Watch What Happens to American Flag When DNC Chair Mentions Hillary

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Most people on both sides of the political aisle are done with Hillary Clinton. With the exception of a few delusional die-hards in the Democratic Party, everyone recognizes that she’s a crook, a warmonger, and an elitist. At best, most of the people who still support her, merely think of her as the best of a few options. Everyone else is sick of her tune. However, it may surprise you to learn that even the American flag can’t bear to hear her name anymore.

During a recent live MSNBC interview, DNC leader Tom Perez spoke of unity between the mainstream Democrats who supported Hillary in the election, and the socialists who supported Bernie Sanders. But when he mentioned Hillary’s name, this happened:

Daniel Lang is a researcher and staff writer for The Daily Sheeple – Wake The Flock Up!

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  • James Kroeger

    Never should have used the “H” word…LOL 🙂

  • lloyd Lisco

    Soon Florida Congress Woman Corrine Brown’s Trial will be Getting underway, She Has Stolen Millions and is Facing 350 years in Jail. Of Course she is a Black Democrat with a Mouth that would Cause a Sailor to Blush.

  • lloyd Lisco

    If you are Interested in seeing what Comprises the Democratic Party, Take a Break and tune in the Maury Povich and the show.

    • cecelia

      No thanks! can’t stand the freaks and losers on that shit!
      tried to watch it once and I felt stupider for the experience!
      i rank them both right down there with joy-less and whookie on the spew….

  • Dennis Habern

    Has anyone ever noticed how much alike that Tom Perez and John Podesta, appear,
    that they both resemble the weasels that they are, and, that they are both Democrats?
    Both of these turds, are the poster-boys for the Democrat-Party.

    • lloyd Lisco

      Absolute Representatives of the American Underclass, These Democrats are the Brown Spot on your Dial.

      • Cliffystones

        Don’t you mean the brown load in your shorts?