VIDEO: 5 Times Nancy Pelosi Couldn’t Hide The Fact She’s Totally Losing It

nancy pelosi wikimedia

In all seriousness, if she really has lost her mind, Nancy Pelosi has a responsibility to admit the truth and step down.

Watch more WORD:

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  • Jimbeau

    She may be the poster child, but how many DOZENS of representatives are an absolute embarrassment to this huge, powerful country?
    It’s amazing that we haven’t imploded already, considering the caliber of people that voters support.

  • Accordion Granny

    Amazing. She really appears to be slipping into some type of Alzheimer’s or something. She gets confused several times in one sentence!

  • Steve Underwood

    Nacy lost her mind years ago . You guys just now seeing that ? Wow , must have been some set of blinders you been wearing all this time .

  • VirgoVince

    Only 5 times?? How about EVERY time she opens her yap?
    These ugly lefturd idiots CAN’T admit the TRUTH, it’d KILL them!!