Snoop Dogg Nephew ‘Bow Wow’ Threatens to Enslave, Pimp Out First Lady Melania Trump

After rapper Snoop Dogg released a video in which he mock assassinates President Trump, his nephew “Bow Wow” threatened to enslave and “pimp” out first lady Melania Trump.

Shad Gregory Moss, aka “Lil Bow Wow,” wrote Wednesday on Twitter: “Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

Moss’ tweet was in response to Trump saying earlier in the day: “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

While Snoop Dogg is threatening to murder the president, his nephew is threatening to enslave our first lady and use her as a sex slave.

I’m no expert in the intricacies of our nation’s free speech and incitement laws, but it seems to me that telling retarded people it’s cool to assassinate the president and then having your nephew threaten to enslave the first lady and pimp her out may cross some lines.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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5 Responses to Snoop Dogg Nephew ‘Bow Wow’ Threatens to Enslave, Pimp Out First Lady Melania Trump

  1. The Ghost says:

    These people are the scum of the Earth. They need to be educated by a few patriots in a back alley!

  2. StarBaby says:

    The threats made from these ‘MORONS’ SEEKING THEIR 15 MINUTES OF FAME….Need to be dealt directly with some serious JAIL TIME and then COMMUNITY SERVICE ‘cleaning toilets’ 24/7! Also any money made from their ‘RAP CRAP’ should be given to a charity and their ASSETS (if any) taken from them! This type of low life intelligence does not have to be tolerated in our country!

  3. Steve Underwood says:

    In 1969 I flipped the bird at then president Richard Nixon . I was informed that such a gesture was considered a threat against the president and was a felony offense , punishable by jail time . So IA guess flipping the bird is much more serious than threatening assassination , kidnapping and enslavement .
    Go figure

  4. Moreno Luna says:

    Put them both in jail and make a sample for other that wants to follow.

  5. VirgoVince says:


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