Woman That Prophesied Trump Would Win Now Warns That A “Great Shaking” Is Coming And Churches Will Fall

Statue Of Liberty Apocalyptic - Public DomainIf Dr. Patricia Green is correct, America is about to be shaken like we have never seen before. And considering her track record, I would take what she has to say very seriously. She correctly prophesied in advance that Donald Trump would win the election in November. If you are not familiar with this prophecy, you can find it on a video that she published on September 28th right here. She also correctly prophesied Barack Obama’s first election victory in advance, and she did it at a time when Hillary Clinton was expected to get the Democratic nomination. So unlike many other “prophets” that are floating around these days, she has a very long track record of being accurate.

In her latest video, she says that God told her that a great shaking will soon come to America and that many churches will fall. The following excerpt from her prophecy comes from Z3News.com

Regarding the increase in prophecy, I will show my children what I am about to do on this earth through My prophets. My prophets will arise with this proclamation, “Make way for the coming of Yehoshua. Prepare the way. Prepare your hearts. He will shake the heavens and he will shake the earth with his outstretched arm. This great shaking will usher in great revival. The churches whose foundations are not established on the rock of Yehoshua will fall. Many will be shocked at the churches who fall because those churches put up a good front, but refuse to live in holiness. I will expose the greed, the fornication, the adultery, and the idolatry of these churches. There is a great shaking coming and I will expose the sin. Repent before it is too late.”

If you would like to watch the entire video, you can find it on YouTube right here.

Dr. Green’s message immediately got my attention because it very closely mirrored what I have been proclaiming. I have been heralding the “shaking” that is coming and the “revival” that will follow on television, on the radio, in my latest book The Rapture Verdict, and in my articles. Here is just one brief example

Many are hoping for a great move of God instead of shaking. But the truth is that we should be thankful for the shaking that is coming because it will shake many into the Kingdom.

If we want to make it through the shaking that is coming, we have no other choice but to walk in holiness.

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It is easy to point the finger at others, but the truth is that each one of us needs to closely examine our own lives to make sure that we are living the way that we should.

Another voice with a very long track record that is warning that “dark days” are coming to America is Stephen Hanson

These are the days of uncertainty for many. These are the days of turmoil and unrest. And yet I would say that I can give you rest. I can give you rest in the midst of the storm. I calmed the sea when my disciples were in the boat. They were fearful of the storms and the waves, but I told them to look to Me and not to the water.

Dark days are ahead for this nation. It is set in motion—the wheels are turning, and in time the very things spoken, concerning the events leading up to the last days, will come. A pendulum is swinging, and it is chiming out the hours. The very walls of justice will erupt. Confusion and calamity is seen upon the very steps of the White House.

And as I have written about previously, there are many other prophetic voices that are saying the same thing.

Many believe that the church in America is in “good shape”, but the numbers say otherwise. For instance, a new Barna Group study found that only about ten percent of all Americans have a “Biblical worldview”, and for Millennials the number was less than half of that

They found that while more than seven out of 10 Americans call themselves Christians, just one out of every 10 were able to answer basic questions about the Bible and the faith.

The number is low among young Americans as well.

Only four percent of millennials aged 18-29 scored 80 percent or higher on a survey asking questions about their faith.

How can anyone possibly claim that the church is in “good shape” after seeing that kind of data?

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Judgment begins with the house of God, and there are so many out there that have refused to listen to the warnings even after many of us have pleaded with them to listen time after time with great love in our hearts.

But there are also many that have heeded the call, and in these last days God is raising up a mighty Remnant that will do great exploits. The move of God that is coming will not have anything in common with the watered-down, lukewarm, wimpy “churchianity” that so many of us have become accustomed to seeing.

In the times that are coming, we are going to need believers that are willing to be bold, strong and militant. I really like how Larry Alex Taunton made this point in an article for Fox News

My father, a career soldier, had a phrase he liked to employ whenever he saw a man behave in a manner that was less than manly. He would say something like, “That was candy-assed.” Of course, my father didn’t invent the idiom, but in his use of it you didn’t need further explanation. You knew exactly what he was talking about.

The term fits the kind of Christianity that has infected the Church and sapped it of its vitality and strength. The expression might offend the sensibilities of some of my readers to which I can only say, it might fit you.

I urge you instead to be offended by the way our God’s name is blasphemed in our country every day; by the 54 million children murdered in the holocaust of abortion since 1973; by the sordid sexual agenda that is eroding the very fabric of Western civilization; by the fact that Christians are dying for their faith, largely at the hands of Muslims, at a rate of 100,000 per year; and, most of all, by the reality that these things are being ignored, trivialized, or celebrated.

Yes, a great shaking is coming, but God is not warning us about these things so that we will be afraid.

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Rather, we are being warned so that we will not fear.

God is in control, He knew about all of this in advance, and He has a plan.

And even in the midst of all the darkness, this is going to be the Remnant’s finest hour.

Without a great shaking there would be no widespread revival, so we should embrace the shaking that is coming because it will help spark what I believe will turn out to be the greatest move of God the world has ever seen.

