San Antonio: Mexican illegal immigrant ‘shot his 15-year-old stepdaughter dead while she was pregnant with their second child after he was freed from ICE custody twice’

The illegal alien and the girl he impregnated/murdered

This story is just so disturbing, on so many levels. #BuildtheWall.

From Daily Mail: An undocumented immigrant illegal alien from Mexico has been arrested and charged with shooting a 15-year-old girl from Texas who was pregnant with the suspect’s second child at the time of her slaying.

Police in San Antonio say Jennifer Delgado was nine months pregnant when on Monday morning she was gunned down by Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires, 35, who then tried to take his own life. Investigators say the victim already had a one-year-old son with Garcia-Ramirez, who at one time had been her stepfather.

The suspect had been released on bond from the custody of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement last May. About a month later, according to investigators, Garcia-Ramires impregnated Delgado for a second time.

He now faces two charges of capital murder in the deaths of the teenager and her unborn baby.

The incident began unfolding at around 11am on Monday when police responded to the 1100 block of Babcock Road in San Antonio and found Garcia-Ramires suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his mouth, reported KSAT. While working at the scene of the failed suicide attempt, officers learned that Garcia-Ramires may have committed a crime at another location nearby.

Police were then led by a witness to Jennifer Delgado’s home in the Spanish Keys Apartments in the 1150 block of Babcock Road, where they found her front door kicked in. Upon entering, officers discovered the teenage expectant mother dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Delgado’s one-year-old son was also inside the home but was unharmed.

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The slain woman was rushed to University Hospital in the hopes of saving her unborn baby, but the child was pronounced dead on arrival. Garcia-Ramires was also transported to University Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He was later booked into the Bexar County Jail on $2million bond, and on Tuesday, ICE placed an immigration hold on him.

Records reviewed by the Houston Chronicle indicate that Armando Garcia-Ramires, a native of Mexico, was first picked up by ICE agents in January 2011 through the criminal alien program of San Antonio, and he was released on bond less than a month later.

He was re-arrested in April 2016, but an immigration judge again granted him bond and he was freed in mid-May.

Around the middle of June 2016, Garcia-Ramires apparently got Jennifer Delgado pregnant with her second child. Police confirmed this week that both children were his.

News 4 San Antonio has reported, citing multiple unnamed sources, that Garcia-Ramires at one time had been Delgado’s stepfather. Delgado’s surviving child and the teen’s 9-year-old sibling on Thursday were taken into emergency custody by Child Protective Services.


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  1. Steve Underwood says:

    Obama is as guilty as the killer .

  2. Ann Tenna says:

    Take away the WELFARE from these ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS and their Spawn…We MUST Rid our Formerly Great Republic that is now a Turd World Cesspool full of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS and there is Nobody to blame for all this but only the STUPID WHITE BOY and his STUPID WHITE BITCH for voting and putting up with this!!…U.S. Population…80%white 10-15%black the rest are ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS and their Spawn…we MUST get rid of these INFERIOR Low Life (people?) that even their CORRUPT MEXICAN GUMMINT don’t want..

    • Ann Tenna says:

      The ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADER has More Rights than the average Amerikan Citizen!… believe it!

      • Ann Tenna says:

        we have enough “low Lives” in our citizenry as to “put up” with, then the enormous number of “low life” ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS in our midst…. PURGE this Formerly Great Republic of this SCOURGE

  3. VirgoVince says:

    REMOVE ALL non-Americans FROM OUR SOIL!!

    • Ann Tenna says:

      I respectfully AGREE!!!!!

    • Ann Tenna says:

      hillary actually meant the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADER was the “SUPER PREDATOR”…Not the Blacks that all the STUPID WHITE BOYS and their STUPID WHITE BITCHES thought she meant!

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