Body Language Expert: Susan Rice Was Clearly Lying When She Denied Obama Surveillance of Trump

Former national security adviser was deceptive throughout PBS appearance


A body language expert who analyzed a video of Susan Rice says Barack Obama’s former national security adviser was clearly lying when she denied having any knowledge of Trump transition members being spied on.

During a March 22 appearance on PBS NewsHour, Rice claimed she “knew nothing” about Rep. Devin Nunes’s assertion that Trump transition members had their communications surveilled by the Obama administration.

It has since been revealed that Rice repeatedly requested to unmask the identities of individuals who were the subject of “incidental” surveillance.

According to a body language expert, Rice was clearly being deceptive when she claimed to have no knowledge of the surveillance.

An analysis of Rice’s PBS appearance reveals her to engage in ‘double-blinking’ after making the denial while remaining very still in her neck movements, both flagrant signs of lying.

Rice’s movements reveal her to be under “extreme stress” and “being extremely deceptive the entire time in this interview,” according to the expert.

Numerous other examples of double-blinking are seen throughout the interview. According to studies, liars don’t blink during the lie, but are seen to engage in a “flurry” of blinks after telling it.

According to the expert, the way Rice holds in her deep breath at the end of speaking is also another betrayal of the way she is putting herself under stress by lying.

The expert concludes by saying that Rice would make a “really good study for things deceptive people do to hide themselves.”

The mainstream media is currently engaged in damage control over the revelations surrounding Rice, with CNN desperate to play down the story in claiming that it is a distraction from their own hysterical obsession with Russia.

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  • runsinquicksand

    I like Bombard’s Body Language videos. I watch them all the time on YouTube. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of lying.

  • Truth
  • Dennis Habern

    Without a doubt, this worthless Black POS of an National Security to the ex-44th POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Musllm POTUS, lying, as denounced by the body language
    experts whom have viewed her interview with PBS. She’s Black and a Democrat, the
    44th ex-POTUS is Back and a Democrat, the ex-Attorney General, Lorretta Lynch is
    Black and a Democrat, and Eric Holder, is Black and a Democrat. What more does the American require to prove that these shitbirds are in cahoots together to bring America down, so that the U.S. will be receptive to the NEW WORLD ORDER, ramrodded by none other than George “NAZI” Soros, the scourge of WW2 in his native Hungary, where he joined a band of NAZI thugs to evict JEWS from their homes and to confiscate their property for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. More than likely, I have to give Rice some slack, when she appeared in at least 5 T.V. programs to impart that Benghazi was caused by Mujslim groups whom did not care for a certain film that criticized Islam and their worthless Prophet, because she was programed to spit out this falsehood, at the behest of the Worthless Black 44th POTUS, if she valued in retaining her position. It is without question, that Rice, should have informed this worthless Black 44th POTUS, it was against her morals to lie to the American people. But, she did not confront this worthless turd of a 44th POTUS, and therefore, she is just as guilty at this Black turd from Kenya. And in addition, she is
    lying when she imparted that she knew nothing about the Trump wire tap. If this
    worthless Black turd of an ex-44th POTUS could tap into Angela Merkel’s conversa-
    tions, then he would be a fool not to monitor our 45th POTUS’s conversation, in
    order to assist Hillary Rotten Clinton, in her run for POTUS. A leopard cannot change
    its spots, and neither can this Black mutt from Kenya, whom only associates with
    Communists, Anarchists, Marxists, Socialists, Crimnals, and Muslims.

    • Dennis Habern

      In addition, someone should inform Rice that she needs to learn how to control
      her mangy hair style, or change it for a more appropriate appearance. She
      currently resembles one of the hood, and as I have mentioned above, a leopard
      cannot change its spots, regardless of the position that they maintain. Once a
      Black, always a Black. I am certain that she may not be a full-fledges member
      of “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” but, in becoming aware of her character, it only
      justifies her true intent of getting over on Whitey, otherwise she would have
      resigned her postion under the Black dictator from Kenya. Now that we main-
      tain Sessions as the Attorney General and Trey Goudy as director of the FBI,
      perhaps these worthless criminals will be arrested, tried and sentenced. The
      American people are crying out that justice be served, after 8 years of having
      to endure the dictatorship of this Black, worthess token Tar-Baby from Kenya.

  • VirgoVince

    WE don’t need experts of any kind, she’s an ugly lefturd idiot,
    THAT’S ALL WE NEED TO KNOW!! LIE is what they do!