Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead


The mainstream media’s silence over Klaus Eberwein’s death is deafening. Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week. He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.

The circumstances surrounding Eberwein’s death are also nothing less than unpalatable. According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head.“ Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide” by the government. But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. 

Eberwein was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years. “The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year. Eberwein was due to appear on Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors. But this “suicide” gets even more disturbing…

Eberwein was only 50-years-old and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life because of his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation.  His close friends and business partners were taken aback by the idea he may have committed suicide. “It’s really shocking,” said friend Gilbert Bailly. “We grew up together; he was like family.”

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During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of the shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.  But, according to Eberwein, it was the Clinton Foundation who was deeply in the wrong – and he intended to testify and prove it on Tuesday.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6 percent of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6 percent ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8 percent – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations. –WND

Eberwein was expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation in court and ends up committing suicide shortly before.  Where have we heard this before?  Untimely deaths seem to follow the Clinton’s around, and this one especially is probably something – considering since the mainstream media is silent about this death.

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5 Responses to Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

  1. lloyd Lisco says:

    Another Arkancide!

  2. wsurfs . says:

    Investigate…..Investigate….Investigate…!! There are many deaths surrounding the Clintons…this man’s death is just the latest…!! INVESTIGATE…!!

  3. Shirley says:

    When is someone, anyone going to stop these two corrupt a$$holes. I blame the investigative agencies also for this. They do not even do an investigation as to whether it is suicide or MURDER.

    • Warrior Spirit says:

      Remember the FBI files, that she got from the Bureau?? The ones that “MAGICALLY” materialized in the Presidents residence??!?!? She has blackmailed, and threatened the lives of families who work in government, and she still to this day, along with the muslim pig, and is forcing these people to do her dirty work, for her monetary/power gain. This is also what the muslim pig used, along with her collusion, to blackmail Supreme Court Judges, and others into submission. Podesta is a BIG part of all of this!!! She got those files illegally, and it has been this way every since!!! There should be someone set them up, by threatening to expose the foundation, and a independent law enforcement and prosecutor directly involved, without the knowledge of ANYONE, connected with Washington!! They have spies everywhere, traitors who need to be weeded out, silently, and neutralized, put out of commission permanently, and slowly close in these thugs…. Then, they should be arrested, tried, and hung by their necks until dead, in public, with the MEDIA FORCED to televise it… BY FORCE!!! MAKE THEM HAVE NO CHOICE!!!! Then tell the media, they are next if they keep undermining the country for the party of marxist, or any other party!!! it is against an, and all morals to do such things. They should all be summarily stalked, abducted, and found either hung in their residence, found in the ocean with cement boots, or drawn and quartered , and left for the others to see!!!!They want a war, LETS GIVE THEM ONE!!!! WE CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH EVIL, CRIMINAL MINDED MARXISTS!!!! YOU MUST DESTROY THEM!!!! WITH ALL PREJUDICE!!!! NO PRISONERS!!!!!

  4. Steve Underwood says:

    Clintons , a killing family .

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