Homosexual director of ‘Beauty and Beast’ wants to rip the Bible to pieces

I have published two posts warning about Disney’s new flick, Beauty and the Beast, that:

Now we know why.

Beauty and the Beast‘s director Bill Condon, 61, born in New York City and raised in an Irish Catholic family, is openly homosexual and has a visceral hatred for Christianity.

Pete Baklinski reports for LifeSiteNews, March 17, 2017, that in a 2007 interview with Passport Magazine, Bill Condon said he wishes he could “rip pages out of the Bible” when he stays in hotel rooms.

When asked what the first thing he does when he gets into a hotel room, Condon replied:

“I wish I could say I’m like [homosexual actor] Ian McKellen and immediately go rip pages out of the Bible, but there don’t seem to be bibles in the hotel rooms I stay in these days.”

According to a report by The Charlotte Observer’s Lawrence Toppman, there are two homosexual moments in the film:

  1. The first comes when “a young man whirls into the surprised Le Fou’s arms, and they dance happily away together”.
  2. Later in the dance, Le Fou “spins across the room and lands on the reclining Gaston’s lap, wrapping Gaston’s arms around him.”

Neither scene is found in the original Beauty and the Beast story, nor are they essential or add to the plot. Which makes Disney’s new movie a FAKE Beauty and the Beast!

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Condon said in a March 1 interview with Attitude:

“Le Fou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston. He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realising that he has these feelings. And [actor] Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it. And that’s what has its payoff at the end, which I don’t want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.”

So committed and insistent is Disney on the homosexual message in Beauty and the Beast that the studio would rather swallow the loss of box office revenue in Malaysia than cut out the pro-“gay” scenes, as requested by the Malay government.

Beauty and the Beast is being boycotted by Christian and Conservative groups:

  • A petition to boycott the film created by LifeSiteNews has been signed by 131,000 people. The petition to Disney states: “Children’s movies are no place for promoting a harmful sexual political agenda, one that offends the deeply held beliefs of countless parents and families. I pledge to boycott both the Beauty and the Beast movie, and other Disney films and products, until such a time as Disney commits itself to protecting, not harming, the innocence of our children.”
  • The American Family Association has 51,000 petition signers saying they “can’t support Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie” because it pushes the “gay agenda on our children. Homosexual behavior is unhealthy and unnatural. It is irresponsible and careless of Disney to promote such an agenda in a movie designed and marketed to children.”
  • Colorado Christian University created a petition to Disney CEO Rober Allen Iger where “Christian Americans” pledge to “not allow our children or grandchildren to be subjected to your radical Left-wing agenda through your latest rendition of Beauty and the Beast. We will not allow you to bully us into going against our Biblically-based beliefs in natural marriage, and we will certainly not let you circumvent us as leaders of our families to force these beliefs on the impressionable young minds of our children.”
  • On March 2, evangelist Franklin Graham wrote his 5.5 million Facebook followers asking them to “say no” to Disney’s remake. “They’re trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children—watch out! Disney has the right to make their [shows], it’s a free country. But as Christians we also have the right not to support their company. I hope Christians everywhere will say no to Disney.”
  • Earlier this month Christian owners of an Alabama drive-in theater said they would refuse to show the film because it would “compromise on what the Bible teaches.”
  • Russia slapped a 16+ rating on the film, effectively banning children from seeing it.
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Alas, the boycotts evidently are in vain. The movie had a record $170 million opening in the U.S. this weekend, earning $350 million worldwide. (Hollywood Reporter)

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6 Responses to Homosexual director of ‘Beauty and Beast’ wants to rip the Bible to pieces

  1. Cccccya says:

    As a child, I hated Disney world. It was stupid in my opinion. I preferred our boat on the St. Johns river. Sebastian inlet was awesome until they turned it into pay for access tourist dump.
    Camp Holley was great too. In the 1960s-1970s Florida was a beautiful place to live. My dad worked at NASA and Radiation. I grew up with the space program. Today, Florida is a seething shithole of foreigners and destruction. I will never go back there. Disney world is a faggot paradise.

  2. Cathleen C C Forche says:

    Everyone is free to choose, God’s plan. Pray for them and avoid.. since he is already pissed off… he might get really mad at these from the christian book of arguments w/ 666 decoded in 9 languages and 5 alphabets ( what are those odds?) pray for him and share “BORN THAT WAY.” (really?) and “I THEE WED” These are both short and different than you think. go to christiantheoriesandconcepts.com/born-that-way/ and christantheoriesandconcepts.com/i-thee-wed/ see other arguments and the code there too. God Bless

  3. lloyd Lisco says:

    If you Visit Orlando Just Skip Homo World.

  4. jaded says:

    listening to the radio this morning, though it will likely lead in the box office for the week, the DJ (are they called that anymore?) said his wife took the kids this weekend and one wanted to leave–the beast was too scary, and the other wanted to leave because the movie was too long. We’ll see how it rates over the weeks to come.

  5. karolh says:

    I am so surprised at Disney. As a parent I never worried about my children watching their moves, they were always family geared. I do not understand their push on this. The original Beauty and the Beast taught children how to accept and care for people that were different and now it has taken on this Satanic meaning, teaching our children to go against the teachings of our Lord, a way of life that will damn them to eternity in hell. What makes the LGBT community think they have the right to push their way of life onto others or destroy our bibles? No one says they have to read the bible, just leave it in the drawer. The bible is put there for people that want to read it, no law saying LGBT have to read it. Christians do not spend our every waking hour thinking about the LGBT community and how we can cause them problems or disrupt their lives, they certainly give themselves to much credit. If they are happy in their lives, so be it, that is their choice. But they can not force their choice or acceptance of it on Christians.

  6. Shirley says:

    Keep your kid away from this movie and any others that he makes.

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