Brits: Songbird McCain Brought in Anti-Trump Fake Dossier

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So, the Brits have outed Senator John “Songbird” McCain as the agent of the “Deep State” who provided the “dirty dossier” on Trump.

A former British intelligence agent informed The Guardian that it was McCain who obtained the dossier and turned them over to the FBI.

“I first heard about this mysterious dossier when I was checking out an Inside the Beltway private detective and security firm. The firm allegedly tapped Trump‘s campaign staff and his allies hoping to find negative ammunition against the true Republican Maverick, Donald Trump,” said former military intelligence operative and New York police detective Michael Snopes.

Of course, McCain is a full-fledged RINO (Republican in name only), and has claimed that he was only doing “what any citizen would do.”

“I know… I know… Senator John McCain is the guy the Democrats love to use to slam the GOP because most of the time he has cooperated with the Democrats, especially now,” said Iris Aquino, a former police official and now a director of security for a major corporation.

In March, it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that Christopher Steele, an ex-British intelligence officer, was identified as the author of the dossier, which remains unverified. Steele formerly worked for MI-6.

Steele has also been reportedly in hiding after the release of the dossier.

In May, government watchdog Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for records of communications and payments between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and his private firm, Orbis Business Intelligence.

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According to Judicial Watch:

The Trump dossier was purported to contain “embarrassing material” which could be used to blackmail Trump. BuzzFeed published the 35-page document following a January 10, 2017, report by CNN stating President Obama was presented classified documents alleging Russian Intelligence had “compromising personal and financial information” about Trump.

CNN and many other news organizations refused to publish the dossier because they had not “independently corroborated the specific allegations,” and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reportedly said “we couldn’t corroborate the sourcing, particularly the second and third order sources.” According to Fox News, former FBI Director James Comey insisted that the dossier be included in January’s intelligence report on alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported, “FBI agents met with Steele on several occasions, according to various news reports. They first met in July, and the FBI started its investigation weeks later. Steele met with FBI agents again in October. At that meeting, the two sides informally agreed that Steele would continue his research on Trump. A payment of $50,000 was also offered to Steele if he could corroborate some of his previous reports. The payment was never made, though it is unclear why.”

“Steele’s dossier was published by BuzzFeed News on Jan. 10,” Ross continued. “Some Republicans have questioned the FBI’s relationship with Steele, who was working on behalf of a Washington, D.C.-based opposition research firm that had been hired by an ally of Hillary Clinton’s. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley has repeatedly pressed the FBI about its relationship with Steele.”

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“The so-called Trump dossier is at the center anti-Trump Russian collusion conspiracy theory,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is disconcerting that the Obama FBI and Justice Department trafficked this document and evidently used it to justify unprecedented surveillance of the Trump team. Our new lawsuit seeks to expose the truth about this dossier. Maybe with new leadership at the FBI, we’ll finally get some answers.”

In the meantime, it’s people like Senator John McCain who constantly undermine the Constitution and the fight against the New World Order, Socialists, Communists and other anti-American people. McCain is not a war hero. He’s a traitor to this nation.

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  1. RockfordJohn says:

    Don’t wish cancer on anyone BUT this sonofabitch is getting payback for being a traitor.

  2. Ann Tenna says:

    he has brain cancer….get a Real PATRIOT to take his place!

  3. jaded says:

    and now the brain cancer excuse can be used to quietly resign.

  4. DEPLORABLE says:

    The “blood clot” story is total BS. RINO McCain is doing three things:
    1. hiding from his involvement in the Russian lawyer set-up of Junior.
    2. providing a way to derail OBOZOcare repeal and replace
    3. covering up the REAL MEDICAL ISSUE: a sprained tongue (that’s a common RINO problem that’s FULLY COVERED by OBOZOcare) !!!!

  5. RockyMtn1776 says:

    This comes as no big surprise.

  6. Rob says:

    OK Arizona….if you don’t vote that criminal dinosaur out of office and replace him with a real Republican….it will be YOU that are the fools!

    • clarioncaller says:

      Two great Arizonans come to mind: Former Gov. Jan Brewer and McBrownstain’s last challenger, Dr, Kelli Ward. People should know the REAL reason why ‘Rent-A-John’ got clobbered in the head. He tried to slam the door of his Arizona residence on FBI investigators and it ricocheted back on his head. It reminds me of ‘Dirty Harry’s’ BS story of malfunctioning exercise equipment almost taking out his eye.

  7. Ann Tenna says:

    Put that INSANE TRAITOR back in the box they pulled him out of… he does not Belong here!

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