MSNBC: Republicans Want to Repeal Obamacare Because Obama Is Black

Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher said Thursday on MSNBC that the real reason Republicans want to repeal Obamacare is because former President Barack Obama is black.

“This is about politics, right,” Belcher told Brian Williams. “This, Brian, this is isn’t about better healthcare, this is about the irrational continuum of politics that has happened since we elected the first African-American President.”

“They tried to delegitimize him for eight years, they tried to block everything he tried to do for eight years. Now they’re trying to wipe everything they may look like a legacy of him off the face of the planet. This is about politics. This is not about better healthcare.”

The issue is not that Obamacare premiums have skyrocketed and insurance companies are pulling out of states all over America, the issue is Obama was black and this repeal is just about wiping away his “legacy.”

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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9 Responses to MSNBC: Republicans Want to Repeal Obamacare Because Obama Is Black

  1. Discochip says:

    Actually he’s a Mulatto, cuz he’s half black, and Pak Subud, the founder of the Subud Religious Cult in Indonesia looks exactly like him and is prolly his real dad cuz his mother slept with black men. President Duterte of the Philippines you’ll recall called Barry Soetoro the son of a whore.. And Hawaii’s health Director Loretta Fuddy, mysteriously the ONLY fatality in a plane crash off Hawaii in 2016, was also once the head of the Subud USA branch headquarters in Seattle. And oddly, like what are the chances, she was the person who had approved the release of his long form birth certificate.

  2. DRLJR says:

    People want the PPACA repealed because it violates the US Constitution (at least 19 or so areas – start with Article 1 Section 7 Paragraph 1) and it has driven up the cost of health care and is destroying the health care system. And people managed to stop it when Hillary and Bill Clinton tried to create a similar socialized medicine disaster.

    As for Mr Obama anyone who paid attention knows he fails the citizenship requirements to serve as President, and was working hard to undermine the country. He ethnicity (Kenyan-White) is not relevant to people not liking him.

  3. Liberty Valance says:

    Roberts ruled that it is not a TAX because the bill passed was introduced into the Senate by Dirty Harry Reid.
    Had our illustrious IDIOTS in Congress realized the error, they should have sundowned any effort at that point.
    Since 24 Republicans stepped over to the Democratic Side, Trump cannot go forward.

    Aw, but he can. Write an EO and sundown the illegal law of tax in Obamma Care.
    Write another EO implementing the original Medicare and Medicaid as was before OBAMA Care.
    Set back and let the DUMB ASSES in the House and Senate fight it out and tell them when they get an answer let him know.

    Then POLITIC against both the Democrats and the Republicans that turned coat.

    Piss everyone off at least. Make them equally responsible because of their stupidity.

    • RockyMtn1776 says:

      What a turncoat Roberts turned out to be. My guess is ObamaCare will never be totally repealed. We will end up with TrumpCare in some form since many in both political parties have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes.

  4. Alkemyst says:

    Right on time, any disagreement with Obama means your racist…forget illegal gun sales, wealth redistribution health schemes, telling small business owners (you didn’t build that), no, obviously the ONLY conceivable reason you would undo shitty policy is because….Barack Obama was black. Bad news, jack, I don’t care WHAT color his skin was. Shitty policy is shitty policy…end of discussion.

  5. lloyd Lisco says:

    O-Homo and his insurance racketeers are bleading Americans to death.

  6. Real American says:

    MSNBC and CNN apparently both hire the DUMBEST people on Earth.

  7. Ann Tenna says:

    being a nigger queer musloid has Nothing to do with it

  8. James Higginbotham says:


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