The Reality Of The Federal Government’s Land Grab

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Not many Americans realize just how much land the federal government claims to have ownership of.  In the United States, the federal government has been systematically taking over the west, and the land grab looks bleak and tyrannical.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when the government declares ownership over land, they also dictate what others may do with said land, often burying the economy in burdensome paperwork and regulations.  And based on the map above, Nevadans have it the worst. Today, the federal government claims to “own” or hold approximately640 million acres of land or 28 percent of the 2.27 billion acres of land in the United States. Around 92 percent of all the federally owned acres are in the West. According to shocking statistics published by Ballotpedia, the federal government collectively owns 47 percent of all land in 12 western states. Interestingly enough though, states East of the Mississippi River are, for the most part, less controlled by the feds, with only 4 percent of all land owned by the government.

Given the very poor management of the federal government in every aspect, many states in which the feds claim ownership of vast amounts of land, are calling for a reduction in federal land ownership and for the control to be transferred to the states.

Did you know 84.9 percent of Nevada, 64.9 percent of Utah, 61.6 percent of Idaho, and 52.9 percent of Oregon are federally-owned? Though Nevada has the greatest percentage of land owned by the feds within a state, Alaska has the most land total owned by the federal government. A whopping 223.8 million acres (or 61.2 percent) in Alaska are owned by the feds.

Other states where the feds own a vast amount of land include Washington (28.5 percent), Montana (29.0 percent), New Mexico (34.7 percent), Colorado (35.9 percent), Arizona (38.6 percent), California (45.8 percent), and Wyoming (48.1 percent). –Natural News

Government control of the natural resources gives the federal government tremendous control of the whole economy. The feds then intentionally distort prices and diminish the efficacy of our economic calculation for political gain and oppressive power over civilians. The government ownership of lands also leads to several severe economic problems, such as the most horrific outcome: tyranny. Government officials can use their control of the natural resources to reward politically favored industries (as we all witnessed during Obama’s reign as president when he financially awarded the failed clean energy industry and further indebted the nation in doing so)  and punish their political enemies.  Obama’s $800 billion bailout was an economic disaster and failure of epic proportions – even socialists and liberals saw it as such. But the other disaster of federal land ownership is the government restrictions on the use of resources on government lands, which massively limit economic growth.

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According to Sue Lani Madsen, frustrated local federal land managers are hindered by layers of internal regulations that make a timely response to weed outbreaks difficult.  Simply having the feds as a neighbor is more costly and not effective for those who use their privately owned land for farming or any other economic contribution.  Since federal land is exempt from state noxious weed control laws, having a federally owned plot of land next door is bad news for the everyday American land owner.  The feds play by their own rules -the very rules they made up and they don’t care about the peasants they oversee in the process.

Other problems arise due to the mismanagement so engrained within the federal government. Wildfires tend to spread very rapidly in areas controlled by the feds destroying usable land at a much higher rate. As reported by The Economic Collapse Blog, over 2.6 million acres of land has gone up in flames just in 2017 alone.  The feds are horrific with responses to fires, while private businesses tend to take the disaster more seriously.  Since the feds literally don’t care even a small about local issues or concerns, it can be very frustrating for people living in areas where the federal government is in control of vast stretches of the state.

The issue goes deeper than who owns what land, as pointed out earlier in this article.  The federal government is seeking more power by owning land and claiming authority over those who reside in or near it.  The oppressive thumb of the feds is slowly being pressed down on everyone, and those in the West could face eminent domain laws, eviction, or worse, possibly to be left searching for the dreaded FEMA camps many still claim don’t exist for nefarious reasons. Federal power is needed to purge the nation and “cull the herd,” and the land grab by the federal government is necessary for the eventual outcome of complete tyranny.

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4 Responses to The Reality Of The Federal Government’s Land Grab

  1. Gregory Alan of Johnson says:

    This effort is to get those opposed to fight back so the DC muni-corp can shut things down.
    I’ll take Yahweh’s Torah over this Satanic mess any day.

  2. Steven Kelley says:

    How many times is dcclothesline going to repost old post? The early one had some informative replies with links. ???

  3. The reality of the Federal Government’s land grab (impossible under biblical government) is that it was made possible by Amendment 5:

    “…The Fifth Amendment concludes with the provisions that no one shall be “deprived of … property without due process of law” and “private property [shall not] be taken for public use without just compensation.” Because this provision allows the government to legally steal private citizens’ lands, these assurances are a cover for theft. Because of Amendment 5’s promise of “just” compensation, most people do not even think to ask whose “due process of law” is going to be employed and whether the government’s confiscation of private lands for public use is ethical or whether governments should own property at all….

    ‘Moreover the prince shall not take of the people’s inheritance by oppression, to thrust them out of their possession … that my people be not scattered every man from his possession.’ (Ezekiel 46:18)

    “Governments tend to be more ingenious than the average citizen in the diverse ways they steal….

    “The creation of public lands is another method employed by the Constitutional Republic to move boundary markers. Identifying these lands as “public” is part of the ruse to conceal the theft. Except that the public is permitted limited access, they are not public at all. These lands, which are often stolen by legislation (such as the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Clean Air Act of 1970, the Endangered Species Act of 1973, and the Clean Water Act of 1977) from private property owners, are owned by the government, not the public. Even public use is changing due to the government’s increasing restriction of access. The fact that the government can and does restrict access further proves its ownership. Moreover, the public is perpetually paying taxes toward upkeep and paying fees to gain admittance to National Parks and other lands that are supposedly already theirs….

    “Public lands are just the tip of the iceberg. All of America is owned by federal and state governments via their claim to property taxes and eminent domain….”

    For more, see online Chapter 14 “Amendment 5: Constitutional vs. Biblical Judicial Protection” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

  4. James Higginbotham says:

    the ONLY land the govt is to own is for PORTS, FORTS, ROADS, FOR MAIL EXT.

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