Mutiny? VA Hospital in Florida Takes Down Portrait of President Trump

Photo removed hours after Congressman & local veterans installed it


A Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida sensationally removed portrait photos of President Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin after Republican congressman and Army veteran Brian Mast demanded they be installed.

Accompanied by a group of local veterans, Mast brought portraits of Trump and Shulkin to the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center only for them to be removed hours later by management staff at the hospital.

The photos were removed because management, “could not authenticate the photos and they have to follow protocol,” according to Fox News.

A VA spokeswoman later said that the Congressman’s actions were “inappropriate” and that the portraits needed to come from the VA’s central office. No explanation was given for why the portraits hadn’t been installed anyway almost two months after President Trump’s inauguration.

Mast, who lost his legs in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan, appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to denounce the move.

“This is exactly what pisses people off about the government is they don’t have that kind of reactionary capability to just fix a problem immediately. Here we see they made an even bigger problem out of the situation,” he said.

“There is absolutely a political end to this,” added Mast, highlighting the fact that VA employee unions campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the election.

As we reported earlier this month, retired and active duty military personnel have launched a new initiative – Vets For Trump – to show support for President Trump in the face of constant efforts to undermine his administration by partisan elements of the intelligence community and other government bureaucracies.

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The campaign is reminiscent of a similar movement back in 2013 when numerous active duty military personnel posted images of themselves in uniform on social media asserting that they would not be used as Al-Qaeda’s air force when the Obama administration was on the verge of using military action to support jihadist rebels in Syria.




Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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19 Responses to Mutiny? VA Hospital in Florida Takes Down Portrait of President Trump

  1. Ann Tnna says:

    TRUE STORY: How @WeSearchr Uncovered The @SenJohnMcCain Vietnam Propaganda Tapes After 50 YEARS Of Silence

  2. Larry Rappaport says:

    Get into gear on this Governor. Outside your purview? Doesn’t matter, you’re Governor, you make this call and let the chips fall with the people, not Obama’s left over Progs. Donald Trump is our President and Federal Departments will show respect for our Commander in Chief, non negotiable. One day Progressives………we’ll all meet.

    • Sergio DeCesare says:

      I can’t even imagine me telling my superior officer that my president wasnt my commander in chief because I didnt vote for him. After i regained conciousness from the GI shower I got that night, I would of been Article 15’ed so fast it would of set a record. As we say in the real armed forces, ” We are not here to practice democracy, but we will protect it.”

  3. JJ says:

    My comments always disappear….

  4. The Ghost says:

    My opinion is that the Trump Administration should come down hard on these bozos who are deliberately impeding everything that is Trump related. Every one of these ratbags should be sacked with loss of all benefits and serious jail time for those who deliberately provoke trouble by disrespecting our President. These are all Obama and DemonCrap left-overs and cannot be trusted to implement any of President Trump’s policies.
    I view them all as traitors !

  5. Liberty Valance says:

    You are fired dumb assed VA Management.

  6. Jaime Glibb says:

    This is an excellent opportunity to make a strong example of what happens to dirty government employees. Not only fired, but stripped of benefits and recommendations that clearly describe them as they really are — traitors.

  7. V. says:

    Get rid of them…they are clearly part of the VA problem!

    • Ann Tnna says:

      TRUE STORY: How @WeSearchr Uncovered The @SenJohnMcCain Vietnam Propaganda Tapes After 50 YEARS Of Silence>>>>>

  8. Sergio DeCesare says:

    Being a veteran and having to go to a few of these VA Treatment centers, I can honestly say there are some who are dedicated to us and there are some there picking up a paycheck and probably, in fact based on actions and reactions, are fed up with veterans and with dealing with us and our issues. These are the ones that need purging.

    • Ann Tnna says:

      TRUE STORY: How @WeSearchr Uncovered The @SenJohnMcCain Vietnam Propaganda Tapes After 50 YEARS Of Silence….

  9. beer25 says:

    All these stories about always include “Gov’t Official’, ‘Gov’t spokesperson’ its time people’s names are attached to it, out these cockroaches and let the public know.

  10. VirgoVince says:

    FL is getting almost as bad as CA, too many fruits, nuts and flakes!!
    The ENTIRE V.A. system NEEDS purged and repaired; too many clowns running too many circuses, even in south TX !

    • Liberty Valance says:

      If you recall, yes the Fruits are here.
      Bush (Jeb), stole $328,000,000 from Florida Retired Workers trust fund for ENRON Stock and ENRON crashed within 90 days lossing it all; or was it to shift the money to a fund where George and George could buy thousands (hundreds of them) of hectacres of land in Paraguay in early 2000’s.
      Bush (Jeb) took all the money out of the BALD AND WORN OUT TIRE DISPOSAL TRUST FUND and put it in General Revenue to make his tenure as Governor look good. Now we have a shit pot full of bald heads and tires in Florida.
      Rick Scott protects BUSH from prosecution.
      Rick Scott and George B. owned the Texas Rangers once upon a time.

      Just remember, a Fairy Tale begins with Once Upon a Time

      A military story starts with, “You ain’t agona believe this shit”.

      Well, the shit happens every day in Florida

      Including taking down the President’s Picture because there is a liberal asshole in the crowd.

      • runsinquicksand says:

        I am watching Florida turn Blue as we speak. Use to love it here. I grew up here, so I know what I’m talking about. Sad.

        • Ann Tnna says:

          TRUE STORY: How @WeSearchr Uncovered The @SenJohnMcCain Vietnam Propaganda Tapes After 50 YEARS Of Silence”””’

    • Ann Tnna says:

      TRUE STORY: How @WeSearchr Uncovered The @SenJohnMcCain Vietnam Propaganda Tapes After 50 YEARS Of Silence,,,,,,,

  11. Shirley says:

    Fire them.

    • Nancy Clark says:

      ABSOLUTELY…..FIRE THEM !!!! There are many others looking for a job….easy to replace the traitors.

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