MASSIVE TERROR CACHE SEIZED in Europe:10,000-weapon arsenal including howitzers, machine guns, grenades

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This is war. And the EU clowns and leftwing governments continue to paint a rosy picture of millions of Muslim refugees flooding Europe. But the worst is coming.  Reality is blowing up in their fleshy faces. Literally.

This is just the beginning.

Why did law enforcement keep this from the people? What other critical war news are they hiding? As one reader points out there were enough weapons here to equip a division. “Many of the auto rifles look like FN-FALs to me, or Belgian made NATO rifles, .308 caliber. Yellow tipped shells look like heavy mortar shells minus fuzes. A close call. Almost lost Paris. Wonder how many more ammo dumps and factories are operating out there.?”


Police found the stash in Spain back in January but have only now released the terrifying images

By Danny Collins,The Sun, 15th March 2017:

POLICE last night revealed an arsenal of more than 10,000 weapons destined for the hands of terrorists and organised gangs around Europe.

A continent-wide operation stopped weapons including anti-aircraft guns, howitzers and grenades falling into the hands of extremists in France, Spain and Belgium.

Some were previously described as being powerful enough to “bring down an aircraft”.

A terrifying haul of more than 10,000 weapons has been revealed by continent-wide police force Europol
Investigators reckons the haul was heading for the hands of organised crime gangs and terrorists throughout Europe
Among the haul were automatic weapons, machine guns, howitzers and grenades

Europol announced the vast haul in January but only now have Spanish police published images of the devastating arsenal.

Among the stash were 10,000 rifles, 400 howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, grenades, pistols and revolvers.

Spanish cops also found a factory in Bilbao maintaining and reactivating old guns so they could be re-used.

Much of the haul had been purchased at auctions, reactivated and then sold via a warehouse in Bilbao, northern Spain
Police found the stash in January but have only now released the terrifying images

A probe into European gun runners was launched following an attack on Brussels’ Jewish Museum in May 2014.

The attacker Mehdi Nemmouche was later arrested in Marseille, France, while carrying a Kalashnikov.

Following the original raid, Spanish police tweeted: “These are the 12,000 weapons, some capable of bringing down aircraft, intercepted from organised crime.”

In November 2015, Islamic extremists wielding automatic rifles similar to those seized killed 130 people in attacks on Paris, including a bloody gun assault on the Bataclan theatre.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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16 Responses to MASSIVE TERROR CACHE SEIZED in Europe:10,000-weapon arsenal including howitzers, machine guns, grenades

  1. Carole Talaway says:

    Who is buying these weapons and where are they coming from? Many weapons come in via Eastern Europe. The real question is where are they going? It’s no wonder there are fully armed military and uber police units on every corner of the EU these days. Merkel is allowing prospective users in without proper vetting. Now Turkey is threating 15k/month. It’s getting real dangerous to be a globalist these days.

  2. beer25 says:

    I believe hillary and obama supplied them

  3. rueangel says:

    This is a part of the Zionist ,..’Kalergi’,.. plan to genocide the White [European] peoples & replace us with a , dumbed down, brown Anglo/Afro/Asian mixed breed, of humanity, that, due to their lack of unity, could be easily ruled over by their Zio/Jew masters.

    Do a web search on,..’Kalergi plan’,..

    • Sheri says:

      I have never heard of the “Kalergi plan” to genocide. Thank you for sharing this information.

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    Millions of arms are pre positioned here in America and in the Bahama Islands to be used in the Planned taking of the US.

  5. Dear Europeans, the Jewish controlled Kalergi plan aka “EU” won’t save you.
    Acquire weapons for yourselves, by any means possible and stockpile everything safely and in secret. War is coming soon, don’t regret being defenceless with no guns or ammo when the street battles begin and the muslim hordes break into your house to rape your mothers, wives, and children…. and kill you by torture. ACT NOW. DEFEND EUROPE.

  6. yennikcm says:

    Watch…..the Koranderthals get “Activated” in the coming weeks

    • Dennis Habern says:

      Yes, we are at war with Muslim nations, but the Western leaders will not admit
      it, for fear of retaliation from these worthless, desert turds. An atomic device
      placed in Medina, Mecca or Tehran, would do the trick, similar to how the
      West, during WW2, dropped two atomic eggs over two Japanese cities, which
      forced their emperor to sue for peace. Why isn’t the West declaring total war
      and accomplishing the same thing? Ask the Industrial Military Complex for the
      answer. In other words, the IMC does not desire for the war with the Muslims
      to end, because it is profitable for both sides of the equation. Money talks.
      It’s either them or us, and with election of our 45th POTUS, it’s going t be them.If we Americans remember our European History, and how the ancient Romans prepared for battle, it was not to win a small scurmish, but to declare total war against their enemies, and the more collateral damage the accomplished, the sooner that the war was over, and in addition, the ancient Roman war machine did not have to worry about “TERMS OF ENGAGE-
      MENT”, and left on their own,they seldom lost. When was the last time an engagement with our enemies, amounted to an American victory? Not since WW2. If I was our 46th POTUS, I would warn all of our enemies that they are playing with fire and if they maintain a death wish, our United States forces will oblige them. As our 45th POTUS has imparted many times, it is time for
      America to win, especially after 8 effn years of a diddly-black-bopper dedica-
      tion to his Muslim breathern and his dictatorhip. Everytime a Black has been
      awarded the art to govern, his constituents suffer under his dictatorship,
      using the countries the United States and Africa as perfect examples. Re-
      member, all of planet Earth’s current conundrums, can be contributed to the
      Black ex-44th POTUS, George “NAZI” Soros, and Hillary Rotten Clinton. I
      dare anyone to refute my words of wisdom.

  7. yennikcm says:

    and they are Organized……..

  8. Bahits says:

    So much for gun control in Europe.

    Seems like a lot of unarmed dead civilians, if the Muslim invaders get these caches into the hands of roaming and ravaging “youths”.

    Pray for Europe. It isn’t the place it was 20 years ago.

    • generationimmigrant2 says:

      Only the good guys don’t have guns. They still call Americans cowboys, uncivilized, uncultured.

  9. HarpDiem says:

    Some sources for this information would be nice. It is hearsay without it. Geller is a muckraker.

    • Bahits says:

      um, the UK sun in the link near the top of the article. lol

      There are courses to improve reading comprehension. You might consider one.

  10. Shirley says:

    Hope those so called Judges who are trying to block Trumps Muslim Ban sees this since they will be responsible for anything that happens here.

    • Steve Underwood says:

      Those judges want the terrorists to come here and kill Americans . They are as much Muslim terrorists as Obama is .. Those who support terrorists are terrorists by association .. They want Muslims here so they themselves can molest children , rape women , and control everyone .

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