MSNBC Analyst Who Called For ISIS Bombing Of Trump Tower Demands Apology From Breitbart

MSNBC counter-terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance demanded an apology from Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow for accurately reporting on how he called for ISIS to bomb Trump Tower.

Breitbart, along with many other sites, reported on a disturbing tweet Nance sent out in April, saying: “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

Nance later deleted the tweet without providing an explanation, or an apology.

In typical leftist fashion, Nance now sees himself as the victim.

Friday on Overtime with Bill Maher, Nance told Marlow, “I sorta have a bone to pick with you, you’re Breitbart right, you don’t do fake news? That’s what you’re asserting here?”

“There was this article about a 35-year counter-terrorism expert who claimed they wanted Trump Tower attacked that was written in Breitbart,” he said. “I got 31 death threats and that came from your website…you gonna apologize to me?”

“I’m sorry to say, I spent decades hunting terrorists, so that’s fake as hell,” Nance said.

Marlow wasn’t familiar with the article in question, but responded asking, “Are you really suggesting that Breitbart doesn’t get death threats? That our lives aren’t put in danger?”

“No no no, you can apologize to me now,” Nance said. “I’m not threatening you.”

“Show me the story, and if the story is as you describe it, I’ll be happy to offer an apology to you.

“I will come to your office to see that retraction,” Nance said.

“OK, I would love to see it, send [the article] to me,” Marlow responded.

Breitbart’s article was entirely correct, and once again, Nance failed to provide any explanation for why he “nominated” Trump Tower Istanbul for an ISIS suicide bombing.

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Rather than Marlow apologize for accurately reporting on Nance’s tweet, Nance should apologize to President Donald Trump and all the tenants of Trump Tower Istanbul for suggesting ISIS suicide bomb their offices and homes.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  • drdebdrdeb

    WTP SHALL take our nation back via WTP’s President Donald J. Trump. God is on our side. We continue to pray. Thank You, dear God through our Lord!

  • Steve Underwood

    More signs of hypocrisy amongst the liberal morons

    • Kol

      Oh, and YOU have never insulted liberals, eh!!!
      (Pssst! — your hypocrisy’s showing!)

  • Raymund Turner

    Nance doesn’t deserve any apology at all for displaying his sick sense of logic. Furthermore, try to circumscribe your emotional invective and impropriety to yourself and not misuse social media for personal rantings. That’s very basic 101….hello?

  • VirgoVince

    Listen up, Fukturd, you’re WRONG, NO WAY you deserve ANY apology, so STFU AND GFY!!
    You NEED to apologize for being an ugly lefturd idiot!!