Sheriff Clarke: “Was DNC Staffer Seth Rich Killed Because He Knew Too Much?”


As DC police are no closer to solving the grisly murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was gunned down blocks from his home by unknown assailants with apparently no witnesses for supposedly unknown motives months before the 2016 election, Sheriff Clarke just sent out this mind-blowing Tweet…

Wait for it…

Other questions with incredibly obvious answers that do not require one to be a subject-matter expert include:

Do bears poop in the woods?

Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?

Does a ten pound sack of flour make a really big biscuit?

Is the Pope Catholic and does he wear a funny hat?

As we reported at the time of Seth Rich’s murder:

The real question, then, is: what did he know?

All we know so far is that this 27 year old was in charge of voter expansion data and had something to do with a program that tapped into the nationwide database of registered voters…

We’re guessing this one is going to stay unsolved for a long, long time… unless people make a big enough stink the system feels the need to wheel a patsy out for it.

Meanwhile it isn’t just Seth Rich; there were quite a few unsolved deaths around the DNC last year… and even though a bunch of people had to die, Hillary still lost.

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7 Responses to Sheriff Clarke: “Was DNC Staffer Seth Rich Killed Because He Knew Too Much?”

  1. MaybeYes says:

    The lawyer who is trying to find Seth’s murderer is a liar, too. The investigation is a farce.

  2. VirgoVince says:

    Seems to be a lot of that ‘going around’ these last few years and how many more that go UNreported
    by the LAMEstream media??

  3. johngalt2113 says:

    He made the choice to be a democrat. Bought their scams lock, stock, and gun barrel.

  4. Shirley says:

    I think the Clinton’s and Obama’s were having a contest to see who could rack up the most # of deaths. Between Bengahazi, Seal team six, Brietbart, Scalia, The chick from Hawaii who was involved in the Birth certificate etc etc. Of course the Clinton’s had many suspicious deaths in Arkansas as well as Washington so hard to tell who is winning.

    • Razorgirl53 says:

      Yes, the Clintons have been responsible for lots of “late term abortions” here in Arkansas. They were responsible for many job openings with the Arkansas State Police, the law enforcement agency that provided security for Governor Bill Clinton. I have never understood how they command such loyalty from the people around them. Hillary is very abusive. Maybe they get “battered wife syndrome”. There are people here in Arkansas that have gone to prison for them (the McDougall’s and former Governor Jim Guy Tucker). They are evil incarnate. Some say Obama was the Anti-Christ. No. It’s Hillary Clinton.

  5. Steve Underwood says:

    With the trail of bodies the Clinton’s have had ? Nah couldn’t be …..Right ?

  6. MA in MO says:

    Yes, he was killed because he knew to much. Just another body bag along the trail of body bags the Clinton’s have left lying in their wake. I feel so sorry for this young man’s family, especially his mother. There is so much evil in this world. May the Lord have mercy.

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