Sean Hannity exposes Clinton’s Russian State connection to Uranium One

Will Hannity’s proverbial assault be enough to drag Hillary through the mud?

(INTELLIHUB) In a ballsy move for a mainstream news anchor, Fox News’ Sean Hannity delivered the home run we’ve all been waiting for on the Sean Hannity Show Tuesday night when he gave much-needed publicity to Hillary Clinton’s Russian State ties to Uranium One which I first reported on back in January of 2016 in an Intellihub Magazine article titled “Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore.”

The issue resurfaced in the media Tuesday after President Donald Trump acknowledged the little-known scandal on Twitter.

“Why doesn’t Fake News talk about Podesta ties to Russia as covered by or money from Russia to Clinton – sale of Uranium?,” the President tweeted.

Interestingly enough, President Trump also made mention of John Podesta’s Russian State ties to RUSNANO, as I reported for Infowars earlier Wednesday.

However, Sean Hannity knocked it out of the park Tuesday night, when he called out the corporate-controlled media for rarely covering the scandal and for continuing what he called a “media conspiracy narrative” of Trump-Russia collusion.

During the broadcast, Hannity addressed the scandal as “a very big deal” and even mentioned the fact that the chairman of Uranium one made three separate donations totaling millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in 2009 as Bill Clinton received major contributions from the Russians for speech engagements around the same time.

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“[They got a] massive amount of money, they got a huge payback and they now control twenty percent of America’s uranium,” Hannity said in regards to the scandal.

“Uranium One is a Canadian-based multinational corporation and they extract uranium which of corse is a key material that’s used in nuclear weapons Uranium One is responsible for one-fifth of all of the uranium production right here in the United States,” Hannity explained.

That’s right, Hillary Clinton, during her tenure at the State Department facilitated a deal with the Russian State for one-fifth of the U.S. uranium supply, yet no one is talking about it!

Thank-you Sean Hannity! And by the way, I will gladly come on your show to talk about anything we can to stop the Dems. — Shep

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11 Responses to Sean Hannity exposes Clinton’s Russian State connection to Uranium One

  1. Carole Talaway says:

    Just watched the video of Chaffetz’ speaking the Judicial Watch conference. He is so frustrated with the DOJ, Congress and a myriad of other players that are going to great lengths to hinder any investigations into Hillary, Obama, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. He says he can issue subpoenas but it’s up to the DOJ to enforce them and they are not helping him. Nor is Congress. But he is persistent and will keep fighting. Trey Gowdy also is fighting to get to the truth. If Trey can’t get it it’s never going to happen. The Deep State is in full damage control. I’m praying for Hillary, Obama and the rest to finally face the music.

  2. treeloc says:

    In the months leading up to the 2016 United States presidential election, stories abounded about the relationships between the Clinton Foundation and various foreign entities.

    May 2015 saw the publication of a book called Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, an exposé of alleged Clinton Foundation corruption written by Peter Schweizer, a former Hoover Institution fellow and editor-at-large at the right-wing media company Breitbart.

    A chapter in the book suggests that the Clinton family and Russia each may have benefited from a “pay-for-play” scheme while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, involving the transfer of U.S. uranium reserves to the new Russian owners of an international mining operation in exchange for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

    The mining company, Uranium One, was originally based in South Africa, but merged in 2007 with Canada-based UrAsia Energy. Shareholders there retained a controlling interest until 2010, when Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, completed purchase of a 51% stake. Hillary Clinton played a part in the transaction because it involved the transfer of ownership of a material deemed important to national security — uranium, amounting to one-fifth of U.S. reserves — thus requiring the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), on which the U.S. Secretary of State sits.

    During the same time frame that the acquisition took place, Schweizer claims in Clinton Cash, the Clinton Foundation accepted contributions from nine individuals associated with Uranium One totaling more than $100 million. Among those who followed him in citing the transaction as an example of alleged Clinton corruption was GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who said during a June 2016 speech in New York City:

    Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.
    Trump’s campaign repeated the allegation in a September 2016 press release, and again in an October 2016 television ad stating that Clinton “gave American uranium rights to the Russians”:

    An image circulating via social media during the final months of the presidential campaign asked the question, “So Hillary, if Russia is such a threat, why did you sell them 20% of our uranium? Are you a liar, or a traitor, or both?”

    The Uranium One deal was not Clinton’s to veto or approve

    Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have. Clinton was one of nine cabinet members and department heads that sit on the CFIUS, and the secretary of the treasury is its chairperson. CFIUS members are collectively charged with evaluating the transaction for potential national security issues, then turning their findings over to the president. By law, the committee can’t veto a transaction; only the president can. According to The New York Times, Clinton may not have even directly participated in the Uranium One decision. Then-Assistant Secretary of State Jose Fernandez, whose job it was to represent the State Dept. on CFIUS, said Clinton herself “never intervened” in committee matters.

