season on Baalzebub Obama be declared?

  2. Liberty Valance says:

    How can a muslim illigitimate ape gain control of a Nation.
    By stealing the birth certificate of a dead hawaiian girl born August 4, 1961, and who passed on August 5, 1961.

    How could all traces of VA Records have disappeared.

    Only with the Help of the President of the United States at the time of need, and his CIA henchmen wanting to create the final NAZI blow to civilized world.

    Three guesses to which president(s) were involved. You can rule out Regan and Trump.

  3. Dennis Habern says:

    Americans should not be so naive as to think that this so-called “SHADOW GOVERN-
    MENT” that this worthless, treacherous, traitorous, POS of a token Tar-Baby of a
    Muslim ex-POTUS, is a phenomonon. It isn’t. George “NAZI” Soros, is the origin. He
    continues to ramrod the New World Order, alias the “SHADOW GOVERNMENT, while
    the 44th, ex-POTUS, continues to be Soros’s puppet. What our 45th POTUS need to
    accomplish after his forst 100 days, is to set our new Attorney General, free to arrest,
    indict, and sentence not only the 44th ex-POTUS, but Soros, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Valerie Jarette, Chuckie “BOY” Schumer and the worthless POL, Brezezinki

  4. Rocket Doc says:


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