Report: Turncoats From Within Trump Admin To Push For Impeachment

Insiders behind leaks will intensify efforts to sabotage president


Sources suggest that having already sabotaged his policy agenda with a series of leaks, turncoats from within the administration could be instrumental in going rogue and pushing for the impeachment of President Trump.

The only way for impeachment to succeed would be if it was a bi-partisan effort. Bringing articles of impeachment against the president requires a majority vote in Congress, while a vote from at least two thirds of the Senate would be required to remove Trump from office.

The only way this could be accomplished was if former and current members of the administration acted as whistleblowers against Trump, which is precisely what could unfold in the coming months.

Some of Trump’s most prominent conservative media supporters have already been tipped off about the impeachment plan, including Matt Drudge, who has been desperately warning Trump in recent weeks that he needs to purge his administration of disloyal figures.

The initial call for impeachment is likely to come from within the Congressional Black Caucus, sources suggest. Its members have been the most vocal in calling for Trump to be removed from office.

Back in February, Rep. Yvette Clarke called for Trump’s impeachment, stating, “All of the ducks are beginning to line up, they are really beginning to line up around this presidency and I will just say to you, it won’t be long.”

With Trump set to take the gloves off and initiate a purge of administration insiders in the near future, the deep state and the Democratic Party establishment that has sought to sabotage Trump from day one will not relent on their hysterical mission to overthrow a democratically elected president.

This, combined with Trump’s frustration at members of his own team not being strong enough in retaliating to constant media smear campaigns, in addition to endless leaks, makes for a toxic combination.

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In an effort to promote the idea that Trump’s impeachment is inevitable, prompting insiders to break rank, major news outlets have all published articles calling for the impeachment of Trump in recent days, including the Washington Post, The Nation, The Guardian, and the Chicago Tribune.

The Washington Post is so gung-ho for impeachment that members of its newsroom applauded themselves when traffic to the website broke records after the release of the Russia leak story yesterday.

Although impeachment is the ultimate end game, it doesn’t look to be on the immediate horizon.

During a town hall yesterday, Nancy Pelosi of all people emphasized that articles of impeachment can’t be brought on negative feelings alone

“What are the facts that you would make a case on? What are the rules that he may have violated? If you don’t have that case, you are just participating in more hearsay,” she said.



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16 Responses to Report: Turncoats From Within Trump Admin To Push For Impeachment

  1. Liberty Valance says:

    Don’t just say turn coasts. Put some names on the sons of bitches.

  2. Fearthenut says:

    A quick word for turncoats. No rock will be big enough to hide under!!!

  3. V. says:

    The first time in recent history I have agreed with Nancy Pelosi…can’t stand her, but she AT LEAST was honest in these comments.

  4. lloyd Lisco says:

    The Anti Trump News Liars Continue Spreading Phony Stories, One after the Other in the Continuing attempt to Destroy Support for The Trump Presidency. Well, You Leftist Lying Bastards, It Ain’t Working!

  5. Bob says:

    The administration needs to start disclosing the names of the leakers and arresting them for treason! They and their families need to be publicly disgraced. This is how we take down the socialists that are trying to destroy our country.

  6. Neva says:

    This is obviously Obama’s Shadow Government and/or Deep State working against @POTUS which needs to be deported, annihilated out of USA or sent to Guantanamo!

  7. Shirley says:

    Do they think the millions of us that voted for him will sit by quietly. It would then be very obvious that a third party is needed and then run every one of them out of Washington.

    • Fearthenut says:

      Yea, I think they believe that. Scary part is I’m starting to believe that too. I never used to. I thought Americans would fight to the death against tyranny. Not so sure anymore. This has gone on for far to long and the tree of liberty is drying up.

      • Warrior Spirit says:

        NO, it isn’t. The shot still needs to be fired yet. That WILL happen if they try to remove our firearms. They will end up dead. And if they decide to take them by deadly force, people will go underground, take over the places where these traitors organize, and remove them. AND they will have to protect each other, and keep those traitors from attacking citizens, and gun owners. IT WILL MEAN A WAR ON OUR SOIL!!! It isn’t a matter if any more… it is just a matter WHEN!!!!!

    • Warrior Spirit says:

      No… It will be time to take up arms, and administer justice ourselves. Shoot every fucking demoncrat, and liberal, and any and every polititian that made any negative progress against the will of the people. News reporters should be tracked, and killed, with prejudice, and make sure every one of them are removed from existence. If you do NOT do these things, we will fall for communism, and there WILL be a civil war, and bullets will fly!!

      • usaok59 says:

        Seems like it will be difficult to identify the “enemy” as they look pretty much like us! Seriously, how are you going to know who to shoot or track? When I watch video of the riots lately, there are some with black hoodies or masks, but not everyone is dressed like that. Guys are fighting without even knowing who to punch out!

  8. VirgoVince says:

    AND the BULLSHIT keeps getting higher and deeper!!
    ALL of ovomit’s leftover garbage SHOULD have been ‘REMOVED” along with him!!
    DO IT, NOW, NO MORE MR NICE GUY!! FUK the fukers!!

  9. ccdaddy says:

    Anyone in the President Trumps White house leaking anything, should be charged with Treason. And any DNC trash caught trying to get people to do such, should be charged with Treason against their Nation. Any media outlet that runs such leaks, should also be charged with Treason.

    • RockyMtn1776 says:

      Trump should have fired all of Obama’s people the first day on the job. Then start on the RINOs as best he could. Considering Trump is working virtually alone he has not done badly, everything he could do with an EO he has done. Problem is a corrupt to the core Congress and Senate with very, very few exceptions. BOTH political parties are for the most part trying to destroy not only Trump but America. They do not want to govern, they want to rule ! Fascists/Communism at it’s ugly best. As for the American people getting off their apathetic rear ends and helping him..well, they did go to the ballot box. As to if they will do anything else, I’m not holding my breath. I lost a lot of respect for many American citizens during the Obama years, we knew neither political party was going to stop him, for the most part they agreed with him.

      • Eileen Jones says:

        If they try to impeach him , I think you will be surprised at the response. 60 million plus voted for him and I don’t see them not taking up the banner to help him ! Obviously they didn’t get the message when Hillary lost. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

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