    The timing of most of the donations does not match

    Of the $145 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion’s share — $131.3 million — came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s founder. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, three years before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state.

    Of the remaining individuals connected with Uranium One who donated to the Clinton Foundation, only one was found to have contributed during the same time frame that the deal was taking place, according to The New York Times — Ian Telfer, the company’s chairman:

    His donations through the Fernwood Foundation included $1 million reported in 2009, the year his company appealed to the American Embassy to help it keep its mines in Kazakhstan; $250,000 in 2010, the year the Russians sought majority control; as well as $600,000 in 2011 and $500,000 in 2012. Mr. Telfer said that his donations had nothing to do with his business dealings, and that he had never discussed Uranium One with Mr. or Mrs. Clinton. He said he had given the money because he wanted to support Mr. Giustra’s charitable endeavors with Mr. Clinton. “Frank and I have been friends and business partners for almost 20 years,” he said.
    The timing of Telfer’s donations might be questionable if there was reason to believe that Hillary Clinton was instrumental in the approval of the deal with Russia, but all the evidence points to the contrary — that Clinton did not play a pivotal role, and, in fact, may not have played any role at all.

    Foundation admits disclosure mistakes

    One fault investigations into the Clinton Foundation’s practices did find was that not all of the donations were properly disclosed — specifically, those of Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer between 2009 and 2012. The foundation admitted this shortcoming and pledged to correct it, but as the Guardian pointed out in its May 2015 discussion of Clinton Cash, the fact that it happened is reason enough to sound alarm bells:

    It is also true that large donations to the foundation from the chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, at around the time of the Russian purchase of the company and while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, were never disclosed to the public. The multimillion sums were channeled through a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, CGSCI, which did not reveal its individual donors.

    Such awkward collisions between Bill’s fundraising activities and Hillary’s public service have raised concerns not just among those who might be dismissed as part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.
    An enormous volume of interest and speculation surrounds the workings of the Clinton Foundation, which is to be expected. Given the enormous sums of money it controls and the fact that it is run by a former U.S. president who is married to a possible future U.S. president, the foundation deserves all the scrutiny it gets, and more.

    At the same time, for the sake of accuracy it’s crucial to differentiate between partisan accusations and what we actually know about it — however little that may be.

  3. VirgoVince says:

    Sean is RIGHT, the clinton/russia connection is REAL!!
    The Trump/Russia connection is A lefturd LIE, FAKE news, bullshit!

  4. Dennis Habern says:

    As an American citizen, I never comprehended how this worthless female mutt, Hillary
    Rotten Clinton, was permitted to pull off this scam with the Russians, unchallenged,
    similar to how this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of an ex-44th
    Muslim POTUS, was never thoroughly challenged to determine his eligibility to run and
    become our POTUS for the 8 years of his dictatorship. In other countries, similar
    accusations would be challenged by their citizens, but not in the United States. When
    was the last time protestors marched in front of the White House? When was the last
    time protestors stormed the White House gates to get rid of the Black and Muslim
    disease that permeated the “HOUSE ON THE HILL.” We Americans are totally respon-
    sible for the past 8 years, for not confronting this worthless Black Muslim turd, for fear
    of being labelled “RACIAL PREJUDICED,” in the same vein, we Americans are fearful
    to question why the Blacks prefer to call their brother Blacks, “NIGGERS,” but hate for
    any other race to refrain to Blacks as Niggers. In other words, the Black community
    continues to play the victim, perpetuated by Al, Jesse and Louis, never obtaining a
    sound education which has propelled the Black community as the number one resident
    in our Federal Prisons.

    • johngalt2113 says:

      You do no one any good with such a rant. Name calling and ad hominem attacks are a poor example to set. Clean up your rhetoric and make the same argument in a rational manner. Don’t be such an intellectual capon.

      • VirgoVince says:

        TRUTH IS truth and FACTS ARE facts, NO matter how much you disagree!!
        Dennis IS RIGHT, pc is ugly lefturd idiot censorship!!!!

        • johngalt2113 says:

          Dennis is an ignorant jerk. As are you, Ann, GFY. People on the fence are not going to respond positively to foul and slanderous attacks. Even people who agree with Sean Hannity are turned off by such antics. You surely aren’t winning me over.

      • Ann Tenna says:


      • GFY says:

        Fuck you you self righteous bitch traitor! Truth in your face, asshole.

  5. Steve Underwood says:

    Trump….always getting blamed for the crimes Hillary actually committed ..They want to rum him out of office but Hillary goes free . Odd that …..

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