Bill Maher calls for the United Nations to invade America to stop Donald Trump

Maher reveals liberal fantasy to end American democracy

(INTELLIHUB) — During a segment of HBO’s “Real Time,” liberal host Bill Maher claimed that President Trump violates every rule and that the globalist United Nations may need to be sent into the country to stop him.

In what would amount to the end of American democracy, Maher revealed his fantasy during an interview with establishment propagandist and CNN host Jake Tapper in which Maher attacked fifty percent of the country for voting for Trump while openly floating the idea of the UN being sent in to stop him.

Amid discussing Trump’s so-called lies, Maher claimed that Trump, “violates every rule. Don’t lie. Don’t accuse people of things they’re not guilty of. Don’t boast. Pay your taxes. Serve your country. Don’t be a racist, don’t insult the handicapped people, and other people who are not as lucky to be as great-looking as you are, Donald.”

“I worry that if half the country wants this guy to be president, we do need the UN to step in, or the United Federation of Planets, or something,” Maher continued. (emphasis mine)

Take notice how Maher seamlessly goes from openly calling for a UN invasion force to making a joke about the fictional world government body in the Star Trek series. Apparently having the United Nations take over the country is a laughing matter for rich liberals like Maher and Tapper.

Amazingly, the idea that the country may need to use an outside power to stop Donald Trump has been floated by many others throughout the establishment media in their never ending war against all things Trump.

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Add in the deep state and we have all the makings of a possible takeover of our elected government.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.

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17 Responses to Bill Maher calls for the United Nations to invade America to stop Donald Trump

  1. Mark Salva says:

    I second that emotion Mr. Brooks.

  2. LouGots says:

    The American is sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, and oaths will be kept.

  3. SuperFly says:

    We all know Maher is an absolute idiot. Now he’s interviewing more Fake news CNN’s “The Lead” Jake Tapper another Anchor that is even more of an IDIOT. They sit they wasting air time spinning webs and webs of pure bullshit and feeding it to a crowd of applauding sheeple and they eat it up like it a fine steak dinner. We all know the truth but these idiot have lied and made up so much that they actually believe what they have broadcast as truths. I dont even listen to these idiots any more and dont care to unless its some YouTube or other video calling them out on their stupidity. Maher want to over throw the GOVERNMENT by the U.N. Just so that he can get his feelings unhurt for loosing an ELECTION? INSANE, and the people in the Audience Applaud him for wanting to OVER THROW THE GOVERNMENT! THESE are the real problems in this Country people that watch and Support either of the Men on National Television. They say they are doing good but how are you doing good when you are defending the lies you created that you now believe are TRUE while you were supporting a Hillary Clinton for President who is nothing more than a Political Criminal that will soon be hanging by a rope twitching away her last breaths, along with Obama the Worst president in the HISTORY of this nation a Treasonous Bastard that’s Kenyan with an Agenda to make America into an Islamic STATE!

  4. Richard StJohn says:

    This was bullshit. Maher wasn’t seriously calling for the UN to invade America. I can’t stand the clown and personally I’d like to punch him in the mouth four days out of five. But it is wrong to hang this on him like it was a realistic suggestion. i agree with the rest of the comments that should it happen there would be a very brief period where local laws on the discharging of firearms were ignored.

  5. Jonathan Brooks says:

    Sedition. Look it up Maher. Shut your piehole about overthrowing the US by an outside force unless you want some quality decades in Gitmo.

  6. Steve Underwood says:

    I just have this to say about that Bill . If the U.N. invades America yours will not be the only body bag laid out alongside all the U.N. body bags . You will find out just how many real Americans there are .Once we shoot all the U.N. invaders then we are going to finish the job by shooting all the anti Americans and traitors .Just saying Bill . American gun owners outnumber ALL the troops in the entire world .. So you send those measly few hundred thousand and see how fast 100 million Americans wipe the floor with them .

  7. carpkiller says:

    Blue is a nice target color

    • Jonathan Brooks says:

      Those helmets will make lovely hanging baskets for asperagus ferns and air plants , and the UN vehicles will make great SUV replacements, when one wears out.

      • carpkiller says:

        Nice to hear from you buddy.Happy shooting.
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        Jonathan Brooks
        Those helmets will make lovely hanging baskets for asperagus ferns and air plants , and the UN vehicles will make great SUV replacements, when one wears out.
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        Blue is a nice target color

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        • Jonathan Brooks says:

          I will not be doing the shooting. Those helmets and vehicles will be all that is left after the battle hardened US Military, who has been fighting for decades, takes on those UN Goons.

          The UN has never fought the US military, and it will be the most useless lesson they ever get. The Russians and Chinese will not be helping the UN, and neither will any of our allies.

          The UN does not have access to any real armourment other than occupation vehicles. I suspect those rent a thugs will not last a week, because the public will give no support beyond looting the goods left behind after the UN is ended.

          Trump is president, and the US and its military follows him and not those effete diplomats at the UN.

  8. Jeffrey Burley says:

    All those things Maher learned in kindergarden is amazing. And i heard the only thing he learned in kindergarden was to keep his thumb out of his mouth. that must have been one progressive kindergarden class. Bull Sh$t. This other guy is a no body, always has been. No one ever heard of him until President Trump came around. So, he should thank President Trump for giving him a job. Else, he might have ended up being a camera man for Maher’s show.

  9. Matthew says:

    Behind every blade of grass…..

  10. talk a little tree son says:

    You can not end what never has been. This country is a republic. Not a democracy. But then, that is not true anymore either. We are ruled by a tyrannical government. The NDAA is the new constitution. The Patriot act is the bill of rights. Looks like we need a new declaration of independence too.

  11. VirgoVince says:

    CAREFUL what you wish for, idiot!!

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