YouTube Censors Video Showing US Airdropping Weapons Into ISIS’ Hands

Another YouTube video has been censored on the grounds that it violated the platform’s Community Guidelines—but the removal of this video does not protect viewers from nudity or crude language. Instead, it ‘protects’ viewers from the reality of United States foreign policy.

Alternative geopolitical analyst Mimi Al Laham, who goes by the name “Partisan Girl,” revealed on Twitter that one of her YouTube videos was flagged and removed upon review. “It documented US military airdrops falling into ISIS hands,” She wrote. “Truth is graphic content.”

The notice from YouTube claimed the video was removed because it violated the platform’s Community Guidelines. In addition to the video’s removal, Partisan Girl also received a “strike” or penalty on her account—a YouTube user can receive up to three “strikes.”

The title of the video was “US airdrops weapons into #ISIS hands – #Syria Ayn Al Arab,” and the reason YouTube gave for removing it was that it contained “violent or graphic content,” that was posted in “a shocking, sensational, or disrespectful manner.”

“If a video contains violent or graphic content that appears to be posting in a shocking, sensational, or disrespectful manner, it’s less likely to be allowed on YouTube. We also don’t allow content that’s intended to incite violence or encourage dangerous activities. We review content on a case by case basis and will only make limited exceptions for appropriate educational, documentary, artistic, and scientific contexts, where the purpose of posting is clear.”

The thing is, while a video of the U.S. military dropping weapons right into the hands of ISIS may be shocking to some, it is hardly sensational. In October 2014, the Pentagon admitted that the U.S. airdropped weapons to ISIS that were reportedly intended for Kurdish fighters in Kobani, Syria, and insisted that “the wind” was to blame.

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However, this is not the first time the United States—whether intentionally of negligently—has been caught helping the group it claims to be at war with. The most recent case came to light in June when a 2016 audit from the Department of Defense revealed that it could not account for $1 Billion in weapons and equipment.

Patrick Wilcken, Amnesty International’s arms control and human rights researcher, noted that the latest audit is part of a troubling pattern that has been ongoing for years.

“This audit provides a worrying insight into the US Army’s flawed—and potentially dangerous—system for controlling millions of dollars’ worth of arms transfers to a hugely volatile region,” Wilcken said. “It makes for especially sobering reading given the long history of leakage of US arms to multiple armed groups committing atrocities in Iraq, including the armed group calling itself the Islamic State.”

In fact, the U.S. has given ISIS such a surplus of weapons and equipment, that some of those weapons are now being sold on Facebook by Islamic State militants. A report from 2016 revealed that Jihadis in Syria are using Facebook as a marketplace to buy, sell and barter a wide variety of American-made weapons and munitions ranging from rocket launchers to machine guns.”

In addition to support from Facebook, ISIS has also received ample support from YouTube. The platform has helped the militants by hosting their recruiting videos, while also helping the group by removing videos that reveal who is funding it, such as the one from Partisan Girl.

However, the subject of ISIS is not the only area where YouTube has questionable judgment. As The Free Thought Project has reported, YouTube also hosts thousands of videos with millions of views that are disguised as child-friendly content, while they actually promote violence, sex and pedophilia.

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Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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  • James Kroeger

    States that they destroyed the drop in the air, then states he just doesn’t know because of the phone video…oh boy, which side of his mouth do we want to listen to? You would think they could rig these drops to self destruct/explode if they fall into the wrong hands…one step forward and eighteen steps backward…what progress we’ve made over the past couple decades…NOT!

  • clarioncaller

    Who can forget the video of the unending stream of pickup trucks in the desert being commandeered by ISIS fighters? The most interesting aspect was the truck with advertising for a plumbing contractor operating in Texas. These vehicles were purchased by a straw man who had them shipped to Iraq from the port of Houston. To this day, the American public still does not know who organized this Act of Treason. It has CIA [Brennan] tattooed all over it.

  • Apache4893

    U.S. Govt armed the mujahadeens in the 70s-80s as well.

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to arm foreign nationals with our latest tech and weaponry was BEYOND Stupid.
    And the very fact that we’ve maintained that policy for decades now, shows we aren’t getting any smarter.

    Isn’t there a proverb about a bird that gets shafted with an arrow made from it’s own feathers?

  • lloyd Lisco

    The Damage done to America and it’s people by The O-Homo Nigger will all not be known for years. Trump has reversed tremendous amounts of damage, But much more work is needed. We must stomp on the ignorant Liberal left so that this important work can continue as rapidly as possible.

    • Neva

      It could take a generation or two to “undo” evil Obama’s Satan works, if ever. Pray God takes care of him sooner than later.

  • Shirley

    Who was President in 2014. I remember now. It was Barry. Is he not the one who hated America and loved the terrorists? YEP. And I am supposed to believe it was by mistake. If only we knew how much of our tax $$ went to these terrorists Countries under that sociopath.