Courtesy of End of the American Dream

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6 Responses to Woman That Prophesied Trump Would Win Now Warns That A “Great Shaking” Is Coming And Churches Will Fall

  1. William says:

    In Ezekiel chapter 13 Yahweh says this about false prophets. And in these verses He specifically notes and judges the Female false prophets just as He does the men who were false prophets. Remember, Yahweh is fair, He judges all women equally.

    Let’s start here in verse 17 and note how Yahweh closes in verse 23.;

    17 God said, “Son of man, look at the women prophets in Israel. They say the things they want to say, so you must speak against them for me. You must say this to them: 18 ‘This is what the Lord God says: Bad things will happen to you women. You sew cloth bracelets for people to wear on their arms. You make special scarves for people to wear on their heads. You say those things have magic powers to control people’s lives. You trap the people only to keep yourselves alive! 19 You make them think I am not important.

    You turn them against me for a few handfuls of barley and a few scraps of bread.

    You tell lies to my people. They love to listen to lies. You kill those who should live, and you let people live who should die. 20 So this is what the Lord God says to you: You make those cloth bracelets to trap people, but I will set them free. I will tear those bracelets off your arms, and the people will be free from you. They will be like birds flying from a trap.

    21 And I will tear up those scarves and save my people from your power. They will escape from your trap, and you will know that I am the Lord.

    22 “‘You prophets tell lies. Your lies hurt good people—I did not want to hurt them! You support the wicked and encourage them. You don’t tell them to change their lives. You don’t try to save their lives!

    23 So you will not see any more useless visions or do any more magic. I will save my people from your power, and you will know that I am the Lord.’”

    We also need to remember that it is God who is still on the Throne as He specifically states in Daniel 7: 14 where He says in reference to Yahshua (who is also God see John 1:1-5) and that ” He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.

    • Sam Fox says:

      William, are you saying the woman prophet mentioned in the article is false?
      Note that the verses you used refer to a particular group of woman prophets, not to all women who are gifted with prophecy. In the New Covenant women can be called of Elohim to anything the Holy Spirit gifts, equips & anoints them to do. Paul said we who are in Messiah are all sons of Father. Being ‘In the Spirit’ is the key. Also that there is no distinction in the Holy Spirit between male, female, Jew & gentile. In the church women can be used of Yeshua the same as the man as long as the ladies are moving in the Holy Spirit. Same goes for men. Father is not a respecter of persons or gender.
      In the home of the called & gifted married woman it is a different context. There she is to recognize her husband as the head. of the household as Paul also taught. A wise man will consult with his wife on decisions, but in the home he does have the bottom line authority unless the Spirit intervenes. If the wife objects, & hubby goes ahead, she is to let the Lord deal with him if she thinks he has made a bad choice. Husband is still the family household authority under the Lord.

  2. Sam Fox says:

    Jolly good shew there brother. I think far to many Christians think there is a pre trib rapture so they are just kind of sitting back, unmoved much because “we won’t be here”. That false teaching is setting up a lot of so called believers for the mark that now is not all that far off. All the tech for it is in place; RFID chips, scanners in stores, ‘pay it with your phone or tablet’ talk to what I think the new NSA buildings are also for, processing all the electronic data that will be in the air once the mark is implemented. There is also a LOT of talk about going cashless. The only alternative that I can see for going cashless is an electronic monetary system. Programming the public to that end has been going on for years.

    The terms Christian & Christianity have been watered down so much that I refer to myself as a follower of The Way, as found in the book of Acts. I leave comments that easily refute the pre trib rapture hypothesis, but usually the Bible verses I use fall on deaf preprogrammed ears. John 6, Jesus says 4 times He will raise up all who have ever believed on Him at the last day. “But there is more than one last day” one lady replied. “One for each dispensation” she posted. I never did get an answer to my Q. “Where does the Bible say there is a Church Age?”

    Also Yeshua said in Matthew 13 that the wheat & darnel [‘tares’ in KJ] are allowed “…to grow together until the harvest.” The Amplified Bible, Classic Edition says the Master goes on to say “…the harvest is the end and culmination of the age”. Yeshua totally destroys any possibility that His 2nd advent is in 2 stages. The real Lord’s Prayer is found in John 17 takes down the notion that there is some kind of dichotomy, a separation of some sort, between Jew & gentile. Paul also echoed that concept in Ephesians 2:14-16. Yeshua eliminates the ‘left behind’ stuff in verse 20 of John 17.

    Shaking? Yup. Hebrews 12:26-28. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Hebrews+12:26-28&version=AMPC

    Like Messiah says, “Watch! For I am coming in an hour you do not know.” I keep my faith & concentration on Him alone, not on when He may or may not come. We need a strong Bible based Holy Spirit relationship with Nature’s God, Elohim, that takes us to Psalm 91. Then we won’t have to worry about when His coming, return & appearing take place. We do not need a ‘rapture’, we need a revival of faith in the triune Holy Godhead of eternity & His ability to lead us through 1 Corinthians 1o:13,



  3. lloyd Lisco says:

    Not only are we Going to Experience This Shaking, We are Going to Live Another Great Shaking Event. As Stated In the Bible An Earthquake Such as Man Has Never Seen is Coming, Are You Prepared For Either of These?

    • Rocket Doc says:

      I am, and I am preparing every day, to be of his service…. The Lord has looked out for me, upon my asking his guidance, and I have been blessed with the foresight of his word, and his power… His will be done!!!

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