Seth Rich Murder: Judicial Watch Files FOIA Requests with DC Police, Mayor’s Office, FBI

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Kim Dotcom is a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political party founder who resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He claims that “I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the @Wikileaks source. I was involved,” and promised that he would release a full statement on Rich’s murder.

27-year-old Seth Rich was the disillusioned Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer, believed to have leaked thousands of damaging DNC emails to WikiLeaks, who was murdered in the early morning of last July 10, in a residential Washington, D.C. neighborhood.

After teasing and making us wait for two days, Tuesday morning Kim Dotcom released his much anticipated “statement” on Seth Rich — the 27-year-old DNC staffer who was murdered last July 20 — which turned out to be something of an anticlimax. This is his statement:

#SethRich was a hero

I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.

I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich.

Panda advised me that he was working on voter analytics tools and other technologies that Internet Party may find helpful.

I communicated with Panda on a number of topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.

“He wanted to change that from the inside.”

I was referring to what I knew when I did an interview with Bloomberg in New Zealand in May 2015. In that interview I hinted that Julian Assange and Wikileaks would release information about Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

The Rich family has reached out to me to ask that I be sensitive to their loss in my public comments. That request is entirely reasonable.

I have consulted with my lawyers. I accept that my full statement should be provided to the authorities and I am prepared to do that so that there can be a full investigation. My lawyers will speak with the authorities regarding the proper process.

If my evidence is required to be given in the United States I would be prepared to do so if appropriate arrangements are made. I would need a guarantee from Special Counsel Mueller, on behalf of the United States, of safe passage from New Zealand to the United States and back. In the coming days we will be communicating with the appropriate authorities to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, I will make no further comment.

Our hope now is in Judicial Watch, the D.C.-based citizens’ watchdog group.

President of Judicial Watch (JW) Tom Fitton says his organization is now investigating the murder. The Democrats insist that the DNC emails had been hacked by Russia or agents in collusion with Moscow.

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According to Fitton, last week JW filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and the D.C. Mayor’s Office. JW also has a FOI request to the FBI about the alleged DNC hack. Fitton says:

“You can trust Judicial Watch to get to the bottom of this issue…and to get the documents directly so that you and the American people can figure out whether or not there needs to be a controversy about this tragic murder, or whether there’s something more than meets the eye.”

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8 Responses to Seth Rich Murder: Judicial Watch Files FOIA Requests with DC Police, Mayor’s Office, FBI

  1. Jonathan Brooks says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the family ALWAYS demands privacy and an end to investigation whenever a high level assasination happens, and generally demands no autopsy as well. Scalia’s family did the same garbage. Hillary is the Goddess of the Coverup. She can have anyone killed, and “poof” it all works out for her.

  2. Mollie Norris says:

    Thank you, Tom Fitton, for all of your great work. Donation as soon as escrow closes on my house. I sure hope these FOIA requests don’t require a subpoena to produce documents.

  3. Archie says:

    If I were him, I absolutely would NOT travel to the U.S. to testify. He can give a sworn statement from home and be deposed via Skype.

  4. Someone has asked Hannity to stand down. We need swift justice before this whole ordeal gets swept under the DNC rug.

  5. tengallonhat says:

    Time to send a donation to Judicial Watch!

  6. grumpyhillbilly says:

    Perhaps this is just cynicism speaking, but does judicial watch ever accomplish anything? It seems every time they request something, the whole issue goes poof down the conspiracy rabbit hole.

    • Mollie Norris says:

      Well, the experience you refer to was under Obama’s “transparent” dictatorship, not US law.

  7. wsurfs . says:

    God Bless and Protect these people who are trying to see that justice is done..!

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