Man threatens to call cops on girl’s lemonade stand

13-year-old girl told she can’t have a lemonade stand without a business license by a man who threatened to call the police

(INTELLIHUB) — What has the world come to if kids can’t find ways to earn money like they have traditionally for centuries?

Whether it’s a lemonade stand or mowing lawns, we all have engaged in such practices. However, most recently, a 13-year old girl running a lemonade stand was told by a disgruntled citizen that she couldn’t sell lemonade because she didn’t have a business license. Moreover, the angry man told her that he was going to call the police and pretended to jump on the phone.

The 13-year-old said that it scared her that the man threatened to call the police and said that she thinks that the man was just trying to “intimidate” her.

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2 Responses to Man threatens to call cops on girl’s lemonade stand

  1. Liberty Valance says:

    Every one that thinks they have power want you to bow down and kiss their asses.

    Time to start carrying a branding iron. IT would read this DONKEY is an ASS.

    Called sticking a hot poker to them.

  2. Ann Tenna says:

    Man threatens to call cops on girl’s lemonade stand……NOW….Thats Real News!

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