VIDEO: Cops Raid Marine’s Home, Beat and Taser Him Because He Didn’t Notice His Wife’s Haircut


Time to wake up…

Yep, you read that headline correctly.

Nowadays you can’t even have an argument over failing to notice your wife’s new haircut in Police State USSA without cops possibly breaking down your door and beating you senseless for it.

That’s what happened to an otherwise innocent Marine veteran in California after he got into a loud argument with his wife because she said he didn’t notice she had gotten her hair done.

After shouting at each other, Fernando Del Valle, 38, locked himself in his bedroom to go to sleep. No violence between he and his wife had occurred. The neighbors, however, called the cops.

This 68-second cell phone video Del Valle managed to capture shows what happened after two Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies burst down his front door and then his bedroom door and order a man sleeping in his bed to “stand up”.

“Sir, I’m just laying here trying to sleep…,” Del Valle began, refusing to exit his bed. Instead he turned his smart phone video camera on and trained it on the cops, even warning them, “I got you on video. Go ahead. Tase me.”

So one did.

Former Deputy Scott Thorne, 40, steps forward and proceeds to tase and beat a man wearing nothing but shorts in his own home in his own bed who did nothing wrong other than have a loud argument with his wife over her haircut.

Although the entire thing was not caught on Del Valle’s video, he suffered two or three more tasings and more than a dozen baton blows, many of which can be heard on the video along with Del Valle’s wife yelling at the cops that her husband “is not doing anything!”

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In sum, these cops burst into a couple’s home and assaulted an innocent man on the sole word of a neighbor’s noise complaint just assuming the man was committing spousal abuse sight unseen without doing any further investigation into the matter at all.


The cops did arrest Del Valle and take him in, but it was only at that point they realized they had no evidence that any crime whatsoever had taken place and they had to let Del Valle go because… he didn’t do anything.


Del Valle did, however, end up with neurological damage and a separated shoulder according to his lawyer.

The saddest part is that even the police department recognized the excessive use of force in this case almost immediately from the officers’ own bodycams. Then again, as it turns out, Thorne should have never been employed as a police officer in Sonoma County or anywhere else in the first place, considering he had already been let go from previous departments for… that’s right, excessive use of force.

You can also hear Del Valle shout repeatedly, “Call my lawyer!”

So he did.

Del Valle has now filed a lawsuit against the department seeking damages above $25,000. Despite the fact that Sonoma County terminated Thorne, Thorne is trying to argue he was in the right in this situation. Even his attorney doesn’t seem to agree with him, telling the media “His [as in, Thorne’s] position is he followed procedure.”

What procedure is that exactly? Because it isn’t investigating crimes apparently.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

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21 Responses to VIDEO: Cops Raid Marine’s Home, Beat and Taser Him Because He Didn’t Notice His Wife’s Haircut

  1. Salvatore51 says:

    This looks fake v

  2. David Ellis says:

    I Hope your Lawyer Does Divorces and don’t Settle with Barney Fife UNTIL the Divorce is Final………………

  3. Kenneth Stumbaugh says:

    Best story I read in awhile absolutely loved it

  4. The Ghost says:

    All because he didn’t notice his wife’s haircut ????
    Divorce her and stay single. No man is safe under this present domestic violence policy which is aimed entirely for the benefit of any woman who wants something and doesn’t get it.

    The woman is always believed and the man is always bad, despite all reputable studies showing that most verbal abuse comes from women and most physical abuse is 50/50.

    But the laws were passed by the huge and unhealthy feminists who demanded them and weak politicians.

    Divorce is another totally unfair process that the man must endure while he loses his home and all that belongs in the home, his children, his 401’s, retirement benefits, any inheritences he may be entitled to and then must pay child support even if he can’t get access to his children, and of course his assets and alimony, many times granted for life – no matter that the wife divorces him to be with another sucker (man). Also he gets to pay his enormous legal fees as well as hers.

    Go MGTOW !! It is the only way to keep most of your assets, peace, quiet and happiness and never have to go through pointless whinging, nagging demands, nagging and the ever present fight if you don’t react the way she wants you to, even when you have no idea what she wants or is going through their heads right then.
    Not for me!!!!!!

  5. captainsgirl says:

    OMG! I thought that was a joke. Dear God! I can’t believe cops could do such a thing!
    And stupid Trump has given them more power! I can see where this is headed. The Great Tribulation is about to begin.

    • Eva Holiman says:

      Just ‘splane to me what President Trump has to do with this? He did not hire the cop that should never have been hired! Yes, President Trump has told police, border patrol, and others to follow our laws. This has nothing to do with following laws. Cannot believe this was authorized procedure. Why won’t you give Trump a chance? I gave Barry whatever his name is, a chance, much more than the illegal, Kenyan born, muslim, Indonesian citizen ever deserved. And he blew it. If he missed a day doing something to hurt this country, he made up for it the next day by doing 3 against! I hoped he would help race relations but he set back 175 years! They are now the worse ever! President Trump and Attorney General Sessions believe in the law of the land, following the Constitution, and how honoring both. No telling what he could accomplish if all the Republicans, all the Independents, and half the Democrats would get behind him, support him and stop putting up roadblocks. I hope you try to educate yourself! You need to!

      • captainsgirl says:

        Why do the police need MORE laws? Why did Trump give them MORE power? We have ENOUGH laws the way it is. In fact, we have so many laws our lawyers and judges can’t even remember them all!
        Apparently, you need to educate yourself on all the crimes the police get away with. And it’s all because of corrupt lawyers, judges, prosecutors and politicians who all work together with our law enforcement.

        • jaded says:

          Better talk to the democrats who wrote the laws that LE are suppose to follow then. Or are they just pretend laws that are written by a super majority D in CA?

          • captainsgirl says:

            No, it’s coming from Trump giving The Dept. of Justice more power. There were 135 cops killed in 2016, but the media and WH won’t tell about all the innocent Americans that were killed by the police. Even CHILDREN! 1, 023 INNOCENT Americans were killed by these corrupt cops that are protected by corrupt judges, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians and now the President.

            “One of the executive orders seeks to “define new federal crimes, and increase penalties for existing federal crimes, in order to prevent violence” against state and federal police.”

            They don’t need MORE powers. There are ENOUGH laws already!
            I worked 15 hours a day online helping Donald Trump get elected, so I am not against him. But if he does something wrong I’ll be the first to speak about it.

          • jaded says:

            So you are saying Donald Trump told this sheriff’s deputy to not get facts first, but taze instead? You are tripping all over yourself. As a sister of a retired police officer who has seen it all, your anecdotal facts are pretty sad to try and create a narrative surrounding tazing first, facts later. Forget the fact that this officer has a bad history and is also fired from this department. But Trump……

          • Eva Holiman says:

            Most of the people, by a very high percentage, were breaking laws when they met death. I have absolutely no compassion for law breakers reaching their just reward at the business end of a police weapon. There are lots of bad children, sorry, is true. Sadly, most in trouble are from bad home situations. That is not my responsibility. I had one child that I could afford to educate, give her what she needed, and look after her. People bringing children into this world are the ones responsible for them. It is not my responsibility to educate and feed and provide medical care for them. This passing the Buck, cop-outs has gone too far, it should stop. I appreciate your work in getting Donald Trump elected, do not understand why you are not giving him a chance. Many corrupt judges were appointed by Democrats, many cannot be immediately replaced. The judges fighting the immigration changes were all appointed by Democrats. President Trump has not been able, nor has he had the time to appoint most of his staff. AG Sessions needs his staff, last month!, he still does not have in place. President Trump is working nearly 20 hours a day, mostly 7days a week! I don’t see how he holds up! Nor, how his staff holds up. I trust and believe he is going to try his best to turn our country around. To survive, it must happen. If people would just obey the laws, we would not have the problems you site. Too many children and adults are being killed from drive by shootings and such, generally, the crime is not supposed to even have a weapon. To reduce crime, we need to take lessons from the Saudi’s, kill the law breakers, and quickly. Most criminals cannot be rehibilitated, we cannot afford to continue warehousing these pieces of garbage, costing from $33,000 – $300,000 a year, those requiring medical care are costing us a ton of money. Some, when let out, commit more crimes within days. I have no more patience for such.

        • Eva Holiman says:

          I agree, we do not need more laws, just enforce the ones we have and elite some useless, stupid laws. Believe you are very misled on President Trump. He has been busy getting rid of some useless and costly EPA regs. And will do more. Look forward to his simplification of IRS regs. I am adequately educated. Yes, there are bad judges, attorneys, and people in every field, there are mostly good in them all. You are mistaken on Trump wanting unlimited power. Thank goodness, we are finally rid of the gay, dope using, illegitimate, illegal, Kenyan born, Indonesian citizen, who was using fraudulent documents, such as SS#, birth certificate, Selective Service Registration, and who knows what else. He was the non-law abiding president who had no respect for our laws or Constitution. The president of the Philippines was correct on his birth description! Most police and other law enforcement personnel are underpaid servants, of which I have none in my family, but high respect for. Frankly, I would not want to be married to one or have a son or other so employed. The stress would be too high.

    • jaded says:

      Because Sonoma County in CALIFORNIA loves Trump so much? What?

      • captainsgirl says:

        Who said that? Yeah, what?

        • jaded says:

          What does your connection with Trump have to do with this? What extra power did “stupid” Trump give to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s department exactly? Non-sequitur, completely.

  6. Bill says:

    Hate to say this but as I once served the S.O. in a different county and this puts another dark spot on those that wear the badge.

  7. James Kroeger says:

    I’ve got a badge and a gun…you will do what I say regardless if I’m right or wrong! Way too much of this going on nation wide, then the cops fabricate a lie and slander your name and character with a police record. I’ve seen it happen and the innocent are still suffering.

  8. Sam Morris says:

    The cops were idiots and it’s amazing this man didn’t go into cardiac arrest. Sue the $police department for $10 -Million dollars, and settle for $7-Million. This needs to have an impact on their day to day operation. No citizen should ever be subjected to such treatment. Go for the throat and choke every penny you can out of them. Make an example out of this, so that no other officer will ever go this far in abusing a citizen.

    Then file a separate civil suit against the officer and take everything he has and send his ass to prison for the abuse he did to this man. Take everything he has.

  9. Cathleen C C Forche says:

    IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THESE MEN FROM POLICE DUTY WITHOUT PAY. we can not tolerate any instances like these.

  10. Doug'n Mary Stanley says:

    Glad he’s got a lawyer and it should be a lot more. Also divorce your wife, life’s too short and she’s going to stress over everything.

  11. Shirley says:

    Only $25,000? You can do better than that. Hit them in their pockets.

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